Scenario:Clarisse - Carefree Bomber Girl

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Carefree Bomber Girl

The party had undertaken a monster hunting mission. A girl named Clarisse appeared before them as a helper. Clarisse and the party raised a glass in celebration of having defeated the monstersWhen told of the party's journey, Clarisse asked (Captain) if she could join the party on its journey.

Vyrn: Ugh... Still? That helper?
Lyria: You're late for your appointment... Did you get lost on the way?
Our heroes undertook a mission to exterminate monsters that were running rampant on a mountain in an island.
However, there seemed to be more monsters than usual, and our heroes changed their plan to going to the mountain only after joining with a helper.
Vyrn: I thought you would never make it... I was going to go on up ahead...
Lyria: Huh? What about that person behind you?
???: Who is it?
  1. Who?
  2. You're late

Choose: Who?
???: Whoooo iiiiiis iiiiiit? Hehehe.
Lyria: Um, excuse me... Who are you, really?
Clarisse: Hahaa! Actually, the real reason is because I am Clarisse, the genius alchemist beauty! Hello!
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Choose: You're late
???: What? Are you feeling crabby? Maybe she’s just at that age when it’s hard to be pleased?
Lyria: Um... Who might you be?
???: Hey! Sorry! I didn't introduce myself.
Clarisse: I am Clarisse, the genius alchemist beauty! Hello!
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Vyrn: What the heck... You are a monster hunt helper, girlie?
Clarisse: Yes! Oh? Who did you think would show up?
Vyrn: Well, since you’re supposed to be a helper, I figured you would be someone who looked a little stronger than that...
Clarisse: Oh. It’s true that at first glance I look like just a sweet beautiful little girl.
Lyria: So... You are going to be our only helper, Miss Clarisse?
Clarisse: Wouldn't it be too noisy to have two or three people like me along?
Vyrn: (I wonder if she is aware of how noisy she herself is?)
Clarisse: Well, all hands are accounted for... Let’s get down to the business of monster hunting! Um...
Lyria: I-I’m Lyria! This is Vyrn.
Lyria: And this is (Captain), the Captain of our Order.
Clarisse: Okay! To the extent that I was late, I will work just as hard!
Vyrn: Aah! Hey! Wait! I’ll go, too! (Captain)!
Monster: Grrrr...
Clarisse: Hahaha, oh my! There are so many of them!
Lyria: And they all seem so strong!
Vyrn: Wh-what do we do, There are more than we thought... Maybe we should regroup...
Clarisse: I'm telling you, it’s fine! Try not to get caught up yourselves!
Vyrn: Huh? What are you saying?
Clarisse: There!
Vyrn: You... What are you doing now...
Clarisse: All right!
Lyria: Whoa... Just like that, the monsters...
Clarisse: Aw yeah! I'm all fired up! Kaboom! Kaboom!
Using a mysterious technique, Clarisse blew up the monsters one by one.
Suddenly the presence of monsters nearby could no longer be felt...
Clarisse: All right! That's most of 'em!
Vyrn: Even the mountain has vanished without a trace!
Lyria: Whoa... We might get in trouble for this later...
Clarisse: We’ll be fine. I already cleared it with the client!
Clarisse: You know? The client’s intent was to develop this area, so I cleared it for him...
Clarisse: Oh! I found a leftover monster!
Clarisse: Let’s wrap up our mission and then have a party together in celebration! How about that? (Captain)?
Vyrn: Hey! Again all on her own...
Lyria: We will help you, Miss Clarisse! (Captain)!
Lyria: We have to keep Miss Clarisse from getting carried away!
Clarisse: Thank you for your hard work!
Lyria: Thank you for your hard work!
Vyrn: Ugh... How did we get stuck with this...?
The party safely completed its mission, dragged along by Clarisse, and raised a toast in celebration.
Clarisse: I think fate brought us together after all!
Clarisse: Here we always have tea together whenever we complete a mission.
Lyria: Really?! That sounds like fun!
Clarisse: It is fun! You can talk to lots of different people about a variety of things!
Clarisse: I grew up in a pretty isolated home, so I like hearing about lots of new things!
Vyrn: So... What was it that you did, exactly, when we were hunting monsters?
Clarisse: Oh, that? I used my alchemy. Though it was a bit unorthodox.
Lyria: Alchemy...?
Clarisse: Yeah! I couldn't do it quite properly.
Clarisse: It always comes to a halt while it’s underway... Right before I can cause a transformation into a different substance, it changes into an unstable state.
Clarisse: If left in that unstable state, the substances collapse and then explode.
Clarisse: Sorry! Sorry! Sorry for talking about something so dull!
Lyria: Um... It’s not boring, but a little hard to understand...
Clarisse: Definitely! It was all gibberish to me too at first...
Clarisse: Because my ancestor was the sister of the founder of alchemy, I too was brought up to be an alchemist...
Clarisse: Because I was trying to be like the founder of alchemy, that house...
Clarisse: Uh, nevermind! It’s bad to talk about something so dark!
Clarisse: Okay, now it’s my turn to ask questions. Why are you all traveling?
Vyrn: We are journeying to the Island of the Astrals!
Clarisse: The Island of the Astrals?
Though they were in hiding with the Empire in pursuit, the party went ahead and gave an overview of their journey.
Clarisse: W-Wow!!! That is so interesting! It really is! Can I go with you?
Vyrn: Huh?! Where did that come from, all of a sudden?
Lyria: So why would you want to travel with us, Miss Clarisse?
Clarisse: Well, it is not for no reason...
Clarisse: I am looking for someone... My family wants me to find that person and return with them...
Clarisse: I would probably just get in the way... No matter what...
Vyrn: Don't talk nonsense!
Clarisse: I’m up for it! So, please? Could you take me with you on your journey?
  1. Sure thing
  2. There are conditions

Choose: Sure thing
Clarisse: YAAAY! Thank you! (Captain)!
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Choose: There are conditions
Clarisse: Conditions? If it’s not something too bothersome...
Vyrn: It seems like (Captain) would also like for Clarisse to complete the goals of her own journey.
Clarisse: Is that so... Then I’ll do my best!
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Clarisse: I, a genius alchemist beauty, look forward to traveling with you!
Thus the alchemist Clarisse was welcomed into the fellowship by (Captain) and company.
However, Clarisse's tension would remain an issue.