Scenario:Christina - Lash of Love

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Lash of Love

The party arrives at the Jewel Resort Casino Liner to see how Christina is doing. There, a battleship of the Erste Empire suddenly appears. The imperial soldiers say that they are here to inspect the Jewel Resort because their business is doing well. The employees assert that they are not doing anything shady. After a heated argument, a fight soon breaks out. To defend the employees, (Captain) and company join the fight.

Christina takes (Captain) and party to Jewel Resort for a surprise check.
Christina: I see... So you are able to maintain the quality of service here.
Casino Bouncer: Thank you for those kind words, Lady Christy! You’re right, Lady Christy! It is an honor!
Christina: An honor?
Christina: Being able to keep this up is a given! Raise the quality! Don’t let the customers get bored!
Casino Bouncer: Thank you! You are absolutely right! We will try to improve ourselves further!
Vyrn: The guys at the casino are all nice, but I don’t get how they would like being whipped...
Bunny Girl: All the employees of the casino respect Lady Christy! I don’t like being hurt by the whip though...
Christina: Oh? I didn’t think there would be someone who’d say that. I better teach you how a whip can make you feel good.
Lyria: Ahhh!
Vyrn: That was a violent shake! What happened?!
Casino Bouncer: Lady Christy! An imperial battleship has pulled up alongside Jewel Resort!
Christina: What...? What do the dogs of the empire want?!
Imperial Soldier: Freeze! We are under orders of the Erste Empire to defend public morals within our air space!
Christina: So you’ve come to offer your own head. Haha. I commend your courage. I’ll make your death a painless one!
Imperial Soldier: Stay where you are and allow us to conduct the investigation! Or do you want to be banned from flying in the imperial air space?!
Casino Bouncer: We needed to be prepared for this. This investigation is too sudden! We have customers here right now!
Imperial Soldier: If you we let you know our timing, you'll have time to cover up any wrongdoing.
Casino Bouncer: How rude! Our motto is, “Show your guests a good time, and you’ll rake in the cash!”
Casino Bouncer: We swear in Lady Christy’s name that the Jewel Resort has nothing to hide!
Christina: Hmph... Looks like you can shout that at me now, huh? Not bad at all.
Christina: Get out of here, mutts of the empire. I’ll spare your life if you leave now.
Imperial Soldier: We are the ones giving orders! If you interfere with our investigation, you will be seen as traitors and appropriate action will be taken!
Christina: So you’re insistent on interfering with people’s enjoyment... Then it’s time for me to teach you a lesson!
Lyria: Christina! You can’t do this on your own! (Captain), please help!

Lash of Love: Scene 2

After Christina defeats the imperial soldiers, it seems as if the situation has calmed down. That is when Pommern appears. Fearing that the underlings would develop new tastes from Christina’s whip, Pommern brings more underlings to join the fight.

Imperial Soldier: Ugh! The place where I was smacked with the whip still stings...!
Christina: Hahaha! You like that? Addictive, isn’t it?
???: You people! What are you all doing?! You’re late for your report!
Lyria: ...! That voice...!
Imperial Soldier: Gasp! I’m sorry, Captain! The employees are giving us a surprising amount of resistance...
Pommern: Resistance...? That’s not good. Not good at all. Who do they think is allowing them to do business here?!
Christina: The customers, of course. We will never submit to dogs like you.
Pommern: Oh, my... A shameless and vulgar woman. And stupid to top it off!
Pommern: The peace and order of the skies are protected by the imperial army. That’s the only reason why your Casino Liner can fly.
Pommern: It’s a sad state of affairs that you don’t even understand that!
Christina: Gasp! You bark loud for a dog. Do you think you’re at the center of the world? Your yelping is an assault on the ears!
Imperial Soldier: Watch out! That woman...! Captain, please stand down!
Christina: Out of the way!
Imperial Soldier: Oof!
Pommern: Y-You protected me...!
Imperial Soldier: I only did what was right as your underling!
Christina: What is this? Some kind of tear-jerker? Do your little act elsewhere!
Imperial Soldier: Eep!
Christina: Here’s a bonus! Just for you!
Imperial Soldier: Oohlala!
Pommern: A-Are you enjoying this...? T-This is starting to get creepy...
Imperial Soldier: W-What are you saying, Captain Pommern?! I am a proud imperial soldier!
Pommern: T-That’s right! I’m ashamed to have doubted my underling!
Pommern: Before you start going down a weird path, we must defeat that woman!
Imperial Soldier: Yes, sir! Captain Pommern! Captain Pommern!
Vyrn: The dealer lady is in danger! We have to stop the imperial soldiers, (Captain)!
Casino Bouncer: Oh, no! We’ve already received your help earlier, but this will cause the customers to be chased by the empire!
Vyrn: Whatcha talkin’ bout?! We’re already enemies of the empire!
Lyria: And Christina is a friend of ours! Let's go, (Captain)!

Lash of Love: Scene 3

Amid the commotion, an imperial soldier takes a bunny girl hostage. (Captain) and party are forced to freeze in their tracks, but through the teamwork of Christina and the Casino Bouncer, they managed to capture Pommern instead. It seems as if the tables have turned, but Pommern uses a dark crystal to transform into a monstrosity, bringing further chaos.

Pommern: ...! You people...! I didn’t expect to see you here!
Christina: Hm...? That bearded mutt knows the kittens?
Lyria: Well, a lot has happened and it’s the reason why (Captain) and I share our destiny.
Vyrn: I didn’t want to want to see him... But we can’t ignore anyone that brings harm to our friends!
Christina: Geez, you are such a softie. But that part of you is adorable, too.
Pommern: I’ll reeducate you employees of the Casino Liner to never defy the empire ever again!
Christina: Hahaha! What a stupid joke that is. I’m the one who will reeducate you!
Pommern: Blargh!
Christina: Come on. You’re a dog - you don't stand on two legs. Kneel before me!
Pommern: Ahhh! That really hurts! Stop it this instant!
Imperial Soldier: That's right! Freeze!
Bunny Girl: Ahhhhh!
Vyrn: What?! L-Look...! He took the bunny lady hostage!
Imperial Soldier: If you don’t want to see this employee get hurt, just accept the investigation!
Christina: ...
Bunny Girl: Y-You’re talking crazy! Lady Christy! Don’t mind me and just beat them up!
Christina: You shut up. Protecting the slave is a master’s job.
Bunny Girl: No... It’s all my fault...
Imperial Soldier: All right, now stay calm, all right? Bring us your accounting books! We will confiscate it as part of our investigation!
Casino Bouncer: What?! The accounting books?! What is the meaning of this!
Pommern: Business is good on the Casino Liner, don’t you think? I’m checking to see if you have any illegal channels of funds!
Christina: So you’ll alter the books to frame us with crimes we didn’t commit, and then confiscate all the assets of the Casino Liner...
Christina: Public morals and peace, my butt! If you’re just looking to line your pockets, make a gamble fair and square!
Imperial Soldier: You...! Be quiet...! That is a false accusation!
Christina: You’re the ones falsely accusing us!
Imperial Soldier: What?!
Christina: Come on!
Vyrn: Wow, that looks like it hurt! Hey, does the guard guy envy that? Wait, what?! Where’d he go?
Casino Bouncer: Raaagh!
Pommern: Wha...?! What are you doing?!
While all eyes are focused on Christina and the imperial soldier, the casino bouncer puts Pommern in a grappling hold.
Casino Bouncer: You there! Let go of my co-worker! Or else your boss will be...
Pommern: Hehehe...
Casino Bouncer: What’s so funny?!
Pommern: What a fool you are... You don’t even know the situation you are in!
Casino Bouncer: Hah?! W-What do you look like?!
Pommern: You are a real eyesore!
Casino Bouncer: Gaaaaaaaah!
Bunny Girl: Noooo! S-Stop, please!
Christina: You...! You hurt my slaves...!
Christina: You’ve made me mad now! (Captain), don’t stop me! I will kick him out of my ship personally!
Pommern: Go ahead and try!

Lash of Love: Scene 4

(Captain) and party has defeated Pommern. Pommern grinds his teeth at another defeat. Christina’s ruthless whip cracks on him. The imperial army is forced to retreat here, but the employees feared that they would be back. However, they made up their mind to protect the casino on their own. Showing that they have grown and matured, Christina gives a satisfied smile.

Pommern: I-Impossible...! There... is no way I would lose again!
Imperial Soldier: C-Captain Pommern! Gah... You’ll live to regret this!
Christina: Hold it! This is a gift!
Imperial Soldier: Ooh! That feels... so good!
Christina: Hahahaha!
Pommern: Reeeeeeee! Please spare me!
Christina: Now for the finisher! When you’re satisfied, don’t ever show your ugly face to me ever again!
Imperial Soldier: Eek!
Pommern: Ugh...! Y-You’ll live to regret this! You got that?!
The battleship with the imperial soldiers and Pommern retreats from Jewel Resort.
Bunny Girl: Waaaah! I was so scared! W-Will they be back?
Casino Bouncer: Probably... I doubt they’ll give up with this...
Bunny Girl: We managed to survive only because Lady Christy was here today...
Bunny Girl: Lady Christy! Jewel Resort needs you! Please come back to us!
Christina: Hmph... Even if I did return, I won’t help you next time. You’ll have to find a way out on your own.
Bunny Girl: B-But why?!
Casino Bouncer: I understand, Lady Christy.
Bunny Girl: What?!
Casino Bouncer: Did you forget? Lady Christy left Jewel Resort because of our insufficient abilities.
Casino Bouncer: It is outrageous to ask Lady Christy to return because of our own faults.
Bunny Girl: B-But...
Casino Bouncer: Lady Christy, please watch! Your slaves will live up to your expectations!
Christina: You got a good face on you now. Don’t turn those words into lies!
Casino Bouncer: Yes, ma’am!
Being seen off by the employees, (Captain) and Christina return to Grandcypher.
Christina: Heh...
Christina: What is it, little kitten? You’re making a slovenly grin. Hm? I’m the one that looks happy?
Christina: Oh, little kitten... You’re so uncouth in the strangest ways. You need to be disciplined!
Christina: Haha... That was an adorable cry and expression. You’ve giving me chills up my spine... Very well. I forgive you.
Christina: Well... You’re right that today was not a bad day. The slaves showed some backbone.
Christina: Haha... They had good eyes on them. As expected from my slaves. I can’t wait how they will turn out when I see them next!
Christina treats her slaves of love harshly, but full of love.
Being in love with her charms, the employees of the Casino Liner will surely put their full efforts into their work.