Scenario:Ceylan - Different Values

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Different Values

A bickering married couple asks Ceylan to appraise their collection, but when the crew reaches their house, they run right into some burglars intent on stealing it!

Ceylan has just finished an appraisal and is on his way back to the airship with the crew.
Vyrn: That mansion was seriously amazing! It looked like a museum!
Lyria: And Ceylan was something else, appraising all those items so fast!
Vyrn: Yeah... But hold up. Where did Lop Ear go?
Lyria: Huh? He was here just a second ago...
Vyrn: Did he wander off when we weren't looking? Hey, Lop Ear! Where are you?
While looking for Ceylan, the crew comes across a furiously arguing couple.
Husband: Hey, appraiser! Prove to my blockheaded wife that I'm right about this!
Wife: Who are you calling a blockhead? Appraiser, show him that he's being an idiot!
Ceylan: Ah... um... well...
Vyrn: Hey, Lop Ear! What are you doing back here?
Ceylan: Vyrn! (Captain)! I... I'm not sure what happened...
Ceylan: This couple flagged me down, and at first we were just talking, but then they started arguing, and now here we are...
Vyrn: Uh-oh... So you got roped into a lover's quarrel?
Ceylan: It seems so...
As they stand there flummoxed by the incensed couple, the crew begins to tune in to the meat of the argument.
Vyrn: So if I've got this right, you like to buy up stuff you think could be valuable?
Husband: That's right! I've got an infallible eye for bargains! Should I just let them slip by?
Vyrn: But your wife is saying that it's all junk and that you should throw them all away, right?
Wife: Yes! No one wants that garbage, but he just won't listen!
Vyrn: So you want Lop Ear to appraise everything and find out who's right?
Ceylan: I see... So that's what the problem was.
Ceylan: Very well. If I can resolve this argument, then I'd love to help.
Vyrn: Sheesh... But you just finished a job!
Vyrn: You know, for a world-renowned appraiser, you're not real choosy about the jobs you take.
Ceylan: Well... To continue to improve my craft, I need as much practice as I can get.
Ceylan: And if I'm too picky about which jobs I take, I might miss the chance to see a valuable item!
Husband: All right! Then let's go and look at my collection! Right this way!
The crew follows the couple and soon reaches their house.
But it appears the couple has some uninvited guests...
???: ...
Ceylan: Are these gentlemen friends of yours?
Vyrn: What are you talking about? They're clearly cat burglars who target empty houses!
Husband: Oh no! My collection!
Ceylan: This will not do! (Captain), we have to put a stop to this thievery!

Different Values: Scene 2

(Captain) and company defeat the burglars, and Ceylan starts appraising the collection... but a monster suddenly springs from the man's prized antique vase and attacks!

Vyrn: Phew... At least those guys didn't cause any major damage.
Wife: Thank you so much! If you weren't here, they would have taken everything!
Ceylan: I'm glad your collection is safe too.
Husband: Heh heh... Looks like those thieves know quality when they see it! I told you my collection was valuable!
Wife: What? We were nearly burglarized and you're still on about your stupid antiques?
Ceylan: Sir, Madam, please don't fight...
Wife: Okay, appraiser! Tell this fool what a pile of trash he's been hanging onto!
Ceylan begins appraising the collection...
Ceylan: This book... It's quite old, but I'm afraid it's a reprint. You see a lot of these on the market.
Ceylan: As for this sculpture... Hmm... It's not in very good condition, so I imagine it'd be difficult to find a buyer.
Husband: What? The seller told me this was a surefire moneymaker when I bought it!
Wife: See? I told you this is all just worthless junk!
Husband: What about this vase? It's gotta be worth a ton! A real hidden treasure, right?
Ceylan: Let me see... Oh?
Ceylan: Oh my... This is...
Husband: That's more like it! This vase is special, right?
Ceylan: Quick! Let go of that vase and step back!
Husband: What are you talking about? This is a delicate treasure...
Monster: ...
Husband: Eek! A m-monster!
Ceylan: This type of monster likes to nest in empty containers.
Ceylan: It's not at all uncommon for them to emerge from long-untouched antiques such as this one.
Vyrn: Save the zoology lecture for later, Ceylan! Here it comes!
Ceylan: Of course! Sir, Madam, you two stand back!

Different Values: Scene 3

The appraisal is disappointing and only sparks more argument about what to do with the collection. However, Ceylan spots an ornament among the antiques which reminds the husband and wife of their love for each other.

Ceylan: Are you two all right? I'm sorry I didn't notice the monster in the vase earlier...
Wife: We're fine thanks to you guys! Thank you so much!
Husband: Phew... That was a close one! And thank goodness my collection is still in one piece!
Ceylan: Speaking of which... That appraisal you wanted...
Husband: Don't keep us in suspense! There must be something in here that's worth some money.
Ceylan: Well... A few of these paintings might have value to the right collector...
Ceylan: But I'm sorry to say that none of them would fetch the kind of price you were hoping for.
Husband: No! After all my work, are you saying that my collection is worthless?
Wife: There, now you've heard a professional opinion. Are you satisfied?
Wife: Clearing out those dusty antiques will free up so much space! Thank you, appraiser!
Husband: You can't just toss out the collection I spent so many years putting together!
Wife: You just don't know when to give up, do you?
Lyria: Oh no! They're at it again!
Ceylan: Um... Just one thing, before you get rid of it all...
Ceylan: I couldn't help but notice this particular objet.
Vyrn: What? That ornament? Is it actually valuable?
Wife: Why that's...
Husband: I think it's our...
Ceylan: I believe this little curio is of great importance to the two of you.
Husband: You're absolutely right. It's a souvenir we bought to commemorate our honeymoon.
Wife: I can't believe I was so ready to dismiss all of this as junk that I was about to throw out this precious keepsake.
Ceylan: An item's value is more than simply monetary.
Ceylan: I'm glad the two of you realize that.
Husband: Thanks to you, I remember how I felt when I first met my wife.
Wife: Darling...
Vyrn: But how did you ever realize that thing was a honeymoon souvenir?
Ceylan: It's a limited edition item sold at a particular tourist spot frequented by honeymooners.
Ceylan: Of course... the materials are common, and there are lots of these in circulation, so it isn't worth any money.
Ceylan: But to these two, it's a very valuable piece indeed.
Vyrn: That's right! It even got them to stop their bickering and patch things up!
And so Ceylan's expert eye restores harmony to the contentious couple.
The pair sees the crew on their way, hand in hand.