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Ceylan Charm

Ceylan is a highly skilled item appraiser, but customers aren't always satisfied with his work. Io tells him that his poor customer service is to blame, and (Captain) and the others try to help him learn to smile.

To earn money for repairs on the Grandcypher, Ceylan the appraiser accepts a job in a kingdom currently holding a festival.
But some customers are less than happy with his appraisals...
Vyrn: Whoa... That guy looked really ticked off!
Io: Yeah... It makes sense that people wouldn't be thrilled to hear that their precious items aren't actually worth anything...
Io: But still, your customer service could use some work, Ceylan.
Ceylan: Customer service? But all I did was tell him the truth. I can't falsify the results of my appraisals.
Io: I get that, but there's no point if they're not satisfied with the explanation.
Ceylan: I see. You have a point there, Io.
Ceylan: If I want to be a truly excellent appraiser, I need to consider my relationships with my customers as well!
Ceylan: I never imagined my customer service skills would be what held me back!
Ceylan: That said... What should I do exactly?
Io: That's easy! Just smile!
Ceylan: Smile?
Io: Yep! Great customer service starts with a smile! Siero told me that!
Lyria: I see! That must be why Siero is always smiling!
Io: Right? So, Ceylan, you just need to greet your customers with a smile!
Io: That should help win over your customers even when you have to give them bad news!
Ceylan: Smiling, huh? All right! I'll give it a try!
And so Ceylan begins his customer service apprenticeship under Io.
Ceylan: Good day! If you would be so kind as to... um... let me borrow your f-fine item for a moment...
Io: Hmm... I didn't even see a hint of a smile! I'd be reluctant to ask someone as glum as you for anything.
Ceylan: I'm sorry... It's just so difficult! I've never had any training in this field!
Io: A pro can't look like they don't believe in themselves! Smile, darn it, smile! Go on!
Lyria: You can do it, Ceylan!
Ceylan: Okay! Here goes...
Vyrn: There you go! Not bad at all! Right, (Captain)?
  1. Nice smile!
  2. You still look awkward!

Choose: Nice smile!
Io: Yes! Well done! Just a little bit wider now!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: You still look awkward!
Io: Yeah... He still needs some work, but it's much better than before!
Continue 1
Lyria: Hee hee... You're a real charmer when you smile, Ceylan! Keep it up!
Ceylan: Okay! I'll try my best!
Io: There you go! That's a real smile! Do that! Ready... Go!
Ceylan: Huh? Oh... um... Good day! If you would be so kind as to let me b-borrow your fine item for a moment...
Lyria: Uh-oh... He flipped back into awkward mode.
Io: Ugh... And we were so close too! I thought we had it for sure!
Shady Merchant: Oy! Who's the scumbag tellin' people my goods are fakes?
Io: What's going on? Who do you think you are, barging in here like that?
Angry Customer: It was him! That's the appraiser who told me that the watch I bought from you was a fake!
Vyrn: Uh-oh... That's the guy who stormed outta here earlier.
Ceylan: Um... I am indeed the one who appraised the watch, but it was clearly a f-fake.
Shady Merchant: Hey... You would have seen the serial number right there if you had bothered to check!
Shady Merchant: Look at this guy! He barely looks like he believes in his appraisal himself! Whose word are you gonna take?
Ceylan: ...
Ceylan: Oh... This is exactly the sort of attitude that damages people's trust in me...
Ceylan: Don't fail me now, smile!
Ceylan: Ahem... If you look at the serial number, you can see that both the font and number of digits differ from those of the genuine article.
Shady Merchant: Excuse me? You're clearly not the sharpest sword in the armory.
Ceylan: Huh? Io, my smile isn't working! He's just getting angrier!
Io: Are you even paying attention? This loser is obviously just picking a fight with you!
Ceylan: But...
Io: Don't waste your time smiling at customers like him!
Shady Merchant: Guess you're gonna hafta learn the hard way not to bad-mouth a legitimate businessman. Let's do this!
Ceylan: Um... What should a customer service professional do at a time like this, Io?
Io: What? I... um... well...
Shady Merchant: Take this!
Ceylan: Oh my... I'm so sorry! When you lunged at me, I lashed out without thinking!
Vyrn: Whoa! Not too shabby, Lop Ear!
Io: Well done! I'd say that's just the right thing to do in situations like this. Probably.
Io: Hmm... You did say that you've been around the block once or twice, right?
Ceylan: Yes... But now that I think about it, I suppose I might have brought that situation on myself.
Ceylan: I need to polish my customer service skills to avoid any misunderstandings or bad blood between me and my customers!
Ceylan: But I wonder if I'm up to it...
Io: If you're that anxious, I guess I can keep training you until you actually get good at it.
Ceylan: That's very kind of you! But I really can't keep you all here any longer...
Lyria: In that case, why not join our crew and travel with us?
Vyrn: Hey! That's easy to say and all, but Lop Ear has his own job here, and—
Ceylan: Wow! Traveling with an airship crew?
Ceylan: If I come with you, I'll be able to see all kinds of fantastic treasures!
Ceylan: Besides... I'd be sad to say goodbye to all of you so soon...
Vyrn: Say no more! If that's how it is, then welcome to the crew, Lop Ear! Right, (Captain)?
Io: There we go then! But just so you know, I'm a very strict teacher!
Ceylan: I'm counting on it!
Lyria: Hee hee... Ceylan, that's your best smile yet!
Ceylan the appraiser joins the crew, and they head for the next island.
The appraiser's draconian customer service training under taskmaster Io has only just begun.