Scenario:Chloe - Teenager's Journey

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Teenager's Journey

As part of an assignment, the crew heads toward a village. On the way there, they run into Chloe, a young girl who is consoling a heartbroken friend. After learning of the couple's reconciliation, Chloe decides to brave the skies with (Captain) and crew to become strong enough to protect those dear to her.

As part of an assignment to take out monsters, the crew heads toward a village.
Vyrn: Gosh, just how deep in the mountains is this village?
Lyria: Hey, someone's there!
Erune Girl: And then he tells me to go pick him up. So off to his work I go and guess what?
Erune Girl: Dude's flirting with a customer, like, right in front of me! Ugh, some nerve he's got.
???: Like, he wouldn't even say when he's working. Hate to say it girl, but he's playin' you!
Erune Girl: I am so sick of being treated like dirt!
Lyria: Um, are you okay?
Vyrn: Hey, what's wrong? Did something happen?
???: Hey! This girl and her sweetie-poo are fighting. I tried to cheer her up, but it's just too much!
Vyrn: Huh?
Erune Girl: All right, that's it. It's over! I am so gonna dump that loser!
Lyria: Um...
Vyrn: Whoa, hold on!
And off she goes... You're not gonna go after her?
???: Uh-uh. She won't listen when she gets like that. It'll be fine.
Vyrn: If you say so. Anyway, do you have any idea how we can get to this village on the map?
???: What one's that? Hey, isn't that village mine?
The girl introduces herself as Chloe and offers to guide the crew to the village.
Vyrn: Gee, thanks! We're headed there on assignment as skyfarers!
Chloe: Oh my gosh! You're, like, so totally welcome here, lolz! But what even is a skyfarer?
Vyrn: A skyfarer—
Chloe: There's, like, nothing to do there. That okay with you? lol
Chloe: But everyone is awesome, and there are tons of trees and nature stuff!
Vyrn: Um, didn't you just ask us a ques—
Chloe: Sweet, is that a sword? Never seen one before, lol!
Chloe: Y'know, this place is totally crawling with monsters.
Vyrn: Well then, we'll be—
Chloe: And Mom says to stay in the village. I try to have fun there, but like, boooring!
Chloe: And to top it all off, my friend is breaking up with her sweetie-poo. Like, he cheated again.
Vyrn: Um...
Chloe: He won't stop cheating! It's like, the only thing I hear about anymore!
Vyrn: Uh-huh...
Chloe: He thinks he's hot stuff, but what a hick! The whole time I'm just like, dump him already.
Vyrn: Er...
Chloe: I can't even with all this drama!
She's in way too deep.
Chloe: So I'm just like, whatever. lol
Vyrn: I see...
Chloe's relentless chatter continues the rest of the way to the village.
Chloe: Hey, we're back! Oh man, my throat's sore from all that talking.
Chloe: Mom's cooking dinner, so I'd better get home!
Vyrn: Whew, what's with her?
Lyria: That was... a lot to take in.
(Captain) and company arrive at the village to find themselves being welcomed as defenders.
Villager 1: Och, thank th' gods! Oor defender haes come!
Villager 2: Ye hae 'greed tae tak' oot th' monsters 'ere, aye?
Villager 1: Wull ye depairt at wance? Won't ya rest fur a spell while ye'r 'ere.
Villager 2: Wi' a deserted village lik' this, ah cannae jalouse th' defender wanting tae bade lang.
Villager 2: Th' monster nest is behind this village. Please be canny.
Villager 1: Thank ye 'n' fast travels to ye.
Vyrn: They've sure got an interesting way of talking. I guess that's what makes this village unique.
Lyria: It seems so different from how Chloe talks.
Lyria: Ugh, it's getting kind of dark... Are we close yet?
Vyrn: Yeah, I'm getting the heebie-jeebies just being here!
Monster: Gwar!
Vyrn: Monsters! Let's take them out, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Wheeze... Whew... Did we do it?
Lyria: Yes! We're okay for now.
???: And then my sweetie-poo's all, "But we're soulmates!"
???: Hah, yeah. Heard that one before.
???: Be nice, Chloe!
???: This is, like, his ninth time! That creep's not gonna stop!(#`Д´)
???: But he promised!
???: For realsies? He's totally using you!
Vyrn: Hey, I recognize those voices!
Lyria: Yeah, me too! Where are they?
???: Shut up! They're gonna find us.
???: Uh yeah... Sweetie-poo gets off work soon, so I gotta go!
???: Hey, but you asked to come with me!
???: I'm not into hero stuff. Thanks for listening, though!
Erune Girl: Later!
Chloe: Hey, wait!
Lyria: It's you!
Chloe: Yikes!
Vyrn: Hey, what are you doing out here? It's dangerous with all these monsters around!
Chloe: Don't tell anyone, okay? Mom'll totally ground me for this.
Vyrn: Not now! Watch out, Chloe!
Monster: Gwaaaar!
Chloe: Aaagh!
Vyrn: Good job, (Captain)!
Chloe: ZOMG, is it still moving? Sick!
Vyrn: Are you okay, Chloe?
Chloe: Yeah, thanks a trillion!
Chloe: Whew, we were so FSFBWO!
Lyria: Huh? FSFBWO?
Chloe: Five seconds from being wiped out!
Vyrn: Looks like there's still a few monsters left! Hide behind us while we finish them off!
Lyria: This way!
The crew shelters her in a safe location while fending off the monsters.
Vyrn: Argh, just how many are there?
Lyria: Watch out, (Captain)! Behind you!
Vyrn: As if we'd lose! Show 'em what you can do, (Captain)!
Chloe: That was like, wow, so cool! You are totally my hero!
Having wiped out the monsters, the crew rushes to Chloe, who's hiding by the bushes.
Lyria: Are you okay?
Vyrn: Did any of them hurt you?
Chloe: Nah, that was awesome!
Vyrn: Haha, you said it! (Captain)'s the captain of our crew. There's no one better!
Chloe: Really? The captain?
Chloe: But like, why are you so proud, Flufferton? Totes adorbs, lol!
Vyrn: Hey, who are you calling Flufferton!
Chloe: What's wrong with Flufferton? It's such a cute name!
Vyrn: Gah, my name's Vyrn!
Chloe: Vyrnie? Then I'll call you Vyrnathan!
Vyrn: I don't understand a word you're saying!
Lyria: Haha, talking with Chloe is so much fun.
Chloe: OMG, I just got a killer idea!
Vyrn: You never calm down! What's up?
Chloe: You're gonna love this! Captain, what if I join the crew!
Vyrn: What! You?
Chloe: Yeah, your captain's wicked awesome!
Chloe: I wanna be like that one day.
Chloe: I'll save my mom and everybody from the monsters they're totally freaking out about!
Chloe: Let's do this, then!
  1. Awwww yeah!
  2. Can you pump this ship up?

Choose: Awwww yeah!

Chloe: Haha, you rock, Captain! Whoohoo!
Vyrn: You sure? I don't know what's gotten into you!
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Choose: Can you pump this ship up?

Chloe: Like, totally! I used to help put on parties! lol
Vyrn: C'mon now, (Captain). What are you trying to prove to her?

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Lyria: The adventure's gonna be so exciting with Chloe aboard!
Vyrn: The livelier the better.
Chloe: Welcome aboard to me! Oh man, this is gonna be awesome!
Having enlisted the restless Chloe into their ranks, (Captain) and company set sail for their next destination.