Scenario:Ceylan and Pengy - Pengy Thief

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Pengy Thief

One day, in a unique series of events, Ceylan ends up trapped in Pengy's costume, and is taken back to the ship as the crew mistakes him for the real thing. Waiting at the airship is the real Pengy, who seems to think that the crew has stolen the costume. After calming her down, she helps Ceylan out of the penguin costume.

One day, as (Captain) and crew were continuing on their journey, they were tasked with taking Pengy to a kindergarten.
On their way to the island with the kindergarten, a strange event occurred.
Vyrn: Humph. We're almost there, so where did Pengy get to?
Ceylan: I think I saw her heading over that way!
Vyrn: What is she up to… She'd better not be secretly upgrading the ship again.
Ceylan: She didn't look like she was up to anything suspicious, but I suppose I'd better check it out.
Ceylan: Umm… I could have sworn I saw her go this way… Pengy!
Ceylan: Ah, Pengy! I knew I saw you come this way. (Captain)'s looking for you.
Ceylan: Huh? Maybe she didn't hear me. Hey, Peng?
Ceylan: Whoa!
Ceylan: Ouch…
Ceylan: Pengy, I'm sorry! I just tripped, I didn't mean to hit you like that…
Ceylan: Wait… Huh?
Vyrn: Hey, Pengy! There you are! We've been looking all over for you!
Ceylan: Squawk! (Vyrn!)
Ceylan: Sq-squawk? (Wh-what's going on?)
Vyrn: Floppy-ears went off looking for you earlier, you haven't seen him?
Ceylan: Sq-sq-squawk! (B-b-but I'm Ceylan!)
Ceylan: Squa-squawk, squaaawk… (I got knocked out, and came to in this stupid costume)
Vyrn: Hmm… Nope, didn't catch a word of that.
Ceylan: Squaw… Squawk squawk squawk… (Humph, what do I do now? It seems they can't understand what I'm saying…)
Vyrn: Anyway, let's get going! Everyone must be getting impatient to leave!
And so Ceylan, trapped in the Pengy costume by some unknown incident, was taken to the ship.
Ceylan: (This is bad. I need to get out of this thing…)
Ceylan: (But I have to say, it is pretty comfortable in here…)
Ceylan: (It's so easy to wear. Whichever way I move, it just seems to move with me…)
Vyrn: Huh? Hey, Pengy! What're you doing just staring off into space like that?
Ceylan: (Of course! If they all think that I'm actually Pengy, then this would be a great chance to…)
Ceylan: Squ-squaaawk! (I can't disappoint those kids!)
Vyrn: Heheh! Now that's the Pengy we know and love!
Child 1: Yay! It's Pengy! It's really Pengy!
Child 2: Hahaha! It's so cute!
Child 3: Hey, Pengy! Let's play!
The children started to crowd around, and Ceylan was soon completely surrounded.
Ceylan did his best to emulate the movements of the real Pengy and engage with the children.
Vyrn: Heheh, the kids seem to be having fun with Pengy. I'm glad we decided to take on this job.
(Captain), Ceylan and the crew had managed to complete the quest, or so it seemed.
When the crew returned to the Grandcypher, they had quite the surprise waiting for them.
Pengy: So there you are. I'd hoped that you'd come this way! Now give me back my Pengy costume, thieves!
Vyrn: Wait, what's going on here? If you're here, then who's in the costume?
Ceylan: Squawk! Squ-squawk! (Pengy! Tell me how to get out of this thing!)
Pengy: Now come on, hand it over! No one gets between me and my costume.
Pengy: I warned you! Pen…gy… Attack!
Ceylan: Unggh…
Ceylan: I… I’m free…
Vyrn: Wha! Ceylan, what were you doing in the Pengy costume?
Pengy: So this is what you were up to! Befriending me just to steal my costume?
Pengy: I can't believe it, that's squawkally unacceptable! Now you're really squawked, here I come!
Ceylan: Wh-what? No you got…
Ceylan: Hold on! Let me explain!
Vyrn: H-hey, Pengy! Let's just calm down and listen to what Ceylan has to say, OK?
Pengy: Squawk…
After a lengthy explanation, Ceylan made Pengy understand that he was not the one who stole her costume.
Pengy: Squawk!
Ceylan: Wait up, Pengy!
Ceylan: I've seen a lot of strange things in my time, but this…
Ceylan: I've never met anyone or anything quite like Pengy! What material is the costume made out of? How is it put together?
Ceylan: Pengy, please! Let me study it just a little longer!
Pengy: Squawk!
Ceylan: Pengy, wait!
Ceylan was left with more questions about Pengy than answers.
From that day forth the Grandcypher benefited from the martial prowess of both Pengy and Ceylan.