Scenario:Chloe and Korwa - Peek into the Forbidden Garden

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Peek into the Forbidden Garden

Chloe and Korwa engage in rapt discussion about love and life. Vyrn joins in, but soon leaves as the conversation transitions from Chloe's dating troubles to their personal tastes in partners. The two continue to laugh and giggle well into the night.

Chloe: Okay, boys and girls. This story's gonna have tons of biased opinions.
Korwa: Please proceed only if you're ready to peek into the forbidden garden of subjectivity.
Chloe: Otherwise, you might want to tap through this whole thing. lol
One early afternoon, cheery voices can be heard aboard the Grandcypher as the crew heads toward its next assignment.
Lyria: Huh? Hey, it sounds like someone's around!
Chloe: I felt soooo sorry for him at first, seeing how he gives up everything for his friends.
Chloe: But he, like, goes so far it's ridiculous, makes me wonder what I saw in him in the first place. Total mystery. lol
Korwa: I get that. No matter how much you love someone, when that love goes unrequited...
Korwa: It's never a happy ending.
The two most outspoken crewmates, Chloe and Korwa, are in the midst of a discussion about relationships.
Korwa changes the topic when she notices others in the crew walking in.
Korwa: Oh, everyone's here. How about a cup of tea? The special blend we made is really good.
Chloe: Lyrina, Vyrnathan, and the Captain! What's up, guys! OMG, this tea is delish! Mmm!
☆ (o´∀`o)ノ
Lyria: This is for us? Thanks!
(Captain) and company gladly join in on the conversation.
Vyrn: So what were you two talking about?
Korwa: About living happily ever after, or what you need to get there, at least. Chloe's having dating troubles.
Lyria: D-d-dating troubles!
Chloe: Lol. Yeah, I was asking Korwa for advice.
Chloe: Like, I've been watching my friends' BFs, and it got me thinking that a total nice guy just might be up my alley.
Chloe: But nice guys are so hard to find, y'know? Lol, maybe you know someone, Lyria?
Lyria: Me? Umm, not really...
Korwa: Well, chance encounters are waiting at every corner. You just have to be willing to look for them.
Korwa: Anyway, I agree that sincerity is definitely a good thing, but a Mr. Nice Guy through and through only spells trouble.
Korwa: A person who's nice all the time is just indecisive. Sometimes, you need a man to take you by the arm to get through the thick of it all.
Chloe: Lol, sounds like you're speaking from experience, Korwa. But sometimes I just wanna be a little selfish, y'know?
Korwa: A bit of selfishness makes a girl; no problem there.
Korwa: Acting like a pampered princess would be a problem of course, but everyone's got things they'd rather have their way.
Chloe: No way I'm letting my guy tell me to lighten up with the makeup, though. I'll shave his eyebrows off if he tries a stunt like that!
Korwa: I'd teach him a lesson he'll never forget if my partner didn't respect my values and goals. I'd cut him off from my life then and there.
Vyrn: Wh-whoa, harsh...
Korwa: What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. It's important to respect your lover's wishes.
  2. Selfishness should be kept in check.

Choose: It's important to respect your lover's wishes.

Chloe: Haha. I thought you'd say that, Captain!
Korwa: Could it be that your love story has already begun, (Captain)?
Lyria: Huh! Is that for real?
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Choose: Selfishness should be kept in check.

Korwa: Have you had some trauma in that department, Captain? Perhaps you've had partners who tried to push their every whim on you?
Chloe: The captain's experience points are prolly off the charts, lol. Like, how long have you been doing this?
Lyria: Wow, I'm curious too.

Continue 1

Chloe: You know what else I can't stand? Guys who like to butt in on how we look. You know what I mean, right? lol
Korwa: Oh yeah.
Lyria: You think so?
Vyrn: What's that like?
Chloe: You know, stuff like "No makeup today?" or "Your nails are uneven. You need to take care of 'em better," or "Huh, what kinda clothing is that?" lol
Chloe: "Ew, what kinda ring is that?" (・∀・)

"What's with the change in style?" (・∀・)

"Meh, your hair always looks the same."
Chloe: Yeah, so what? lol
Korwa: Totally, I get you, Chloe! Those sorta guys seem to think that women stay beautiful 24/7.
Korwa: Or maybe they're just full of themselves and don't realize how insulting they are.
Chloe: But gosh, do they have to mention it every time?
Chloe: Ugh, I can't even!
Korwa: We know how important it is to keep up appearances, and we definitely do try!
Korwa: But there are just times when we need to kick back and relax, you know?
Korwa: And there're days when it's better for our skin to not put on makeup!
Korwa: And no matter how much we take care of our nails, they just chip off sometimes!
Chloe: Not like it's causing 'em any harm anyway, so, like, shut up, right? lol
Lyria: Hahaha.
Vyrn: I see...
Chloe: Trying to be a Mr. Know-it-all and talking down a girl's appearance gets you nowhere.
Korwa: Although it's not so bad if they're not just trash talking and are genuinely trying to offer advice.
Chloe: Yeah, I can totally dig that. 'Cept it's gotta be good advice though. lol
The heated discussion between the two continues.
Korwa: And let's not forget the guys that go like, ugh women, as if they know all about us!
Chloe: I know, right? (´艸`*)
Guys who say that don't know a thing about us girls. lolz
Korwa: And then there're the guys who don't know what it's like picking out a dress for a special date.
Korwa: Like, some guys are all, "Every dress is the same." "There's nothing to decide." "Ugh, women..."
Korwa: You've gotta be kidding me! How can every dress possibly look the same?
Chloe: Ugh, totally, right?
Korwa: Just how insensitive do you have to be to not understand the desire to wear something nice for a special occasion?
Chloe: Totes magotes. lol
Korwa: Guys and girls in a relationship should be more agreeable with each other. But when guys say things like that, it's like they don't care.
Korwa: They'll say things like, Love is all that matters.
Korwa: But I say if you've got so much love, you ought to know what I'm feeling inside!
Chloe: You go, girl! lol
Vyrn: I, um, I think I should get going...
Lyria: Wow, I learned so much!
Vyrn: For real, Lyria?
Korwa: Understanding each other isn't easy, but do it right and it feels so incredibly rewarding.
Korwa: That's why couples who can pull it off tend to live happily ever after.
Chloe: You mean they, like, get married?
Korwa: Right. A wedding dress is so wonderful because it really emphasizes the couple's happiness to come.
Korwa: And I hope to make a lovely wedding dress befitting of that happiness one day.
Korwa: That's why I'm always trying to meet new people and hear their stories. That's where I get so many of my fashion design ideas.
Chloe: No way, Korwa! Your dresses are already totes amaze! I seriously want one!
Lyria: Wow, I want to try one of Korwa's dresses too!
Korwa: I think by the time you two are ready to take your vows and walk down the aisle, I'll be able to create the perfect wedding dress.
Lyria: I can't wait!
Chloe: You can bet I'll be studying up on the perfect bridal makeup until then!
Lyria: Oh, oh! Chloe! Will you do my makeup when it comes time for me to wear Korwa's dress?
Chloe: You got it, Lyrina! I'm sure you'll look cray cray adorbz. lol
Lyria: Ooh, just thinking about it is getting me excited!
Chloe: Lol, I almost forgot I have to find myself a Hottie McHotterson first!
Chloe: But, like, where would I find myself one anyway?
Korwa: Ah, so you like the Hottie McHotterson type of guy, Chloe?
Chloe: Mm, not quite. I'm more of a—oh, look at that! We're out of snacks.
Korwa: Now that you mention it, the tea's getting cold too. I'll go make some more.
Lyria: I'll help!
Chloe: I'll go get some more snacks!
Vyrn: Sigh, I have no idea what they're talking about...
Vyrn leaves the room, confused and bewildered.
As the crew heads towards its next destination...
Chloe and Korwa's cheerful banter, along with Lyria's occasional laughter, continue to brighten up the atmosphere aboard the Grandcypher.