Scenario:Claudia - Traveling Maid

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Traveling Maid

At the Knickknack Shack, the crew meets Claudia, who's dressed as a maid. She wants someone found but at first has reservations because (Captain) is a child. However, her weakness for pretty girls causes her to change her tune when she sees Lyria.

One day the crew reports to the Knickknack Shack after completing a mission.
Sierokarte: Well met, everyone! Perfect timing!
Sierokarte: There's actually someone here I'd like to introduce to you guys.
???: ...
Katalina: What do you mean?
Sierokarte: Oh, she was saying something about wanting help finding someone...
Sierokarte: But I almost forgot! Those spare parts you guys ordered for your airship arrived!
Sierokarte: They should be around here somewhere... But wait a second. I think I accidentally left them back in the storeroom.
Lyria: I'll go get them! It wouldn't do to keep other people waiting.
Sierokarte: Sorry about that. They should be in a small brown wooden box.
Lyria: Got it! Let's go, Vyrn!
Vyrn: What? You mean I have to go too?
Lyria: Of course! And hurry up!
Vyrn: Fine... But don't run! You'll trip!
Sierokarte: Now about that request, Claudia...
???: ...
Sierokarte: Um... Claudia?
Claudia: ...
Katalina: Huh? I think she might be sleeping.
Claudia: Wha! Um... Where am I?
Sierokarte: You okay, Claudia? The skyfarers I was telling you about are here.
Claudia: Oh... Sorry. I was getting bored, so I had a little catnap.
Katalina: You call that a catnap? It looked like you were completely asleep to me, even though you were standing with your eyes open.
Claudia: No... I assure you that it was just a nap. No true maid would ever sleep on the job.
Katalina: But—
Claudia: It was just a nap. Definitely a nap. No doubt about it.
Katalina: Huh?
Claudia: Um... I fear I haven't introduced myself yet.
Claudia: My name is Claudia. I work as a maid at a castle.
Claudia: But I recently left the castle with another maid to search for the runaway lady of the castle.
Claudia: Unfortunately that silly girl got lost in no time, so now I'm looking for people to help me find both her and the lady.
Sierokarte: And that means teaming up with someone like (Captain), who travels around a lot, would be your best option!
Claudia: Say... are you the captain of this crew?
Katalina: No... (Captain) here is.
Claudia: This kid? I don't mean to be rude, but you can't be serious. If this is meant to be a joke, it's not funny.
  1. You sound rude whether you mean it or not.
  2. But most people laugh...

Choose: You sound rude whether you mean it or not.

Claudia: So you are the captain? In that case you're quite a reckless little group of kids.
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Choose: But most people laugh...

Claudia: I guess I'm going to have to withdraw my offer. I'm not the sort of fool who laughs at jokes that aren't funny.

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Katalina: Still, I'm surprised at how rude you've been up until now. You don't seem like you're very serious about finding people to help you.
Lyria: Siero! Are these the spare parts for our airship?
Vyrn: It took forever to find them thanks to Lyria checking out literally everything...
Claudia: ...!
Claudia: Please permit me just one question. Is that pretty blue-haired girl a member of your crew as well?
Katalina: She is. But why do you ask?
Claudia: You should have told me earlier!
Katalina: What?
Claudia: I've changed my mind. (Captain), would you let me travel with you after all?
Katalina: Excuse me? But you didn't want to have anything to do with us a moment ago. What are you planning?
Claudia: Nothing. Absolutely nothing to be at all ashamed of.
Claudia: Please accept my humblest apologies for my thoughtless words before.
Lyria: What? So these aren't the spare parts?
Sierokarte: Sorry... I guess I wasn't clear enough.
Lyria: Oh dear...
Claudia: But don't get the wrong idea. It's not like I have any ulterior motives related to that beautiful young woman or anything like that... Hee-hee...
Katalina: Um... So what was that weird little laugh just now all about?
Sierokarte: Well... Claudia does have slightly unusual tastes.
Claudia: Now don't go giving them the wrong idea, Sierokarte. My tastes are not at all improper.
Claudia: People have been fascinated with beautiful women since ancient times...
Claudia: So my tastes are not at all unusual. You could even call them boring.
  1. You seem sort of predatory...
  2. Welcome to the group.

Choose: You seem sort of predatory...

Claudia: Please don't worry. I've been able to get along fine in spite of my tastes for a long time now.
Claudia: I am perfectly able to control myself. You need not worry yourself over me... Hee-hee.
Katalina: Are you sure we can trust anyone who giggles like that, Captain?
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Choose: Welcome to the group.

Claudia: Thank you, (Captain).
Claudia: You can leave the cleaning and washing to me, especially when it comes to more delicate items of clothing... Hee-hee.
Katalina: Are you sure we can trust anyone who giggles like that, Captain?
Vyrn: What do you mean? She's already volunteered to do the washing, so she must be all right!
Lyria: Yeah! Cleaning and washing... You seem really dependable, Claudia!

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Claudia: You honor me with your kind words.
In spite of some lingering reservations, the traveling maid Claudia joins the crew.
Katalina: There's something I need to tell you, Lyria. That woman... Don't let your guard down around her, okay?
Lyria: Huh? But why?
Katalina: Oh, there's nothing to worry about yet. Let's just hope I'm wrong.
Claudia: Hee-hee.