Scenario:Charlotta - No More Little Skyfarer's Lunches

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No More Little Skyfarer's Lunches

After a particularly infuriating day of being babied, Charlotta vows never again to eat a Little Skyfarer's Lunch.

(Captain) and the crew are out helping Charlotta tackle a number of missions.
Monster: Roar!
Vyrn: Urgh! These things just won't give up! (Captain), they went that way!
Charlotta: Leave them to me! They won't get away!
Charlotta: Haaa!
Monster: Groan...
Lyria: Let's see, our next mission is to remove a fallen tree...
Oh! That's it over there!
Vyrn: Whoa, this thing's blocking the whole road. Let's hurry and get it outta the way!
Charlotta: I'll lift this end. Would you kindly take that side?
Vyrn: Yeah, no problem! Come on, (Captain)!
Lyria: Wow... This garden is really big!
Charlotta: We had to weed the gardens as part of our cadet training back in the day. I can clear a field better than anyone!
Charlotta: Haaa!
Vyrn: Pretty good, Charlotta! But we'll see if you're really the best!
(Captain) and the crew continue to help Charlotta finish mission after mission.
Local: That must've been very difficult for such a cute little thing.
Charlotta: Grumble...
Merchant: You're a lifesaver! Who woulda thought there'd be so much power in such a small package?
Charlotta: Grr...
Noble: Hahaha. Are you helping out your big brothers and sisters? What a good girl!
Charlotta: Grrrr!
Charlotta: I can't bear this any longer!
Charlotta hooks her glass and swallows the contents in one gulp. One can almost see steam rise from her ears.
Vyrn: Hey, hey... There's no reason to be upset.
Lyria: Um, I don't think anyone meant to hurt your feelings.
Charlotta: Of course they didn't! That's precisely why my case is so helpless!
Charlotta: Everyone sees me as a child! As if I couldn't possibly be anything but!
Enduring the ceaseless patronizing treatment has caused Charlotta to grow indignant.
Charlotta: H-how could they treat the very captain of the Lumiel Order like this!
Days like this call for one thing—
Server: I've got your Little Skyfarer's Lunch right here for ya.
The server places a bright tray in front of Charlotta.
Charlotta: Thank you!
Server: And who had the grilled fish set?
Baotorda: That would be me. Thank you.
Charlotta: Hmm?
Server: And the pasta combo?
Lyria: That's me! Thank you!
Charlotta: Grumble...
Baotorda: Is something the matter?
A sulking Charlotta waits for the waitress to leave the table before explaining herself in a frustrated mumble.
Charlotta: The waitress asked who ordered for all of your meals...
Charlotta: So how come she didn't ask about my Little Skyfarer's Lunch? She just sat it down in front of me!
Vyrn: Well, hey, you ordered it didn'tcha?
Charlotta: Yes, of course I did, but...
Charlotta: How did she know I ordered the Little Skyfarer's Lunch?
Charlotta: There's even two genuine children here—(Captain) and Lyria!
Vyrn: Maybe they call it the Little Skyfarer's Lunch, because it's for, uh, really little kids.
Vyrn: And you gotta admit, you're a lot littler than (Captain) or Lyria.
Lyria: V-Vyrn!
Charlotta: Wha!
Lyria: Charlotta, please don't get upset!
Charlotta: That's it! A little Skyfarer's Lunch is for little skyfarers!
Vyrn: Huh? Isn't that what I said?
Charlotta: I understand now... I finally see why everyone is constantly treating me like a child!
Charlotta: It's because I'm always eating Little Skyfarer's Lunches!
Lyria: I don't think that has anything to do with it...
Charlotta: No! This has to be it! I can't possibly see any other reason why!
Charlotta: As long as I keep eating them...
Hmm... I've made up my mind!
Charlotta: I will abstain from Little Skyfarer's Lunches henceforth!
Vyrn: Seriously? Are you feelin' okay?
Charlotta: My decision is final! I can no longer bear to be treated like a child!
Charlotta: Baotorda, it simply won't do to waste this Little Skyfarer's Lunch.
Charlotta: If it wouldn't be too much trouble, would you do me the courtesy of exchanging your grilled fish set for my Little Skyfarer's Lunch?
Baotorda: I don't mind at all, but are you sure? Just before we arrived you seemed so enthusiastic to get your favorite meal.
Charlotta: I-I'm sure... Considering I'm not a child and all!
Despite Charlotta's refusal, she doesn't take her eyes off of the Little Skyfarer's Lunch.
Vyrn: You don't have to do this, you know? You gotta eat what you wanna eat or yer gonna regret it!
Charlotta: I said I'm fine! My decision to refrain from Little Skyfarer's Lunches is absolute!
Charlotta: After all, I am the captain of the noble Lumiel Order of Holy Knights!
Charlotta: I must carry myself with dignity and be an example for my fellow knights—and that means abiding by my own resolution!
Vyrn: You are serious! Well, just don't go overboard, okay?
Her decision made, (Captain) and the others could say nothing else to crack Charlotta's ironclad determination.
Be that as it may, no one would predict the tribulations that were about to befall Charlotta.