Scenario:Christina - Queen's Decision

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Queen's Decision

(Captain) and company had come to the Jewel Resort Casino Liner. Christina was at her table, playing a fun game of poker when trouble started brewing. Some men started to get violent, but our heroes worked together with the casino employees to get the situation (and the men) under control. Christina blamed the cause of the uproar on her employees’ immaturity. In order to foster her employees’ growth, she left the casino and joined (Captain)’s order.

During their travels, (Captain) and company paid a visit to the Jewel Resort Casino Liner.
Christina: Alright, it’s a showdown! Get ready to show your hand.
Vyrn: Whoa! That’s a great hand, (Captain)! You’ve totally got this round!
Guest: ...
Christina: What’s wrong...? I don’t like scum. Now show me your hand.
Guest: Hah...
Vyrn: What?!? You got a royal flush?! That’s the best hand possible...!
Lyria: I-I have no idea what’s going on, but... you lost, huh?
Christina: Did you think washing your body would hide that stench of yours? You’re too soft!
Guest: What are you trying to say...?
Christina: Having trouble understanding plain English, are you? Or are you trying to play dumb...? Either way, you’re a dull little piggy.
Christina: I can see right through all your little cheap tricks!
Christina: Did you really think you could come to my table... no, to my Jewel Resort... And break the rules?
Guest: Hahahahaha!!!
Guest: And here I was just going to make up for my loss the other day and leave it at that...
Guest: But nothing ever goes right for me at your table! Get out here, boys!!!
Roughneck: ...
Vyrn: Did he anticipate this?! Is that why he brought his minions with him?!
Vyrn: Hey, dealer lady! You sure you’ve got a handle on him?!
Christina: Pipe down, little lizard. No amount of little fish can hope to take me on.
Christina: However... Servants... The fact that you allowed such an uncouth person inside... means you need to be re-educated.
Guest: Christina! Act tough all you want! It won’t last!!!
Lyria: Please don’t get violent! Losing just means you have bad luck!!!
Guest: What do you want, kid?! You’re in my way!!!
Lyria: !!!
Guest: OWWW!!!
Christina: Hmph... Not only do you step foot inside my Jewel Resort with your filthy feet, but you dare lay a hand on a dear guest...
Guest: Ack! How dare you, Christina!!!
Christina: ??? What’re you yelling about now, scum? I’m simply making sure that my guests will not be dirtied.
Guest: EEEK!!!
Vyrn: Whoa... She hit him with her shoe... That must have hurt...
Casino Bouncer: I-I’m so jealous...! Wait, no I’m not! Lady Christy! Dear guests!!! Are you hurt?!
Christina: Took you long enough! What were you DOING, blockhead?!
Christina: Did you mistake my Jewel Resort for a trash can? This is no place for filthy scum!
Casino Bouncer: P-Please forgive us, Lady Christy...!!!
Guest: T-Trying to do a number on me, are you...?! Boys, pummel this cheeky woman and crush her precious casino!!!
Christina: Hmph... You think I’d let a small fry such as yourself do whatever he wants? Bouncers, it’s time to redeem yourselves!
Casino Bouncer: Yes, Lady Christy!!!
Vyrn: Alright! (Captain), let’s give Ms. Dealer Lady a hand!
Thanks to the joint efforts of Christy, her casino employees, and (Captain) and friends, the ruffians were driven off of the casino liner.
Vyrn: Whew... Now we can relax! Nice work, (Captain)!
Christina: Kitten... I’m sorry I put you through that dull charade at my table...
Christina: Servants... Care to explain that bit of clumsiness...?
Casino Bouncer: Well... I, um...
  1. It’s because you’re so reliable, Christina
  2. This kind of thing's never happened...

Choose: It’s because you’re so reliable, Christina
Christina: Well, well, kitten... You’re pretty sharp. You’ve got me convinced...
Christina: Because I always insisted on running every little thing, I neglected honing my servants’ sense of judgment. I overlooked it completely.
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Choose: This kind of thing's never happened...
Christina: Hmm... That’s an interesting opinion. You’re right. There’s never been such a huge incident in the Jewel Resort before.
Christina: Thanks, of course, to my servants’ hard work... But you know what they say: relaxing in the warm water dulls the senses.
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Casino Bouncer: We weren’t devoted enough! It’s our fault you got mud on your face, Lady Christy... Please, give us more lessons...!
Christina: I could teach you over and over and it wouldn’t do any good. You would just beg for more.
Christina: That’s why I will be leaving the Jewel Resort for a while.
Casino Bouncer: Wh-what did you say?! Please don’t! Please, Lady Christy! Without you, this casino liner will...!
Christina: The fact that you’re panicking now is all the more proof that I’ve been soft on you! You’ve become dull little servants.
Casino Bouncer: Lady Christy...!
Casino Bouncer: Understood... We, your loyal servants, will mature with finesse and grace!
Christina: Hmph... You’ve got a better look on your face already. It’s not half bad.
Christina: Now then, kitten... I do believe I’ve yet to thank you.
Lyria: Oh, don’t worry about it! We’re just glad no one got hurt! Right, (Captain)?
Christina: But it’s not fair for only one side to profit from this. It goes against my motto.
Christina: I won’t compromise on this. That’s why I’m joining your order, kitten.
Christina: You kittens are sweeter than sugar. You need an owner who can look out for you when you go wandering off into danger, don’t you think?
  1. You’re exactly right, ma’am!
  2. You, own US...?

Choose: You’re exactly right, ma’am!
Christina: Hahaha! I’m not one to disappoint, so I’ll train you up real good, kitten.
Christina: No need to worry. I’m great with cats... But you knew that, didn’t you, kitten?
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Choose: You, own US...?
Christina: Hm? You want to be MY owner, kitten?
Christina: Hahaha! I’d like to see that... Grow into a responsible adult that can put a leash on me.
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Casino Bouncer: They’ll be with Lady Christy all day and all night... I’m so jealous...! Wait, no I’m not!!!
Casino Bouncer: Please, we beg of you, look after Lady Christy for us. We’re counting on you, dear guests!!!
Lyria: Sure! Of course! Welcome aboard, Christy!
Christina: Hahaha! This little lady’s just like you, kitten. Thanks for having me.
Christina: Now then, kitten...! Escort me to your Airship!
Vyrn: Good grief... Now we’ve got another scary lady friend in the books! But I guess she does seem pretty reliable!
And so, (Captain) invited Christy, the queen of the Jewel Resort, to the Order.
This competent Empress would use her beauty and strength to gain even more servants... Uhh, maybe.