Scenario:Clarisse - Facing Fate

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Facing Fate

As (Captain)’s party waited for their client, Clarisse reads the letter she received from home. She makes a troubled expression and then rips it to shreds. Lyria worries for Clarisse but Clarisse simply shakes it off. Just then, the client appears being chased by soldiers.

One night... (Captain) and company are waiting on a street corner for their client.
Clarisse is reading a letter under a dim light.
Clarisse: *Sigh*...
Lyria: Hmm? What's wrong, Clarisse? I’ve never seen you sigh like that.
Clarisse: Hmm? Oh no... It’s nothing! Nothing at all!
Clarisse smiles and rips apart the letter she was holding.
Lyria: Hey! Isn’t that a letter? You didn’t have to rip it up...
Clarisse: Don’t worry about it! It’s just complaints from back home!
Lyria: You mean, it was a letter from your family? Then even more reason to-...
Clarisse: It’s fine, really! Anyway. What was it? Oh right. Are they here yet? That client you were talking about.
Vyrn: Nah... I don’t see anyone yet.
Vyrn: More like, it’s too dark. I can’t even see that far.
Clarisse: It does sound a little strange though, setting up this meeting in the middle of the night.
Clarisse: So, Lyria. What kind of quest was this?
Lyria: Oh, um... The client says she wants us to protect her from dangers, or something.
Vyrn: In other words, we’re hired bodyguards. But why meet us so late...? *Yawn*
Clarisse: Uh oh. Vryn, Vryn! I don’t think this is the right time to fall asleep!
Vyrn: Why...? Did our client finally come?
Clarisse: Looks like it! And she brought us some extra!
Lyria: Extra?
Client: Excuse me! You are the skyfarers who took on my quest, yes?
Vyrn: That’s right! It looks like you’re in a bit of a pinch...
Vyrn: Huh?! What is this?! What’s going on?!
Clarisse: They’re here! And it’s a big party!
Soldier: Ugh... What are these guys? Hired agents?
Clarisse: Well then, everyone? Shall we begin what we were hired to do?

Facing Fate: Scene 2

To take their client to safety, (Captain) and company decide to run into the forest. They try to ask the client what was going on, but she doesn’t give them a clear reason. Just then, a soldier who calls the client someone’s daughter appears, followed by a monster from the forest.

(Captain) and company repel the many soldiers who had been chasing their client.
To get away from their pursuers, the party escapes into the forest at the edge of town.
Client: Thank you, so much. I thought they were going to capture me.
Vyrn: So... Why are you being chased around? Did you do something bad?
Vyrn: Setting up a nighttime meeting is suspicious enough. I don’t want to be a bodyguard for the bad guys.
Client: That’s because, well... I didn’t do anything bad, but um... I can’t quite explain the details and...
Vyrn: ...
Clarisse: There there! She’s gonna pay us real well, right? Let’s not get too into the details, okay?
Client: H-here you go! Um... This is the reward I prepared for you.
Client: I-is it enough?
Vyrn: Um, this is more than enough! Are you sure you want to pay us this much?
Client: Oh good... I wasn’t quite sure of the going rate but I’m glad it wasn’t too little.
Clarisse: Ah hah... I think I get it!
Clarisse: Dear miss client of ours, it seems we may have something in common.
Client: Huh? Uh... What do you mean?
Clarisse: Hm? Well, it seems you are...
Soldier 1: I’ve found her! Master! Your daughter is over here!
Lyria: Huh? Daughter...?
Client: ...
Vyrn: Wait, what’s going on? Those guys who were after you... Are they...?
Client: Eek!
Clarisse: Now that we’re in the forest, we have to keep our guard up!
Clarisse: We’ll talk about it more later. First, we blow up those guys chasing us and these monsters all at once!

Facing Fate: Scene 3

(Captain) and company find out that the soldiers who were chasing her were agents which had been hired by her father. Just then, one of the agents appears and tells them that the client’s father was surrounded by monsters. The client isn’t sure what to do but Clarisse explains to her about her similar situation. After talking it through, the client makes her resolve and requests the crew to help her father.

Soldier 1: Damn! Where did she go?!
Soldier 2: No, we have to retreat for now! There are too many monsters here...!
Monster: Grrooar!!!
Soldier 2: Eep?!
Soldier 1: Damn you...! We must protect our Master!
Clarisse: Haha... It doesn’t look like they can follow us anymore.
Client: Oh... I see... Um... Was anyone hurt?
Clarisse: Maybe a few here and there? We were going pretty easy on them, so I don’t think anyone’s hurt that badly.
Vyrn: Hey... I don’t think it’d hurt to tell us what’s going on.
Client: ...
Client: Well actually, um... I got in a fight with my father and I... I ran away from home.
The soldiers that had been after the client were agents hired by her father and ordered to bring her back home.
Client: I actually belong to a well-known merchant family and my father really wants me to take over the business but...
Client: I have my own dreams, too. But my father just won’t listen.
Lyria: So that’s why you decided to run away from home by hiring some bodyguards?
Clarisse: ...
Client: I don’t want to do what my father says anymore!
Soldier 3: Help! Please help!
Vyrn: You’re...! Those guys who were after us!
Soldier 3: W-wait! We won’t fight! This isn’t the time to be fighting!
Clarisse: Looks like they might be in some trouble. What’s wrong?
Soldier 3: Our employer had asked us to bring him along, so we did as we were told...
Soldier 3: Then, we got surrounded by monsters and it was more than we could handle. We barely escaped with our lives but...
Client: Father...! Is he in danger?!
Soldier 3: Yes, young lady! Please, I beg you! Won’t you lend us a hand?
Clarisse: But this situation could be your chance, you know? You can get away from your father if you leave those monsters to it.
Client: Wha?!
Clarisse: I’m kidding. Don’t worry, I’m not that cold-hearted, silly.
Clarisse: You see, I’m actually on the same boat. I haven’t been getting along with my parents either.
Clarisse: Can you believe it? Here we are, telling everyone how proud we are to be of the Matriarch’s bloodline...
Clarisse: And they send me off to kill her... Our very own ancestor.
Lyria: Your ancestor? Wait, I don’t get it... So this ancestor is still alive?
Clarisse: There’s a lot of other things, too. But for the time being, I decided to set out on this journey like they told me. In actuality, I’m just using it as an excuse.
Clarisse: Every time they send me a letter, it’s always complaints about this and that... I haven’t talked to them in a long time.
Client: ...
Clarisse: But now, I’m starting to think it’s all stupid! You’ve made me realize it, watching you and your father.
Clarisse: There’s no way you could understand each other without talking about it first.
Clarisse: If I wanted my parents to understand what I was feeling, I can’t just run away.
Clarisse: When you look at it from an outsider's perspective, it becomes so simple. It’s so strange how difficult it was to realize these things.
Client: ...
Client: Um... I’d like to change my request. Would it be okay...?
Clarisse: Yes, what do you need?
Client: I promise to pay more. So please... Save my father!
Vyrn: We would’ve done it even if you didn’t ask! Right?! (Captain)!
Lyria: He's right! Let’s hurry! (Captain)!
Soldier 3: I’ll lead the way! Over there! Follow me!
Clarisse: Well... Maybe it might take a little more time for them to understand each other.
Clarisse: Looks like it’s my turn to whip out everything I’ve got! Watch as your very own beautiful alchemist, Clarisse puts on the show!

Facing Fate: Scene 4

(Captain)’s party safely rescued the client’s father from the horde of monsters. Clarisse bids farewell to the client who had made her decision to talk with her family. Seeing this, Clarisse writes a letter back home to let them know how she felt as well.

(Captain)’s party safely rescued the client’s father from the horde of monsters.
Clarisse was able to bid farewell to the client, who had made a firm resolve to face her family.
Clarisse: Hey, (Captain)! I want to send out a letter when we get to the next island. Can we stop by a Knickknack Shack there?
Lyria: A letter to your family?
Clarisse: Yep! I had so much to say, it got really long!
Clarisse: But I was able to write down everything I was thinking. Now to wait for how those stubborn people respond...
Lyria: Haha... It’d be interesting to see what kind of letter you get next.
Clarisse: So true! What will they say? Ooh, I’m getting excited already!
With that, Clarisse raises the envelope she poured her heart into.
It may have been a slow start, but the conversation would eventually smooth out the friction.