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Value of a Smile

There is tale of a forest. In this forest, a very special fountain would appear once every century. Those who take a dip in the fountain would emerge looking as they had always wanted. Charlotta's expectations were high. But nearby hooligans heard them talking. They began to plot a nefarious scheme.

Staff: Thank you for waiting! And here's your happy-go-lucky kid's set!
Charlotta: ...
Staff: Er... who ordered the happy-go-lucky kid's set?
Charlotta: ...
Vyrn: Oi! What's your deal? Charlotta?
Charlotta: Waugh?! Wha... what is it?
Lyria: They brought you your, um, kid's set.
Charlotta: Ah... thank you very much...
Vyrn: What's up with you? You've been all spaced out.
Charlotta: I was... I was just thinking about how my wish may soon be fulfilled...
Charlotta: It's just... I can't stop myself from dreaming of it...
Vyrn: Jeez... think you might be hoping for too much?
Charlotta: Oh no, sir! Not in the least! This has to be it. It just has to!
(Captain) followed intel from the KnickKnack Shack to a town near the forest.
According to Sierokarte, this little backwoods town is home to a very special fountain...
Once every century appears a very special fountain. Those who bathed in this fountain will emerge looking as they always wished they had.
Charlotta: For a once-in-a-hundred year chance to be so close... It can't be anything but fate!
Vyrn: Nah... sounds a bit too good to be true to me.
Lyria: Settle down... finish up your lunch and we can go see it for ourselves!
Hooligan 1: ey... you hear that? Fountain, they said...
Hooligan 2: Ah...ka-ching... Say, why don't we join 'em?
Vyrn: Well... now what? This fountain's supposed to be in some village, right?
Charlotta: First we'll have to get out of the forest.
Charlotta: We might find ourselves face-to-face with some mighty monsters. You just leave them to me!

Value of a Smile: Scene 2

The village folk bustle about, preparing for a once-in-a-century celebration for the return of the fountain. But they believe the legend to be nothing more than superstition. As the adults are quite preoccupied with making arrangements, a pair of children agree to guide (Captain)'s party to the fountain.

Villager 1: Fountain, you say? Ah, yes. That does ring a bell...
Villager 2: I know the one. It's just outside the village...
Villager 1: Oh, yeah! The fountain... you looking for something out there?
Charlotta: Er... how best to put it. Well, we've heard tell that its centennial visit is close at hand...
Villager 2: That it is. But we're running around like chickens with our heads cut off getting ready for the festival.
Villager 2: Sorry, y'know? It's right rude of us not to be able to show you around after you've come such a long way...
Charlotta: We didn't come here to see the sights! We... er...
Charlotta: We heard a legend about it... are the tales true?
Villager 2: Hrm... everyone 'round these parts knows about the legend, sure...
Villager 1: But it's just one of them superstitions! Nothing to get all worked up about...
Lyria: Erm... excuse me! Would you be able to show us the fountain?
Villager 1: Eh? I'd say yeah, but us grownups can't really afford to spare a hand...
Child 1: I'll take 'em!
Child 2: Ooh! Me too, me too!
Vyrn: Hold up... you shrimps think you can manage that?
Child 1: We are NOT shrimps! I'm biggerer than she is!
Charlotta: Wha?! I-I may look this way, but I assure you I'm an adult!
Child 2: C'mon, lady! You ain't bigger than my little sis! And she just started talking last week!
Charlotta: Grrr!
Charlotta: (Captain)! I do hope you'll leave any monsters you meet to me!
Charlotta: You'll be quite convinced of how much of an adult I am once I fell those monsters!

Value of a Smile: Scene 3

It's barely more than a gurgle, yet Lyria feels a curious power in it. She believes it will be stronger once night falls. (Captain) and company decided to wait until then and enjoy the festivities in the meantime. But a band of hooligans had followed them, dreaming of the grand riches in store. (Captain) and company rush to meet them.

The village children lead (Captain)'s party to the fountain to see if it's all it's cracked up to be.
Vyrn: Er... anyway, this is the place, right?
Child 1: Yeah, the only thing in this stupid village is that fountain.
Standing before the party was a gurgle hardly qualified to be called a fountain.
Charlotta: I must say... this certainly doesn't look like the stuff of legends...
Charlotta: Perhaps it's as the villagers said...
Lyria: Hold on... I can feel a power here...
Lyria: A strange one, at that... and this fountain is the source.
Vyrn: Hold up... If you're feeling something that means the Astrals were messing around here, right?
Charlotta: The Astrals? Then the legend must be true!
Lyria: The power acts as a wave... and it should be at its apex soon...
Lyria: I think it should still be there once night comes.
Charlotta: Just think! A chance that only comes along once every hundred years!
Charlotta: I've waited so long for this moment! And finally... It's here at last!
Vyrn: How about we hang back in the village until then? I mean, there's a festival and all. Why not enjoy it?
Child 1: Y'know, we're bored outta our skulls most of the time, this being the country and all...
Child 1: But you're gonna love our festival! It's the best part of the year!
Charlotta: Hehe... you do make it sound quite exciting!
Child 2: But, uh... It doesn't start until tomorrow...
Lyria: Is that so... the villagers did say they were busy getting ready.
Charlotta: Hehe... the stars have aligned!
Charlotta: This time tomorrow I'll be at the festival looking brand spanking new!
Lyria: So, Charlotta... are you going to leave us once you're bigger?
Charlotta: Well... I, um...
Vyrn: Why worry about it? Let's just enjoy the party while we're still together!
Charlotta: ...
(Captain)'s party returns to find the village in an absolute uproar.
Villager: H-help us! Brigands! Brigands in the village!
Hooligan 1: Yeesh. This place don't look like much, do it?
Hooligan 2: I mean, you hear about some legend and you expect SOMETHING, but there ain't a damned thing here!
Vyrn: Wha?! How did they find out about the fountain?
Charlotta: Perhaps they were eavesdropping on our conversation... or learned of it independently...
Charlotta: One thing's for sure, we're not going to let them run wild!

Value of a Smile: Scene 4

Though the fountain was overflowing with power, Charlotta was nowhere to be found. She'd flown off to capture the hooligans who had stolen the village's talisman. By the time she'd returned, the power was already gone. But the smiles of the children as she returned their talisman was better than any chance in the world, even if it only came once every century.

Charlotta: Sigh... Is this all?
(Captain)'s party had made sure the hooligans paid dearly for their deeds.
They found themselves awash in darkness. Night had fallen.
Charlotta: Perhaps we should head to the fountain...
Charlotta: And still the same size. Well, dear skyfarers, it's time we parted ways.
Charlotta: Now I must leave you, (Captain) and friends, to return to Lumiel...
Charlotta: ...
Charlotta: Hmm? Did anyone else hear a sound from over there?
Vyrn: Hey! Charlotta! Where the hell is she?
Lyria: She's not here... oh, Charlotta...
Lyria: I thought she might already be at the fountain if she wasn't in the village, but...
Vyrn: Jeez... what could be more important to her than THIS?
Lyria: The fountain is already at its limit... the power will be gone after tonight...
Villager: This is bad! Oi! You there! Help us search!
Vyrn: Hm? What's got your pants in a twist?
Villager: Those... those thieves! They stole our talisman from the warehouse! And they're getting away!
Hooligan 1: Whew... that was a blast and a half...
Hooligan 2: And I still don't even know what that legend thing was all about...
Hooligan 1: Those skyfarers sure ran us through the ringer...
Hooligan 1: But this thing we snatched should fetch a pretty penny.
Hooligan 2: They use it in their little festival. You know it's gotta be good! Oooh! Look at the size of them gems!
Hooligan 1: And it looks like it's made of gold... melt this down and whoo, boy...
Charlotta: You wait right there!
Hooligan 1: Hm? And who're you?
Charlotta: Who am I? None other than the honorable, righteous agent of the Holy Kingdom of Lumiel...
Charlotta: And captain of the Kingdom's Holy Knights, Charlotta Fenia!
Hooligan 2: Wait... you were with those skyfarers from before!
Hooligan 1: Gah... stay cool! What's a shrimp like this gonna do?!
Charlotta: Yes, 'tis true that I am small in stature... but as a deliverer of justice, none stand taller than I!
Charlotta: I hope you're prepared! My sword and my heart are one. And we deem ruffians like you worthy of judgment!
Dawn came the next day with no sign of Charlotta.
Lyria: Where are you, Charlotta? Something must have happened...
Vyrn: But we haven't even found those thieves yet...
Villager: We can't go on with the festival without our talisman...
Child: What?! Aw, man...
As the future hung in the balance, a lone soldier came to the village.
Palace Guard: Pardon me. We've been keeping this kid in custody since last night...
Charlotta: How many times must I repeat myself?! I am NOT a kid!
Lyria: Charlotta?!
Palace Guard: Ah, you must be her sister.
Palace Guard: You really shouldn't be letting a little girl wander about town in the middle of the night...
  1. I'm sure it was quite the hassle...
  2. She's not a child

Choose: I'm sure it was quite the hassle...
Charlotta: Wha?! Would you care to repeat that?!
Vyrn: Hey... you said that much already. Might as well go for broke.
Charlotta: But... but you called me "girl"... and thought Lyria was my big sister...
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Choose: She's not a child
Charlotta: But I am! I'm a perfectly healthy adult!
Palace Guard: Whatever you say... just make sure you don't go running around at night anymore.
Charlotta: Grr... you still insist on treating me like a child.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Gah... how about telling us where the hell you went off to? You know we were worried, right?
Charlotta: Ah, yes...
Charlotta: I wanted to return this to you.
With that, Charlotta handed the stolen talisman back to the villagers.
Villager: My goodness! You got it back for us? Truly?
Charlotta: What else could I have done? To let such ruffians get away would have been a tragedy.
Child: Hey! So are we gonna have the festival?
Villager: Oh, yes! Everything is back on!
Child: Yaaaay!
Charlotta: Hehe...
Afterward (Captain)'s party made their way back to the fountain.
Lyria: It's no good... the power here is already fading...
Charlotta: Is that so... there's not much to be done then, is there?
Lyria: You couldn't get your wish... but think of how happy those children were to have their festival back!
Charlotta: Hehe... they were smiling most grandly, weren't they?
Charlotta: Smiles like that are a more than adequate trade for a once-in-a-century chance.
Vyrn: And think about it! There might be another way to get your wish! All you need is a little patience!
Charlotta: You're right! I don't plan on giving up any time soon.
Charlotta: So... you'll just have to put up with me for a while longer! (Captain)!
Charlotta beamed as she spoke, her face showing not a hint of regret.
It seems the journey would continue as the little knight searched for an answer to her big problem.