Scenario:Cucouroux - A Gunsmith's Worries

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A Gunsmith's Worries

Cucouroux unveils her new rapid-fire multi-barreled blunderbuss to others in the crew. She then reflects on how she got the idea, which started with asking Silva and Camieux for advice on what sort of gun to make.

Cucouroux is a crew member

Cucouroux continues to polish her skills by undergoing countless adventures together with the crew.
Cucouroux is a crew member

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Cucouroux not in crew

On a remote island lived a girl by the name of Cucouroux who is to one day succeed the gunsmith workshop.
Fascinated with (Captain)'s desire to travel to the Island of the Astrals, Cucouroux joined the crew.
She continued to polish her skills by undergoing countless adventures together with her new friends.
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One day (Captain) and company show up in the mountains behind the gunsmith workshop to catch a glimpse of Cucouroux's fancy new gun.
Cucouroux: Thanks for coming, guys!
Silva: Hehe, I could never turn down a request from my dear little sister.
Tweyen not in crew

Cucouroux: I appreciate you finding the time too, Tweyen!
Tweyen: The pleasure's all mine.
This woman who flashes a smile at Cucouroux is feared as the mightiest archer in the skies.
Although the type of weapon Tweyen wields is something different altogether, she and Silva regularly improve on their skills through friendly competition.
A somewhat crude, offhand remark from Silva had put some distance between the two for a time in the past.
But they were able to make amends when the distinguished sniper called for an engagement on the battlefield.
Shortly after, Tweyen became acquainted with Silva's two adopted little sisters.
Thus leading to this present gathering called on by Cucouroux.
Vyrn: So what sorta gun did you put together this time, Miss Gunsmith?
Tweyen: Um... Is that it? The one with the cloth over it?
Tweyen: It looks really big...
Cucouroux puts on a smirk as Tweyen and (Captain) continue to gaze at the cloth-covered object with intense curiosity.
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Tweyen is a crew member

Vyrn: So what sorta gun did you put together this time, Miss Gunsmith?
Tweyen: Um... Is that it? The one with the cloth over it?
Tweyen: It looks really big...
Standing beside Silva, Tweyen expresses great interest in the object.
A small misunderstanding caused the two to part ways at one point, but a trial by fire brought them back together again.
Afterward Tweyen became acquainted with Cucouroux and Camieux through Silva.
And she too was invited to partake in the day's events for the revealing of a new gun.
Cucouroux puts on a smirk as Tweyen and (Captain) continue to gaze at the cloth-covered object with intense curiosity.
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Cucouroux: Heheh... You're gonna love this!
She removes the cloth to reveal a large multi-barreled gun.
Tweyen: This is...
Lyria: Wow! So this is it?
Silva: A blunderbuss with multiple barrels... I suppose this can fire a large spread of bullets at once?
Camieux: That's right, Silva! You know... That's not the only amazing thing about this gun!
Camieux: Right, Cucouroux?
Cucouroux: Mm-hm! Cammy was a big help in making this gun design come true!
Cucouroux: A quick demo should show you exactly what I mean! Keep your eyes on the mark over there!
(Captain) and the others direct their attention at the target some distance away.
Cucouroux: Okay! Here I go, everyone!
Cucouroux: Firing away!
Cucouroux lets loose at the target from multiple angles, filling it with bullet holes.
Cucouroux: Heh! How about that!
Silva: ...
Vyrn: ...
Tweyen: Tha...
Tweyen: That's amazing, Cucouroux! I've never seen anything like this!
Silva: I'm impressed you went through so many bullets so fast... How exactly does the reloading mechanism work?
Vyrn: Whoa now... You've really come up with a killer piece, Miss Gunsmith!
Cucouroux: Hehehe... Aren't your minds blown? They're blown, right?
Lyria: Yes! Very, very blown!
Cucouroux: That's the spirit! There's your cue to shower me with praise... Juuust kidding!
Cucouroux: I couldn't have made this gun without everyone's help.
Cucouroux: And I just wanted to thank you all...
Cucouroux reflects on everything that's happened to make her special new gun a reality.
It all began with the sniper rifle she built for Silva.
A rifle custom-made for the eldest of the gunsmith sisters.
It was an absolute necessity for her duel with Tweyen of the Eternals.
A small misunderstanding caused Silva and Tweyen to part ways at one point.
Silva saw the error of her ways and wished for a duel with Tweyen as an opportunity to repair their relationship.
The gunsmith family put everything it had into crafting a magnum opus befitting of Silva.
The finished product was something that drew out Silva's every last ounce of power and brought her victory.
It also broke the emotional barrier that existed between her and Tweyen.
Cucouroux: (The sniper rifle I made for Silva is the absolute best I can do right now...)
Cucouroux: (With Dad and Cammy's help, I was able to go the extra mile and then some. We really hit the limit with that piece...)
Cucouroux: ...
Cucouroux: Hm... What sort of gun should I make next?
Cucouroux: As good as Silva's weapon is, it comes with its fair share of problems, from its weight to its overly sophisticated construction...
Cucouroux: But! It's not something I can do anything about right now! If I could, you can bet your rupies I'd already be on it!
Cucouroux racks her brain in front of a blackboard she uses for design blueprints.
Cucouroux: Ooh, what to do, what to do...
She cradles her head over a desk before standing to attention at the sound of footsteps.
Cucouroux: Ah, (Captain)... Oh no, I'm not feeling down at all... Well, maybe a little...
(Captain) approaches the flustered Cucouroux with open arms.
  1. I'm always here if you need to talk.

Choose: I'm always here if you need to talk.
Cucouroux: Thanks, (Captain).
Cucouroux: I... guess I'll take you up on that offer.
Cucouroux reveals that she's been hung up over what type of gun to make next.
After thinking it over, (Captain) comes forward with a question.
Cucouroux: Hm? You want to know what I'll use the gun for?
Cucouroux: To fight monsters, I suppose...
Cucouroux: As a member of the crew, I want to do everything I can to make sure we're all well-equipped for battle.
Cucouroux: Of course, I could always think of further refinements to Silva's rifle, but...
Cucouroux: I think at this point, any further modifications would be difficult from an engineering standpoint.
Cucouroux: So tinkering with her piece is pretty much out of the question.
Cucouroux: The fastest way to go about taking out monsters...
Cucouroux: Would probably be to strengthen my own weapon first...
Cucouroux: In which case a firearm that's a bit difficult to handle wouldn't be an issue.
Cucouroux: I'd be able to work out the kinks over time before fine-tuning it for others.
Cucouroux: The piece we made for Silva might very well be the best sniper rifle anyone's ever seen, but there's so many other types of guns...
Cucouroux: I'm sure there's some other way for me to craft another crown jewel of a gun!
Cucouroux: Yeah! I think I've made some headway—emotionally at least! Thanks, (Captain)!
Cucouroux: Phew, how did I not see something so obvious? I've got a lot to learn...
Cucouroux: Just goes to show how helpful it is to have someone listen sometimes.
Cucouroux: Just goes to show how helpful it is to have someone listen sometimes.
Cucouroux puts on an embarrassed smile as she stretches her body in the chair before getting up.
Cucouroux: All righty then!
Cucouroux: I'm gonna go have a little talk with Silva!
Cucouroux goes off to look for her sisters to see what they think of her idea.
Silva: Hm... A new gun, you say?
Cucouroux: Mm-hm! I mean, I go with the others on missions and have to bring out my guns sometimes, you know...
Cucouroux: I'm a gunsmith first, so I doubt I'd ever be a frontline fighter. But I can always help with a little supporting firepower.
Cucouroux: What do you think, Silva? What sort of support would you find helpful from me?
Silva: Hm... Let's make sure we're on the same page about how I fight first.
Camieux: You use your pinpoint accuracy to get the drop on our enemies!
Silva: Pinpoint accuracy? Haha, I wish... That aside though...
Silva: I prefer to put some distance between myself and the opposition. And I hit hard with every shot.
Cucouroux: Considering the time it takes you to ready a bullet, concentrating your firepower on small fry would be a waste.
Cucouroux: You always prioritize the commander or those that pack a wallop, I take it?
Silva: That's right. I try to go after the toughest targets first to maximize damage.
Silva: My weakness would be taking out large groups of enemies at once.
Silva: It's always been a problem for me since my style is focused on one-on-one fights.
Cucouroux: And as incredible as you are, Sis, you can't really afford to be battling while reloading anyway.
Camieux: Meaning that Silva's able to take on the big baddie if someone else fends off the little baddies!
Silva: That's right, Camieux. I couldn't ask for better support than that.
Cucouroux: So you just need those flunkies to be kept at bay... Since we have other crew members too, I wouldn't need to finish off the monsters myself...
Cucouroux: Rather than focusing on the raw power packed into each shot, I have to consider how to let loose with bullets en masse... Maybe rapid-fire...
Cucouroux: But how would that affect reloading time?
Camieux: Hey, hey! I just thought of a really neat idea, Cucouroux!
Cucouroux: Yeah? Bring it on!
Camieux: Will do!
Camieux: Um, do you remember all the work we put into changing Silva's bullets?
Camieux: At the time I thought of so many ways to make the bullets even better!
Cucouroux: Bullets, huh... I think you're on the right track!
Cucouroux: Minimizing the steps needed per reload would lead to an increase in the number of rounds fired per unit of time...
Cucouroux: And to do that, we'd have to fiddle with the ammunition feed and ignition!
Cucouroux: You said it, Cammy! Bullets are where it counts!
Cucouroux: That's our resident gunpowder mixer for ya! You've got a real knack for this stuff!
Camieux: Ehehe... You think I'd be able to help out with this, Cucouroux?
Cucouroux: Help out? Nuh-uh, more than that! You're everything to me, Cammy! I couldn't do any of this without you!
As Cucouroux draws her little sister in for a tight embrace and gives her a head pat...
Her peripheral vision catches sight of a figure.
Cucouroux: (Hm?)
Tweyen: ...
Cucouroux: (Was that Tweyen just now?)
Tweyen is a crew member

Cucouroux: (She must've been looking for Silva...)
Cucouroux: (And held back when she saw that me and Cammy were having a moment.)
Cucouroux: (Sigh... I should've realized it and called her over...)
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Tweyen not in crew

Cucouroux: (Tweyen's on the Grandcypher right now! Paying a visit to (Captain) maybe?)
Cucouroux: (Or did she come to see Silva?)
Cucouroux: (Hm... She must've held back when she saw that me and Cammy were having a moment.)
Cucouroux: (Sigh... I should've realized it and called her over...)
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Cucouroux: (She's Silva's best friend after all...)
Cucouroux: (I really ought to try to get on better terms with Tweyen.)
Silva: Cucouroux? You seem lost in thought. Have you come up with any ideas for new firearms?
Cucouroux: Huh? Ah... Ahaha... Still thinking on it.
Cucouroux: There's so many hurdles to get through, you know.
Cucouroux: But I'll tackle all of them and show you what I come up with!
Cucouroux: With you, Cammy, and (Captain) by my side, I've got nothing to fear!
Cucouroux: I'm sure everything'll work out just fine!
Cucouroux proudly thumps her chest and shines a beautiful smile.
With the help of those dear to her, she sets out on crafting a new gun and making a new friend.