Scenario:Cucouroux - I've Gotta Try This!

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I've Gotta Try This!

Cucouroux accompanies (Captain) and others on an assignment with Tweyen, using the opportunity to get to know her better. Their mission is to chase off monsters that keep coming down into the fields from the mountains.

Cucouroux spoke with her sisters about the type of gun she should make next.
Although she narrows it down to something that can keep the enemy in check, the design work for such a piece proves extraordinarily trying.
Cucouroux: If I'm to stop enemies in their tracks, I'll need to rain down a curtain of fire.
Cucouroux: But how would I go about shooting so many bullets in rapid succession?
Cucouroux: Suppose I increase the number of muzzles. Reloading is still going to be an issue.
Cucouroux: Making the underlying mechanisms too sophisticated would make it break more easily.
Cucouroux: Sigh...
As Cucouroux continues to erase every design blueprint that she comes up with on the blackboard, (Captain) and company drop by.
Vyrn's Voice: Heya, Miss Gunsmith. Quick question.
Cucouroux: Yeah, sure! What's up?
(Captain) has taken up an assignment that requires more people and is making the rounds recruiting willing members.
Lyria: But weren't you doing something else, Cucouroux?
Cucouroux: Oh, I was just fumbling with potential designs. Can't really think of anything good though.
Vyrn: So you're gonna be busy, right? (Captain), how 'bout we go ask someone with more time to kill?
Cucouroux: No, no, I'm good to come along!
Lyria: You sure, Cucouroux?
Cucouroux: Absolutely! I'm at an impasse here.
Cucouroux: Doing something else might inspire me! So let me come along! Pleeaase!
Vyrn: I don't see why not if you wanna tag along that bad, Miss Gunsmith!
Cucouroux: That's more like it! Give me a sec! I'll be right with you in a jiffy!
Cucouroux gets her tools in order for the upcoming assignment.
Tweyen is a crew member

Tweyen is already waiting on the deck to head out.
Tweyen: (Captain)! Have you decided on the members yet?
Vyrn: Ooh! Sounds like she's all revved up and ready to go!
Cucouroux: Hey, Tweyen's coming with? I already get the feeling this mission's gonna be smooth sailing!
Tweyen: Hehe, glad to have you along too, Cucouroux.
Cucouroux: Mm-hm!
Cucouroux: (This'll be my chance to buddy up with Tweyen!)
Cucouroux: (All righty! I'm all fired up to see this thing through!)
Having gathered the members to participate on this mission, (Captain) makes for the village where the client lives.
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Tweyen not in crew

Having gathered the members to participate on this mission, (Captain) makes for the village where the client lives.
Tweyen: (Captain)! There you are.
Cucouroux: Huh? Tweyen?
Tweyen: Hello, Cucouroux. (Captain) asked me to help out on this mission.
Cucouroux: Glad to hear it! We're about a few hundred times more powerful with you around!
Tweyen: Haha. I'm looking forward to working with you.
Cucouroux: Likewise, Tweyen!
Cucouroux: (This'll be my chance to buddy up with Tweyen!)
Cucouroux: (All righty! I'm all fired up to see this thing through!)
Continue 1
Tweyen: Can we get a rundown of this assignment?
Lyria: Sure! The request came from the villagers living here.
Lyria: They're having trouble with the monsters ravaging their fields as of late.
Lyria: Those monsters once lived far off in the mountains though.
Cucouroux: I see... So the idea is to get them to return to their former home.
Tweyen: We need to hurt the monsters so bad that they'll never want to come down from the mountains again.
(Captain) nods and asks Tweyen to pinpoint the monsters' location from high above.
Tweyen: Okay. I'm on it!
Tweyen takes off into the air, making use of her impeccable eyesight to track down the rabid pack of monsters.
Tweyen: ...
Tweyen: Found them. They're heading to the village right this moment.
Vyrn: Whoa! You did that in a flash!
Cucouroux: C'mon, let's send those things packing!
Tweyen guides the crew toward the monsters.

I've Gotta Try This!: Scene 2

Seeing Tweyen's arcane bow in action sparks some ideas for Cucouroux. She returns to her room completely absorbed in designing blueprints for the new gun.

Tweyen: There!
Monster: Graaoooh!
(Captain) and the others coordinate their attacks with Tweyen to push the monsters back up the mountains.
Tweyen: Good work. Seeing how fast they scurried off, I think the village should be safe from now on.
Cucouroux: ...
Tweyen: You did great, Cucouroux!
Cucouroux: ...
Tweyen: Cucouroux? Um... Is something the matter?
Cucouroux: Tweyen!
Tweyen: Y-yes?
Cucouroux: I need to know more about your arcane bow!
Cucouroux: Please! Tell me everything there is to know about it!
Tweyen is at first unsure how to respond to such a desperate Cucouroux.
Tweyen: My bow?
Cucouroux: I guess that's asking too much? It must be a well-guarded secret...
Tweyen: That's not the case at all really. What exactly would you like to know, Cucouroux?
Cucouroux: Well, I noticed you can let loose so many arrows at once! But just how do you even do that?
Tweyen: Oh, that... I shape arrows with magic. By converging my energy like this.
Tweyen produces arcane arrows out of thin air.
Cucouroux: Convergence of energy... If I tried that, the little magical power I have within me would dissipate before anything could take shape.
Cucouroux: Wait... What if I had some sort of device that could temporarily store my magic to unleash all at once?
Tweyen: Cucouroux?
Cucouroux: Ah! Sorry, Tweyen! I tend to get lost in thought easily.
Tweyen: Oh, I don't mind. But I hope I was able to spark an idea or two.
Cucouroux: You most definitely did! I can't thank you enough, Tweyen!
Tweyen: Yeah? Glad to hear it. Go on. Ask me anything.
Cucouroux: Thanks! I was wondering...
Cucouroux fires off a barrage of questions to which Tweyen kindly responds.
Tweyen: That pretty much sums it up. Is there anything I should elaborate on?
Cucouroux: I think that about does it. Thank you so much, Tweyen!
Overcome with excitement, Cucouroux tightly grasps both of Tweyen's hands.
Tweyen: ...
Cucouroux: (Captain)! Do you think this should do it for the assignment? Is it okay if I go on back to the Grandcypher?
Vyrn: Yep! I think we're just about done here! You got something else to take care of?
Cucouroux: I'm just bursting with ideas right now! I wanna put 'em down in writing before I forget!
Cucouroux: So if you guys don't mind, I'll be heading on back first!
Vyrn: Aaand she's gone. With the monsters taken care of, she ought to be okay alone though.
Lyria: Hee-hee. I wonder what she has in mind.
Lyria: (Captain), why don't we head back too?
(Captain) and company trace Cucouroux's steps on their return to the Grandcypher.
Cucouroux: So this would look like this... And...
Cucouroux burns the midnight oil, concentrating on her design work throughout the night.
Silva: Camieux, (Captain). Has Cucouroux already had her lunch?
Camieux: Nuh-uh. She hasn't come to the mess hall yet.
Lyria: Camieux and I were just thinking of bringing her food.
Silva: I see... Cucouroux's razor sharp focus must be at work again...
Silva: She sometimes gets so caught up in her work that she forgets her limits. It worries me.
Tweyen: She's been cooped up in her room the whole time. I hope she managed to get some sleep.
Tweyen: If you're bringing food to her, can you make sure she's well-rested?
Camieux chimes in with a tone of hesitation.
Camieux: Um...
Silva: Yes, Camieux?
Camieux: I have a favor to ask...
Camieux: Can you please watch over Cucouroux from the sidelines for now?
Camieux: She's doing her best to come up with designs for a new gun.
Camieux: I know she needs rest... But I don't think she wants anyone to stop her right now.
Camieux: So that she's able to do everything she possibly can to find what she's looking for...
Camieux: I'm not sure how to put this, but... Sometimes you just need to push yourself to see how far you can go...
Camieux: And I think this could really be a turning point for Cucouroux.
Silva: A turning point, huh?
Camieux: I'm learning what it means to be a gunsmith every day, so I can imagine what she's going through.
Camieux: I know you're worried about her, and so am I, but...
Silva: ...
Vyrn: This is Miss Gunsmith we're talkin' about after all. I'm sure she'll come out of this just fine.
Vyrn: It's true we haven't been with her as long as Snipes.
Vyrn: But I can tell Cucouroux's the type to pull through when it counts!
Silva: Yeah, there's no mistaking that.
Silva: We should be careful that our concern doesn't impede her progress.
Silva: I see your point, Camieux. We'll watch Cucouroux from the sidelines.
Camieux: Roger that!
Camieux: Thank you, Silva!
Tweyen: I hope Cucouroux is able to come up with a good design...
Camieux: You have no idea how amazing Cucouroux can be when she gets like this!
Camieux: She'll do something so incredible it'll knock our socks off!
Silva: Hehe... I can picture that happening. I'm proud to have Cucouroux as our sister.
Camieux: Me too! She's the bestest sister in all the skies!
Silva responds with a tender smile.
The flickering of candlelight in Cucouroux's room continues on even in the middle of the night.
(Captain) drops by to pick up her dinner plate.
Cucouroux: Ah... Sorry, (Captain)!
Cucouroux: I forgot to bring my plate back to the kitchen!
Cucouroux: I was so caught up with my work...
Cucouroux: Silva was worried too? I see...
Cucouroux: That's exactly the sort of thing I'm out of touch with.
Cucouroux: Hm? You want to know why I'm working so hard?
Cucouroux: Well, for one thing, I have a blast designing these blueprints.
Cucouroux: Just knowing that my work makes life easier for others gives me motivation.
Cucouroux: Honestly I'm pretty hopeless alone.
Cucouroux: I tend to lose sight of everything around me, not to mention all my other flaws. And there's so much I'm not capable of.
Cucouroux: But the knowledge that Mom, Dad, Camieux, Silva, and you are all by my side...
Cucouroux: Instills me with such drive that I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to.
Cucouroux: And all I'm really doing is putting that to good use.
  1. That's why we go cuckoo for Cucouroux!

Choose: That's why we go cuckoo for Cucouroux!
Cucouroux: Thanks, (Captain). It's such a relief to know that you believe in me.
Cucouroux: You can bet I place my trust in you too, (Captain)!
Cucouroux: Your very presence fills me with such warmth and confidence.
Cucouroux: And not just in battle either. I want to repay you...
Cucouroux: Even now...
Cucouroux: All I can think about is how much I'd like you to depend on me as I depend on you, (Captain)!
Cucouroux: And that right there is why I care so much!
Cucouroux lets out a smile.
Her hand continues scribbling across the blackboard, filling in the details of a new gun design.

I've Gotta Try This!: Scene 3

Cucouroux explains the inner workings of her new firearm at the unveiling. This gun came about from the mutual love and respect she shares with the other crew members, and Cucouroux is most grateful for it.

Cucouroux: Gimme a w, an o, and another o! Whoo!
Camieux: I knew you could do it, Cucouroux!
Cucouroux: Thanks for looking out for me, Cammy!
Cucouroux: Anyway, can you do something for me?
Camieux: Hm? Is your tummy feeling hungry? I'll bring you some food!
Cucouroux: Well, my tummy could definitely use some grub right about now, but that's not it.
Camieux: Eh?
Cucouroux: Can you come back with me to the gun workshop to make a little something?
Camieux: Absolutely! Count me in! I'm ready whenever you are!
Cucouroux: Appreciate it, Cammy.
Cucouroux: All righty! Let's do this!
Cucouroux asks (Captain) to take them back to their home for a pit stop.
And that's why the crew is called out: for the unveiling of this new gun.
Cucouroux: I couldn't have made this gun without everyone's help.
Cucouroux: And I just wanted to thank you all...
Cucouroux: I put everyone's ideas into a firearm that would let me help you...
Cucouroux: The bullets and gunpowder are the crux of this invention! Tweyen's arcane bow provided major hints on how I should go about this.
Tweyen: My bow?
Cucouroux: Mm-hm! The idea of infusing my bullets with magic came from you!
Cucouroux: To put it simply, each bullet has a coating of my magic.
Cucouroux: The magic guides it automatically into the reloading mechanism, allowing me to load multiple shells in record time.
Cucouroux: And I haven't gotten that far yet, but with a bit of experimentation, I should be able to add magical effects to the bullets too!
Cucouroux: Just like how Tweyen can deal so many status effects with her bow!
Lyria: Wow... This is amazing!
Tweyen: You're really something to pick up so much from our little talk, Cucouroux!
Cucouroux: Ehehe. Thanks for not shooing me away when I suddenly bombarded you with all those questions, Tweyen.
Silva: You've come up with something really special here, Cucouroux. Father must be proud.
Cucouroux: Heh, I wonder about that... He says I've still got a lot to learn.
Cucouroux: This blunderbuss is loaded with problems. Magic being the focus means I have lots to study up on.
Cucouroux: This is in no way an easy piece to use. It's far different from the type that Dad might make for women and children to protect themselves.
Cucouroux: But with this, I'll always be able to lend a helping hand to Silva, Tweyen, and (Captain).
Cucouroux: And I couldn't have made it if I never joined the crew.
Cucouroux: You could also say this is the perfect firearm for me to keep trotting on as a skyfarer!
Silva: As one of the crew, huh...
Cucouroux: Uh-huh! Also we've got so many onboard who are savvy with magic.
Cucouroux: By talking to everyone and learning from them, I'm sure I can figure out how to modify my bullets to do even more cool stuff!
Cucouroux: There's still so much to improve on, but that also means the possibilities are endless!
Cucouroux: I'll no doubt continue to evolve with this gun. So you can count on me to back you up for sure!
Cucouroux: And in return, I'm counting on all of you to back me up!
Vyrn: Heheh! Looking forward to it, Miss Gunsmith!
Silva: Haha...
Silva: I'll definitely be counting on you, Sis.
Cucouroux: Yep! Leave it to 'ol Cucouroux!
To trust and to be trusted—that is what puts a warm smile on Cucouroux's face.
The crew continue their journey, placing their faith in each other every step of the way.