Scenario:Charlotta - For Might and Height

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For Might and Height

Charlotta seeks advice from her crewmates on how to grow taller. Bridgette joins her in testing out the procured tips. Cordelia spots the two and cannot help but be boggled.

Under the comforting rays of the afternoon sun, Charlotta is running around the Grandcypher, memo in hand, interviewing each of the crewmembers.
Rackam: Hmm... Can't say I've ever thought about tryin' to grow taller...
Rackam: But if stronger's how you wanna get, you've gotta get enough sleep. I take naps every day, myself.
Charlotta: Ah, of course. Sleep! Absolutely essential.
Rackam: Not sure how much help that was, but that's about all the advice I can give you.
Charlotta: Thank you very much! Your counsel was invaluable!
Katalina: Huh? A way to make yourself taller? Let me think...
Katalina: Oh yes, I've heard that hanging from high places helps.
Charlotta: Hanging from high places?
Katalina: Yes. It might seem somewhat bizarre, but I've heard that it's actually quite effective.
Katalina: Stretches your whole body out like a spring it seems.
Katalina: But I can't say I've heard any of this advice from particularly credible sources...
Katalina: Sorry to say that's about the extent of my knowledge on the subject. Was it at least helpful?
Charlotta: Yes, it was very helpful! I want to try everything that I possibly can!
Charlotta: I've asked everyone for their advice—I believe I've found some very plausible information.
Charlotta: All that's left is to put all of their recommendations into practice.
Charlotta: Up until now I've tried so many things, but I have to bet on the possibility that something will work!
Bridgette: Captain Charlotta, please allow me to join you! If I follow your example, I'm sure even I'll be able to get stronger!
Charlotta: Oh, you'll join me?
Charlotta: Fellow Harvins training together—I feel like we'll both stretch our limits!
Bridgette: I'll do everything in my power to help you reach a new peak!
Charlotta: I heard that jumping one hundred times a day will result in a height increase...
Bridgette: A hundred times? I-I don't think I can handle a hundred times!
Charlotta: One hundred sounds a bit insufficient. I think I'll go for one thousand!
Bridgette: What! A thousand?
Charlotta: There's no time to waste! Get ready. Get set...
Charlotta: One!
Charlotta: Two!
Bridgette: Th-then I'll jump for as long as I can too!
Bridgette: Huff... Huff... One!
Cordelia: ...
Cordelia peers at the training Harvins from a distance.
Cordelia: Hmm... Intriguing. It's impossible to change one's height, and yet they persevere...
Charlotta's attempts to grow taller are impressive and disciplined.
Cordelia, however, is vexed by the pursuit of such a futile objective.

For Might and Height: Scene 2

Cordelia approaches the petite pair of knights—who are currently hanging from a mast—and asks Charlotta the meaning behind these bizarre stunts. Charlotta answers that she acts not only for the respect of the order but for that of her own self.

Charlotta: Next up is suspension training! Are you prepared, Bridgette?
Bridgette: As ready as I'll ever be! L-let's hang!
After securing (Captain)'s permission, Charlotta and Bridgette climb the mast of the Grandcypher and, locking their arms over one of the spars, dangle in the air.
Charlotta: ...
Charlotta: I-I think I can feel my bones stretching!
Bridgette: I see. If this is all the effort it takes, we could do this all day! Genius! It's much easier than jumping!
Charlotta: You can see so much from up here... What a beautiful view.
Charlotta: I wonder if this is how taller people view the world...
Bridgette: Haha. I feel like the world just got a little bit bigger for us!
Transfixed by heights they are rarely able to experience, Charlotta and Bridgette stare out over the landscape.
Cordelia: Bridgette, Captain Charlotta... Much more of this and you're likely to damage your tendons.
Charlotta: Oh, greetings, Cordelia. Be that as it may, when you see the world like this, it really puts you in a trance.
Bridgette: Haha! Dear Cordelia, the wind feels so good up here!
Cordelia: Does it now?
Cordelia approaches the pair of swaying Harvins.
Charlotta: Haha. It lifts my spirits to look down at something.
Charlotta: I'm always the one being looked down on... The world looks so different when you have the taller vantage point...
Charlotta is basking in the scenery when Cordelia opens her mouth to ask a question.
Cordelia: Captain Charlotta, could we talk for a moment?
Charlotta: Of course! What's on your mind?
Cordelia: Perhaps this is a bit impromptu, but you stated you were on a journey to discover a method to increase your height, did you not?
Cordelia: I've heard that you wouldn't return to the order until you reached a state where the other holy knights could look up to you.
Cordelia: So you... you still bear that same conviction, don't you?
Charlotta: Hmm...
After considering Cordelia's words for a moment, Charlotta lifts herself back up on the mast.
Charlotta: It's true that I want to inspire pride in my comrades...
Charlotta: But even disregarding that goal, I can't help but to yearn for a taller body.
Charlotta: I'm a Harvin. The world you taller folk witness is entirely different from the world my people see.
Charlotta: Just imagining the skies through your eyes... It fills me with curiosity...
Charlotta: As much as I want to become a point of pride for the order...
Charlotta: I also want to become proud of myself. That is all.
Cordelia: I see... It's certainly noble to pursue your best self...
From an outside perspective, Charlotta could easily be mistaken as pursuing a meaningless endeavor.
But her true feelings were veiled beneath her actions all along.
Bridgette: Captain Charlotta, even you have things about yourself you want to improve!
Charlotta: Of course I do! Everyone is reaching for the stars, aren't they? I just haven't grown tall enough to touch them yet.
Bridgette: Th-then, I certainly have a star I'm reaching for myself!
Bridgette: I want to become like you, Captain Charlotta! I've admired you for so long!
Charlotta: Haha. Have you now, Bridgette?
Bridgette: I'm still so inexperienced, and I've got a long way to go before I can shine like you do...
Bridgette: But someday I want to become stronger and protect the weak just like you, Captain!
Bridgette: Then it won't be one act of kindness—I'll be able to do a hundred in a day!
Charlotta: That spirit is exactly what makes you a holy knight of a grand caliber! Forever pure, forever righteous!
Cordelia: ...
With Charlotta's call still hanging in the air, suddenly a shadow appears behind Cordelia.
Charlotta: Cordelia, get down at once!
Cordelia: ...!
Monster: Grah...
Bridgette: Ah! Dear Cordelia!
Monster: Grrr!
Charlotta: Where are they all coming from? Bridgette, Cordelia! Ready your weapons! We fight!
Bridgette: Ready!
Cordelia: Understood.

For Might and Height: Scene 3

Cordelia comes to see that Charlotta and Bridgette are just like her. They all share the same wish to grow and be more like who they want to be. Cordelia now finds herself watching over the tiny champions with warmth and encouragement.

Bridgette: What should we try next? I can still handle more!
Cordelia: Haha...
Charlotta: Hm? What is it, Cordelia?
Cordelia: It's nothing really... Just, whenever I see you working so hard for your goals, I can't help but reminisce about my own.
Cordelia: Bridgette, Charlotta... You're such lovely women. Becoming like you would be no trivial matter.
Bridgette: Huh? But, dear Cordelia, you're already so cute! What do we have that you don't?
Cordelia: Haha... Just take a look at me. My appearance certainly helps when I'm out on praetor business. And yet, at the same time, I'm a woman too.
Bridgette: That's right, Cordelia. You're a cute girl who likes bittersweet love poems, fragrant teas, and beautiful flowers, are you not?
Cordelia: Wh-what are you talking about, Bridgette! I-I'm nothing like that!
Charlotta: Oh my! Cordelia, I had no idea you had such elegant taste!
Charlotta: That would make you the most feminine woman of us all, I believe.
Cordelia: Please, if you could kindly forget everything you've just heard...
Why become strong? Or tall?
Why envy someone different from yourself?
The weak desire strength. And the short desire height.
Cordelia ponders over these thoughts, and then realizes that this way of thinking is completely natural.
Cordelia: (I find myself in awe of those with a cute or feminine appearance...)
Cordelia: (But she's not just daydreaming. She's actually attempting to change an absurdity into reality—it's completely outside the realm of reason.)
Cordelia: (I assumed long ago that I couldn't become an exquisite woman like them...)
The praetor recognizes that Charlotta and Bridgette are motivated by the things that they themselves lack.
Although their actions strike her as imprudent, Cordelia resolves to watch over the Harvin duo.
Charlotta: Sleep is important for growth! We'll need to take a nap next!
Bridgette: Right! Dear Cordelia, won't you come nap with us?
Cordelia: W-what! Me?
Charlotta: Of course! We would be honored to nap with you!
Charlotta: Besides, every knight should rest their body surrounded by blissful scenery when they are capable of doing so.
Bridgette: Dear Cordelia, you can sleep here!
Cordelia: H-huh? O-okay...
The girls idle away the rest of the afternoon in sleepy pursuit of new heights.