Scenario:Cucouroux - Ol' Cucouroux's Got This!

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Ol' Cucouroux's Got This!

Cucouroux is revealed to be afraid of centipedes during a routine cleaning of the ship. Her sister, Camieux, brings a letter from their parents requesting they collect sulfur from a nearby island.

(Captain) and company spend day after busy day handling requests across the sky.
When a moment of free time finally arrives, the crew eagerly dedicates itself to some much-needed cleaning of the ship's interior.
Lyria: How did dust end up in a place like this? Well, here goes!
Cucouroux: Watch it, Lyria! You'll get your hair dirty if you go under the table. How about we move it?
Cucouroux: Mind grabbing that end for me, (Captain)? Thanks! On my mark!
Vyrn: Anybody seen the dust cloth? I was planning to wipe up some of the shelves, but I can't find it anywhere!
Cucouroux: Aw, sorry Vyrn! We were using it earlier and I left it in storage. One sec, I'll go grab it!
Cucouroux: Aieeee!
Vyrn: Whoa! Did you guys hear that?
(Captain) and company head to the deck to investigate, where they find a very flustered Cucouroux rushing out of the storage room.
Lyria: Are you okay, Cucouroux?
Cucouroux: Ew! No! Gross!
Vyrn: Something wrong?
Cucouroux: Centipede! There's a c-centipede in there!
Cucouroux: If there's one thing I can't stand, it's c-c-centipedes!
(Captain) enters the storage room in Cucouroux's stead, clearing it of the multi-legged insect.
Cucouroux: Whew... Sorry about that, (Captain). Everything okay? It didn't bite you, did it?
Vyrn: Guess there are things that give even you the heebie jeebies, Miss Gunsmith!
Cucouroux: Of course there are! Just looking at a centipede makes my hair stand on end!
Cucouroux: I've gotten over a lot of stuff like this, but these things just... bug me.
Suddenly, a voice is heard calling from outside the ship.
No version of Camieux in crew

???: Good afternoon! Um, is anyone there?
Cucouroux: That voice... Camieux, is that you?
Cucouroux's sister Camieux has come to visit the ship.
Cucouroux: This is my little sister Camieux! Isn't she just adorable?
Lyria: Nice to meet you, Camieux! Just wanted to pay Cucouroux a visit?
Camieux: Well, you see... Dad has something he wants us to do, and... Oh, right! He gave me this letter!
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Any version of Camieux is a crew member

Camieux: Hey, it's me, Camieux! I'm back!
Cucouroux: Come on up, Cammy!
As it turns out, Camieux left the ship to visit Sierokarte for an errand.
Camieux: Um, (Captain)? My dad wrote a letter with a request for you guys.
Continue 1
Cucouroux reads the letter from their gunsmith father.
Cucouroux: Hm, looks like he needs us to transport some sulfur used in gunpowder mixing. You definitely need someone you can trust for a job like that!
Camieux: Are you okay with taking the job, (Captain)?
Vyrn: No problem! Right, (Captain)?
Cucouroux: Thanks, you guys are a lifesaver!
Lyria: Okay, let's get going!
Cucouroux: Right on!
(Captain) and the crew head to the island specified in the letter to find some sulfur.

Ol' Cucouroux's Got This!: Scene 2

When the crew arrives at the island, they find the mine has been taken over by bandits. The crew vows to fight to save the mine.

Monster: Groaar!
Camieux: Eeep!
Cucouroux: Watch out!
Monster: Graaargh!
Cucouroux shoots down the monster right before it attacks Camieux.
Cucouroux: You okay, Camieux? Nothing hurts?
Camieux: Phew... That was scary. Thanks, Cucouroux!
Cucouroux: Nice work, everyone! I don't think monsters are going to be bothering us anymore. We can rest easy.
Vyrn: Heh heh, your big sis really looks after you, huh, Camieux?
Lyria: You two get along like two peas in a pod!
Camieux: Yup! I couldn't be more proud to have Cucouroux as my big sister!
Camieux: She's the coolest! There's nothing she can't do!
Cucouroux: Aw, you deserve a hug after all the hard work you put in getting me up on that pedestal!
Camieux: Hee hee, then I'm gonna hug you right back, Coux!
Cucouroux: Oh, so that's how it's gonna be? In that case, I'm gonna hug Lyria, too!
Lyria: Haha, that kinda hurts!
Cucouroux: Wanna get in on this too, (Captain)? Sure you do! C'mere!
(Captain) and the others continue their pleasant journey, eventually arriving at the sulfurous island.
Vyrn: Is it me, or does it stink here? Like rotten eggs, but... worse.
Cucouroux: That's sulfur for you. Any place you can find sulfur usually smells like this.
Soriz (Event) is a crew member

Lyria: Now that you mention it, it smelled like this when we went to the hot springs, didn't it?
Cucouroux: Yeah, hot springs are usually pretty close to sulfur-rich areas. I bet a lot of miners visit this island, too.
Cucouroux: Let's go pay a visit to the local mining authority and see if we can find some sulfur!
Camieux: Yes'm!
On the way to the mining authority, (Captain) and company encounter a panic-stricken local miner.
Camieux: Eep! Th-the mine's been taken over by bandits?
Miner: Afraid so. I managed to escape, but I haven't found anyone willing to help.
Cucouroux: That won't do! We have to bust you guys out of this jam, and quick!
Cucouroux: Let's sock it to these bandits, (Captain)!
Cucouroux: There they are! Let's use these boulders to cover our assault!
Cucouroux: They're a little far away, but that's nothing a few well placed bullets can't fix!
Cucouroux: Everyone ready? Here we go!

Ol' Cucouroux's Got This!: Scene 3

Cucouroux asks (Captain), Camieux, and the others to evacuate while she disarms a time bomb set by a bandit, but they refuse. After successfully dismantling the bomb, she notices a centipede has been on the bomb the entire time. This puts something of a damper on the celebrations.

Cucouroux: Not a problem! Camieux, (Captain), you're all fine, right?
Camieux: I'm fine, sis! Looks like the miners are safe, too.
Cucouroux: Okay then! Let's get these guys untied and get 'em outside!
Bandit: Not so fast! I've got a time bomb in here, and I'm the only one who knows how to disarm it!
Camieux: Eep! A t-t-time bomb? Wh-what should we do?
Cucouroux: Calm your horns, Camieux! Your big sister will figure this out.
Bandit: Heh! I'd like to see you try! I had it specially made to be impossible to defuse!
Cucouroux: Yeah, well, I'm a gunsmith! Which means it doesn't matter how that thing's put together! I'm still taking it apart at the end of the day!
Cucouroux: Hey, (Captain). You get the miners and these idiots out of here, okay?
Cucouroux: (I can talk big, but I don't really know what I'm up against.)
Cucouroux: (The explosion will probably cave-in the mine, but if I can get everyone outside nobody but me will get hurt.)
Camieux: Sis...
Cucouroux: What's wrong, Camieux? There's no time to dawdle! You and (Captain) need to get out of here!
Camieux: Sis, you dummy! You don't think you can disarm the bomb, do you?
Cucouroux: N-no, of course not. I just—
Camieux: I'm not letting you die alone in here, sis!
Camieux: For cryin' out loud! We're gonna work together to make sure that bomb gets disarmed no matter what, sis!
Lyria: That's right! We're not going anywhere!
Vyrn: Darn right! The miners will bring the bandits to the local authorities in the meantime!
Cucouroux: Oh, (Captain)... Sigh. Not like I've got much room to argue on my end.
Cucouroux: Okay, fine! I get the picture! Just leave it to ol' Cucouroux here!
And with that, she springs into action to disarm the bandit's time bomb.
Cucouroux: Let's see here... Looks like this section's magically reinforced... And this hourglass is the timer.
Vyrn: Gulp!
Cucouroux: Uh oh, looks like this switch controls gunpowder ignition. What about over here?
Cucouroux: If I remove this metal fitting here, it shouldn't be able to detonate... Okay, there we go!
The sand in the hourglass drains completely, but the time bomb remains silent.
Cucouroux: Whew...
Lyria: So it's... not going to explode, right?
Vyrn: Hoo boy, that had me on the edge of my seat! Well, not literally, but... you know.
Cucouroux: I told you I had this!
Camieux: That was incredible, Coux! You were so cool! The way you moved your hands was just like Dad!
Cucouroux: You really think so? Being compared to Dad is a heck of a compliment!
While petting her excited sister on the head, Cucouroux finally feels like the weight's been lifted from her shoulders. That said...
Camieux: Eeeeep! S-sis! O-o-over there!
Cucouroux: Hm? What's the matt—
Cucouroux: Aaaah! C-centipede! Centipede!
Lyria: It was crawling around on the time bomb the whole time!
Cucouroux: No way! No way, no way! This isn't happening! Oh no, it's crawling this way! Help!
Vyrn: Wow, Cucouroux was so focused on defusing the bomb that she never noticed the bug!
(Captain) glances at Vyrn, and they both know what they have to do: get these arthropods out of here.
Cucouroux—suffering through the throes of chilopodophobia—is soon led out of the cave by the rest of the crew.
An expert gunsmith with a heart of gold, Cucouroux's only weakness crawls on many, many legs.