Scenario:Charlotta - A Day for the Children

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A Day for the Children

One tradition of the Halloween festival is to give children candy, so the villagers give it to Charlotta. To prove to them that she's actually an adult and knight, she takes on monsters that show up to attack the village.

Villager 1: Aw, what a precious young lady you are! Here, have some candy.
Charlotta: No, thank you.
Villager 2: Oh my, what a cute costume. Here, have a cookie.
Charlotta: I must humbly decline.
Vyrn: Ha-ha! Aw, what a popular little pumpkin you are, Charlotta!
Charlotta: Grrr...
While the villagers enjoy the festivities, Charlotta gets increasingly upset about getting treated like a child.
Lyria: Wow! That's a ton of candy, Charlotta!
Charlotta: Looks like children wander around getting candy from adults at this festival.
Charlotta: But I'm no child, and look at all this candy...
Vyrn: What's the problem? Free candy is the best candy!
Charlotta: That's beside the point! Every time I'm treated like a little child, a rage starts boiling inside me—and there's nothing little about that.
Monster: Groar!
Villager 1: Aahh! They snuck in while we were distracted by the festival!
Charlotta: Perfect timing. Now I can prove that I'm a battle-hardened adult!
Charlotta: (Captain)! Leave this to me! I can handle this myself!

A Day for the Children: Scene 2

Even after seeing her in combat, the villagers refuse to believe Charlotta is an adult, and even the children invite her to play with them. When she refuses, they run off to the graveyard, but she hears about monsters heading that way and ends up going to help them.

Monster: Grargh...
Charlotta: Humph... Hardly a match for the captain of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights!
Villager 1: Whoa... She made that look easy.
Charlotta: It seems you understand now. I'm actually a fully grown adult, and—
Villager 1: You're one tough kid!
Charlotta: Wha?
Villager 2: Talk about bite-sized might! Here, take this candy as a reward—
Charlotta: I told you! How many times do I have to say I'm not a child!
Villager Child 1: Hey! Let's go score some candy together!
Villager Child 2: Yeah, this is a festival! Stop actin' like a boring old adult.
Charlotta: I'm not acting. I am an adult! I may be small, but I'm still an adult!
Charlotta: Oh! I-I mean I'm not small!
Villager Child 1: Well, you're still boring.
Villager Child 2: Don't come begging us for candy later! All you'll get from us is wrappers!
With that, the children run off toward the graveyard.
Charlotta: Sigh...
Vyrn: Man, that sucks. Looks like everyone here thinks you're a kid.
Charlotta: There are no Harvins in the village, so I can't really blame them...
Charlotta: But it still hurts.
Villager 1: Everyone! A horde of monsters is heading for the graveyard!
Vyrn: The graveyard? Isn't that where the kids were going?
Charlotta: (Captain)! We must go there at once!

A Day for the Children: Scene 3

Charlotta and company defeat the monsters and protect the children, but the little ones continue to ignore their warnings not to wander around at night. The crew ends up protecting them from even more monsters.

Charlotta: Well, I guess that's most of them.
Lyria: Ooh... This place is creeping me out... I guess it's because of all the gravestones.
Charlotta: No, Lyria. It's safe to assume there are still some monsters hiding out here.
Vyrn: Yeesh, graveyards are no place to hang out at night!
Villager Child 1: But passing through here is the fastest way to get around the village!
Charlotta: That may be, but kids shouldn't be wandering around alone at night even during festivals.
Charlotta: And you'll never grow up big and strong if you keep staying up late like this.
Villager Child 2: So did you stay up late, like, all the time?
Charlotta: Nope. Early to bed, early to rise is my motto. Why do you ask?
Villager Child 2: Oh, no reason.
Villager Child 1: Anyway! You beat the monsters, right? We're gonna go then!
Villager Child 2: Hey, wait!
Monster: Groar!
Villager Child 1: Eek!
Charlotta: I knew they were still around! (Captain)! We must help the children!

A Day for the Children: Scene 4

(Captain) and company defeat the monsters, but the children still want to play, so Charlotta volunteers to guard them while they go around the village. In spite of her best efforts, Charlotta ends up with more Halloween candy than anyone else.

(Captain)'s crew defeats the monsters and leads the children out of the graveyard.
Villager Child 1: Sorry...
Charlotta: Kids these days.
Villager Child 1: Our village only has a festival like this once a year, so we want to make the most of it.
Charlotta: Ngh...
Villager Child 2: We don't have anything else to do in our village, so, you know...
Charlotta: Enough! I understand! But I have one condition.
Villager Child 1: What's that?
Charlotta: If you're planning to go around the village, you'll have to put up with me.
Charlotta: Even if you get attacked, you'll be safe with me.
Villager Child 2: Really? Yay!
Villager Child 1: So you wanted to go with us after all!
Charlotta: That's not it! I'm only going with you as your chaperone!
Villager Child 1: Whatever you say...
Charlotta: Grrr...
Vyrn: Ha-ha! When you stick Charlotta with those kids, even I can't tell them apart!
Charlotta spends the rest of the festival night with the village kids.
She returns to (Captain)'s crew after going around the village with the children, but she doesn't look happy.
Charlotta: I ended up getting more candy than anyone else in the group.
Charlotta: I only went as their chaperone... How could this happen?
Vyrn: Well, as cute a little pumpkin as you are, how could this not happen?
Charlotta: I told you I am not a little pumpkin!