Scenario:Clarisse - Proof of Determination

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Proof of Determination

Clarisse wants to return home to tell her parents that she will decide her own future, and the crew agrees to accompany her back. Before they leave for Clarisse's home, Clarisse asks Cagliostro to transmute for her a new outfit to show that she is serious about her intentions.

Clarisse: Yeah, I can't just leave it like this... I've got to tell it to them straight.
Clarisse: But then again, if it doesn't work out... That'd be sooo awkward...
Clarisse paces about the deck of the Grandcypher by herself, lost in thought.
Clarisse: Nnn... nnn... nnn...
Clarisse: Aaagh! That does it! I can't take this kind of deep thinking stuff anymore!
Clarisse: I just gotta do what I do best! Charge in with a kapow!
Clarisse: Okay! First I'm gonna give Master Cags and (Captain) a heads up.
Clarisse: Hey, hey. Is it all right if I talk to you guys for a sec?
Cagliostro: Huh? What is it? You seem unusually restrained...
Any version of Cagliostro is a crew member

Cagliostro. Founder of the alchemical arts. Having transmuted her very own body numerous times, she has lived through millennia uncounted.
It was only a few days earlier that the crew had a run-in with the Alchemist Guild of Helmuth.
This organization of alchemists had been plotting to seal away Cagliostro, but the crew wasn't about to let that happen.
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No version of Cagliostro in crew

Cagliostro. Founder of the alchemical arts. Having transmuted her very own body numerous times, she has lived through millennia uncounted.
But a series of events led to her being sealed away among remote ruins.
(Captain) and company happened to undo the seal by chance, and she's been traveling with them ever since.
Before long they encountered the Alchemist Guild of Helmuth.
This organization of alchemists had been plotting to seal away Cagliostro, but the crew wasn't about to let that happen.
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Clarisse turns out to be a direct descendant of Cagliostro's sister, and through many twists and turns, they establish a relationship of master and apprentice.
Clarisse: Um... I was thinking about going back home again. So, you know, would it be all right if I leave for a while?
Cagliostro: You want to go back again? Where's this coming from all of a sudden? Did something happen?
Clarisse: No, it's just that things were kinda crazy the last time I saw my parents, and we didn't really get the chance to have a good chat.
Clarisse: But things'll be different this time. I hope.
Clarisse: I think this is gonna be the best chance I get to tell them exactly what's on my mind!
Clarisse: That I swear never to hunt down Master Cag—er, the founder.
Clarisse: I've made up my mind about my purpose. I won't be stuck following my family's ways or whatever anymore!
Cagliostro: ...
Clarisse: That's why I need to go back again...
Cagliostro: Then take me with you.
Clarisse: Huh? Why?
Cagliostro: Given your family's lineage, my sister might've left behind clues or research notes at your house.
Cagliostro: There could be something in them about existential dissolution.
Clarisse was able to awaken her ability to use an alchemic technique called existential dissolution during the party's clash with the Guild of Helmuth.
It has the potential to reduce all of creation to nothing—an unparalleled power that has one major problem.
Cagliostro: For now that power of yours is fueled in part by your instincts.
Cagliostro: The dangers of using it are unavoidable since you can't control it.
Clarisse: Mm...
Cagliostro: I want to prepare a backup plan in case we ever get caught in a worst-case scenario.
Cagliostro: It might be alchemy, but still it's out my area of expertise.
Cagliostro: That's why you're taking me with you.
  1. I can't let you two go alone.
  2. We'll hold the fort here.

Choose: I can't let you two go alone.
Clarisse: Uh... Why not?
Vyrn: Hello? Have you forgotten about a little something called the Guild of Helmuth? They're waiting to pick you off if you go back alone.
Clarisse: Oh. I guess you could say that...
Lyria: Vyrn's right! That's why I also think it's a bad idea if just the two of you go.
Clarisse: But I have to tell my parents somehow...
Lyria: I know. And that's why we're all coming with you!
(Captain) nods.
Clarisse: Are you sure about this? I mean, this doesn't really have anything to do with you guys, right? I can't imagine you'd get mixed up in this for me—
Vyrn: Oh, please, don't worry 'bout that! We're your buddies!
Lyria: What Vyrn said! It's not like we can stay calm waiting here for you anyway.
Clarisse: Thanks, everyone.
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Choose: We'll hold the fort here.
Clarisse: Thanks, (Captain)! Well, I guess we'll be—
Cagliostro: Aww, [;nickname]... Come with us!
Cagliostro: I'd feel all tense going alone with Clarisse, not to mention lonely!
Cagliostro: Catch my drift?
Cagliostro leans in close and stares (Captain) right in the face.
Vyrn: Uh... You're up to something, aren't you?
Cagliostro: Don't be ridiculous.
Cagliostro: I just want a few good people I can trust with me if anything happens. That's all.
Cagliostro: Our enemies aren't just going to show up when we expect them to. They're tricky like that.
Lyria: We're expecting them?
Cagliostro: Yep. Think about it. We're about to head into enemy territory. Who knows what we might run into.
Cagliostro: So won't you come with us, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods.
Cagliostro: You're such a dear, (Captain)!
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Vyrn: Great! Let's get going!
Clarisse: Yeah! I'll show you the way!
Clarisse: Oh, I almost forgot! Can I ask you something, Master?
Cagliostro: What now?
Clarisse: Well, it's more of a favor actually. I...
Clarisse leans in and whispers into Cagliostro's ear.
Cagliostro: I see. That's fine. Come to my room.
Clarisse: Thank you!
Cagliostro walks back to her room with Clarisse following behind, as if they'd been friends forever.
Lyria: They still haven't left the room...
Vyrn: Yeah. The heck are they doin' in there?
Daylight fades as the hours wane.
Lyria: Yipes!
Clarisse: (Captain)! Look, look, you guys!
Clarisse bursts through the door and onto the deck in her new ensemble, giving a little twirl.
Clarisse: How do I look? Isn't it great?
Lyria: Yes, it's wonderful!
  1. It's cute.
  2. It fits you to a T.

Choose: It's cute.
Clarisse: Cute? Ooh, don't say it again, or you'll make me blush.
Clarisse: I was only going for something I thought you'd think was cool-looking, but...
Clarisse: Guess there's just no helping my cuteness!
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Choose: It fits you to a T.
Clarisse: I know, right? It's bursting with style!
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Vyrn: Where'd you get those duds anyway?
Clarisse: Cagliostro transmuted them for me.
Vyrn: Transmuted?
Cagliostro: Yep. Clarisse wants to end things on her own terms.
Cagliostro: She said she wanted to be a new person. So I transmuted something special for her.
Cagliostro lets out a heavy breath and steps out of the room.
Cagliostro: Consider it a gift for striking out on your own.
Cagliostro: And you did rescue me from those guild fanatics after all...
Vyrn: Ah...
Vyrn: By the way, you look a bit tired. Is something wrong?
Cagliostro: I wasn't expecting her to ask for so many little details when I agreed to make it for her.
Cagliostro takes another deep breath.
Cagliostro: I should've known better. My sister's intransigence was terrifying.
Cagliostro: Seriously, why does Clarisse take after her in the worst ways possible...
Cagliostro gripes, but she does so with a delighted grin.
Cagliostro: How's the fit, Clarisse?
Clarisse: It fits perfectly! Thank you, Master!
Clarisse: I'm gonna work extra hard from now on!
Clarisse turns to Cagliostro and lowers her head in respect.
Cagliostro: Hm...
Clarisse looks back up somewhat sheepishly. She takes a deep breath as if trying to gather her thoughts.
Clarisse: I'll be making my own choices from here on out. Everything'll be my decision...
Clarisse: I wanted to make that clear to you as the new Clarisse. That's why I said I'm gonna work extra hard!
Cagliostro: Hah. Whatever happens, you're still my apprentice. That will never change.
Clarisse: Yeah! Okay, switching topics, let's go crash at my house!
With a nod from (Captain), the Grandcypher diverts course for Clarisse's hometown.
Clarisse has chosen the path she wishes to pursue.
There's no telling if she's made the right decision at this point.
But there's not a single trace of doubt on her face.