Scenario:Cure Black and Cure White - A Sweet Misunderstanding

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A Sweet Misunderstanding

(Captain) learns of Nagisa's love of chocolate and tells her about a nearby island famous for its chocolate named Chocolae Island. They begin making their way toward the island, but Nagisa will soon discover that there has been a big misunderstanding.

Some time has passed since Nagisa and Honoka started traveling with (Captain)'s crew.
Nagisa lies slumped over a table in one of the rooms on the Grandcypher, looking crestfallen.
Nagisa: Sigh...
Mepple: It's no use crying over spilt milk, mepo. Come on, cheer up, mepo!
Nagisa: Easy for you to say...
Vyrn: Hey, Nagisa! Come check out what Honoka's up to—
Nagisa: Sniffle.
Vyrn: Whoa, what's wrong? You sick or somethin'?
Mepple: Nagisa was about to eat the treat she got in return for cleaning, but she dropped it on the floor, mepo.
Vyrn: And that was the last one too... No wonder she's depressed.
Mepple: Look at you, getting all bent out of shape over some sweets, mepo. You're such a child, mepo.
Nagisa: Well, can you blame me? How am I supposed to survive a long trip without something sweet to munch on?
Nagisa: Not to mention I feel really bad for the person who made it. I wish I could've at least had a taste...
Reeling from shock, Nagisa breathes a deep sigh.
Vyrn: I get how you feel, Nagisa... If I dropped an apple on the floor, it'd take a while for me to get over it.
Vyrn: Sometimes the best motivation is the reward of good food when a job's all done!
Nagisa: Right? Whenever chocolate's involved, I get hit with the sudden impulse to study!
Mepple: I find that hard to believe, mepo.
Nagisa: Hey, it's true! It really does give me motivation!
Nagisa: It just doesn't show in my test scores...
Vyrn: Huh, you like chocolate, Nagisa?
Nagisa: Yeah! I love it!
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain). Speakin' of chocolate, isn't that island around here? You know the one.
Vyrn: We don't have any urgent missions on our plate, right? And we've been flyin' for days... Think we could drop by?
Nagisa: What island?
(Captain) tells her the name of the island.
The straightforwardness of the name takes Nagisa by surprise at first, but a wide smile soon spreads across her face.
Meanwhile on the deck of the ship, Honoka is busy mixing containers of liquid in a small bottle.
Honoka: Ah... Conducting experiments beneath the great blue sky—this is the life!
Mipple: You turned the items you borrowed from the crew into lab equipment... That's so like you, Honoka, mipo!
Honoka: Back before beakers and flasks existed, people used to use things like bottles and cups to perform experiments.
Honoka: I'm just extracting plant essences and mixing the solutions. I have all the tools I need right here on the ship!
Lyria: Oh, I didn't know you were up here on deck. What are you doing with all those things lined up on the table?
Honoka: Take a whiff!
Honoka pours a drop of liquid from the bottle onto her wrist and spreads it thinly.
Lyria: Wow! That smells wonderful!
Honoka: I made perfume using extracts from the flowers I found on that island the other day.
Honoka: These flowers are edible, so they're safe to use as food fragrances too!
Lyria: Wow! If I came across sweets that smelled like that, I'd have to try them!
Nagisa: Honoka! Get ready to head out!
Honoka: Nagisa? Where exactly are we going?
Nagisa: We're setting sail in search of chocolatey goodness! This time tomorrow we'll be stuffing ourselves with freshly harvested chocolate!
Honoka: Freshly harvested chocolate?
Mipple: Do they have chocolate trees here, mipo?
Honoka: I don't think that's what she means...
Nagisa: It turns out there's an island around here that's famous for its chocolate.
Nagisa: It's called Chocolae Island! There are even chocolate sprites on the island that will give you fresh chocolate!
Honoka: Sounds like a fairy tale...
Vyrn: We're not talkin' chocolate bars here. It's raw chocolate.
Nagisa: Raw works too! Either way it's still chocolate, right?
Nagisa: Let's add some cute decorations to make our own special treats!
Honoka: I've never seen you get so excited about cooking.
Mepple: Making chocolates seems easy enough, so I bet even Nagisa can handle it, mepo.
Honoka: I'd like to try making handmade chocolates too! Let's do it!
Nagisa: All right! Time to strike while the oven is hot! Let's hurry and get this cleaning finished!
Honoka: I think you mean the "iron." But I guess that works too.
Nagisa throws herself into her cleaning, practically bursting with excitement.
But she will soon discover that there has been a big misunderstanding.

A Sweet Misunderstanding: Scene 2

The following day (Captain) and company arrive on Chocolae Island, where they meet a kind chocolatier who informs them of a place where they can find chocolate sprites all year round. They manage to encounter a sprite, but it mistakes them for enemies and calls on its friends for help.

The following day (Captain) and company arrive on Chocolae Island right on schedule.
Porun: Popopo! I can't wait to try that fresh chocolate, popo!
Honoka: There are so many chocolate shops! Even the streets here smell delicious.
Nagisa: Oh man, I can't believe this! It all looks so good!
Nagisa stares hungrily at a row of jewel-like chocolates in one of the shop windows.
Lyria: The appearance alone is enough to draw you in!
Honoka: Nagisa, we're about to meet the chocolate sprites, you know.
Nagisa: I know, I know. I'll try not to buy anything! I want to hold off for our own handmade chocolates!
Chocolatier: Welcome! Are you on your way to see the chocolate sprites?
Nagisa: Oh, hello! Yes, we are.
Honoka: Have you seen them before, ma'am?
Chocolatier: Of course.
Chocolatier: Every piece of chocolate you see at this shop was created using ingredients from the chocolate sprites.
Chocolatier: But we mainly see them around Valentine's Day. Most of the sprites are probably in hibernation right now.
Nagisa: No way! But we already came all the way here...
Honoka: So basically they're not in season right now?
Porun: No, popo! No, popo! I want chocolate, popo!
Chocolatier: Oh my. It seems you were really looking forward to seeing them.
Chocolatier: Very well then. I'll tell you about a special place where you can see the sprites all year round!
Honoka: Are you sure? We don't want to make you divulge any big secrets...
Chocolatier: It's not really a secret. As long as you don't take a large amount, there shouldn't be any issues.
Chocolatier: But it's a gamble whether they'll actually appear or not. I'm sorry in advance if you don't end up seeing any.
The chocolatier draws them a simple map and explains how to get to the area.
Nagisa: So we just have to keep going this way, right? I'll lead the way!
Porun: Nagisa, wait, popo!
The moment they have the location, Nagisa and Porun dash out of the shop ahead of the others.
Vyrn: H-hey! Don't go into the forest alone! It's dangerous!
Worried, (Captain) and Vyrn take off after the others.
Honoka: Nagisa gets too carried away sometimes...
Chocolatier: Are you making chocolate treats to give to a special someone?
Honoka: Actually, no. We're planning to eat them ourselves.
Chocolatier: You're making handmade chocolates for yourselves? You must really love chocolate!
Chocolatier: But the next time you decide to make chocolates, I recommend giving them to someone you care about!
Chocolatier: Sweets created using the chocolate sprites' special ingredients are enchanted with love magic, you know.
Honoka: Love magic?
Chocolatier: Yes. It's not real magic though—it's more like a charm.
Lyria: Charm or not, just hearing about love magic makes my heart beat fast!
Mipple: I want to make some for Mepple, mipo!
Honoka: Hehehe. I'm sure he'd enjoy that.
Honoka: Let's catch up to the others.
Ma'am, thank you for filling us in!
Porun: Popopopopo...
Nagisa: This is the place that lady was talking about, right? I don't see any chocolate sprites.
Mepple: Do you even know what they look like, mepo?
Nagisa: She said we'll know them when we see them...
Nagisa: Huh?
???: ...
They hear a rustle, and suddenly a mysterious candy-like creature comes flying out of some nearby bushes.
Mepple: Is that a chocolate sprite, mepo?
Nagisa: It's basically just flying chocolate! That's gotta be it!
Porun: It smells yummy, popo.
Porun approaches the chocolate sprite, enticed by its tantalizing scent.
Nagisa: Oh, right! The raw chocolate!
Nagisa: Excuse me, chocolate sprite! We're dying to make some handmade sweets! Could you spare some chocolate to make them with?
Chocolate Sprite: ...
Nagisa clasps her hands together in a pleading motion, but the chocolate sprite doesn't react.
Mepple: I bet your wish wasn't strong enough, mepo. Be more forceful, mepo!
Nagisa: Chocolate please! Chocolate please!

Chocolate please! Chocolate please!

Chocolate please! Chocolate please!
Porun: It looks so yummy, popo. Can I try a bite, popo?
Chocolate Sprite: ...!
Porun: Popo!
Trembling with anger, the chocolate sprite sends Porun flying deep into the forest.
Nagisa: Porun!
Porun's Voice: That was mean, popo... Sniffle... Wahhh!
Nagisa: Are you okay, Porun?
Chocolate Sprite: ...!
Nagisa: This is all a big misunderstanding! We don't want to hurt you!
Chocolate Sprite: ...!
The chocolate sprite speeds toward Nagisa, leaving a cloud of dust in its path.
Mepple: I don't think it's listening, mepo! Watch out, mepo!
Chocolate Sprite: ...
Nagisa: A-another one? I can't believe this!
Vyrn: Huff... Puff... Nagisa, you're too fast...
Vyrn: Whoa, that doesn't look good!
Chocolate sprites appear one after another, as though coming to their friend's aid.
The sprites then swirl together and fuse to become an enormous chocolate sprite.
Giant Sprite: ...!
Nagisa: Eek! I can't believe this!
Honoka: Nagisa, look out!
Honoka dives in to move Nagisa out of harm's way as the giant chocolate sprite rushes toward her.
Nagisa: Whoa!
As Nagisa and Honoka roll to the ground, more chocolate sprites appear and surround them.
Honoka: Are you okay, Nagisa? You're not hurt, are you?
Nagisa: I'm fine. But Porun got blown over there!
Mepple: You two should transform, mepo! Those things are bad news, mepo! They're getting more and more violent, mepo!
Honoka: R-right!

A Sweet Misunderstanding: Scene 3

(Captain) and company defeat the chocolate sprite and obtain the cocoa pod it leaves behind, but Nagisa is depressed over the fact that it isn't actual chocolate. Honoka proposes that they ask the chocolatier how to use the pod to make chocolate so their efforts don't go to waste.

Giant Sprite: ...
The chocolate sprite begins to weaken as Pretty Cure and (Captain) continue to pummel it with attacks.
Vyrn: It flinched! Now's your chance!
Cure Black: On it!
Cure Black: You okay, Porun?
Porun: I'm fine, popo...
Nagisa takes the opportunity to break past the chocolate sprites and rescue Porun.
Giant Sprite: ...
Cure White: Careful, Black! It's acting strangely!
Cure White: Huh?
(Captain) and company watch warily as the chocolate sprite suddenly glows and transforms into an elliptical object.
Cure White: Is that the raw chocolate?
Cure White: That shape looks familiar...
Cure Black: This must be the fresh chocolate! The shape reminds me of a rugby ball.
Cure Black: It looks rock solid. How are we supposed to eat this?
Cure White: Wait, don't eat it, Black!
Cure Black: Why? It's just raw chocolate, right?
Cure White: I was certain it was going to be chunk of pre-melted chocolate or something...
Cure White: But this is a cocoa pod. It's not chocolate.
Cure Black: A cocoa pod? That's way too raw!
Cure Black: Aw man... I can't believe this...
Black breathes a deep sigh and sinks to the ground.
Mepple: I thought it sounded too good to be true, mepo. Why would there be chocolate in a forest, mepo?
Mipple: I guess that chocolate tree is still a far-off dream, mipo...
Vyrn: That's what you were expectin'? Now I get why you were talkin' about freshly harvested chocolate...
Cure Black: Let's give up on the handmade chocolates and just buy some from that shop we stopped at earlier.
Cure White: But we went to so much trouble getting that cocoa from the chocolate sprite. It'd be a shame to let it go to waste!
Cure Black: But it's a cocoa pod! How are we supposed to make chocolates with that?
Cure White: All chocolate comes from cocoa, so I don't see why we couldn't make the chocolate ourselves.
Cure White: Maybe we can ask that chocolatier from earlier to teach us how.
Cure Black: I'm not sure I'm up to the task...
Cure White: If we give up now, I'll feel bad for the chocolate sprite that gave us the cocoa.
Cure White: I'm sure it'll turn out okay! Let's at least give it a try! What do you say?
Cure Black: Fiiine... This is going to end badly, I just know it.
After explaining the situation to the chocolatier, she agrees to teach them the method for making chocolate from cocoa.
Back on the Grandcypher, Nagisa and Lyria stand in the kitchen crushing roasted cocoa beans according to the recipe they were given.
Nagisa: Ahh... Nothing like the smell of chocolate!
Lyria: Yeah! The more we crush the beans, the more powerful the smell becomes!
Nagisa: It took forever, but it's finally starting to look like cocoa powder.
Nagisa: All right! Let's keep it up!
Gripping the wooden pestle tightly, Nagisa continues carefully grinding the cocoa beans into powder.
Lyria: Nagisa, you mentioned that you've decorated your own chocolates before...
Lyria: Were you by any chance making them to give to someone?
Nagisa: Oh... Yeah.
Nagisa: See, there's this guy at school I admire. He's the star of the soccer club, and I go to watch his games all the time.
Nagisa: I made the chocolates for him... But a lot of stuff happened, and I didn't end up giving them to him.
Lyria: I've made chocolates for someone special before too. It really makes your heart pound, huh!
Nagisa: M-makes your heart... pound?
Nagisa: I-I... I don't like him like that or anything!
Lyria: Huh? Why are you flustered all of a sudden?
Nagisa: I-I'm not flustered!
Despite her claims, Nagisa for some reason begins crushing the beans more forcefully.
Nagisa: I'm not in love with him or anything... I just wanted to give him chocolates, that's all...
Lyria: Oh no! Nagisa! It's spilling over the sides!
Nagisa: Huh? Whoops!
Honoka: Sorry for making you do all that work! The fragrance oil for the treats is ready!
Mipple: It smells wonderful, mipo! Give it a sniff, mipo!
Nagisa: Huh? Lemme see... Sniff, sniff...
Nagisa: Wow! Smells fancy!
Honoka: The taste is a bit sour but refreshing.
Porun: Nagisa, your cocoa smells yummy too—like chocolate, popo!
Mepple: The cocoa powder came out pretty well, mepo. Not bad considering Nagisa was involved, mepo.
Nagisa: Yeah, how do you like that! I can get stuff done when I need to!
Honoka: I know crushing those beans was a lot of work, you two. Leave the rest to me!
Vyrn: We brought some fruit from the pantry. (Captain) thought we could try dippin' 'em in chocolate!
Nagisa: Chocolate-covered fruit, huh... I think I'll make some too!
Nagisa: Hey, can I take a peek in the pantry?
Vyrn: Sure! I'll show you where it is!
Honoka: Hehe. I think we're going to end up with a lot more chocolate than we expected...
Honoka: Maybe we ought to divide it up and let everyone make their own sweets.
Mipple: That's a good idea, mipo. I was wanting to make chocolates for Mepple anyway, mipo.
Honoka: Then I'll divvy up the fresh chocolate as soon as it's ready.
Once Honoka has put the finishing touches on the chocolate, (Captain) and company set to work making their own individual treats.

A Sweet Misunderstanding: Scene 4

After learning how to make chocolate from the chocolatier, (Captain) and company proceed to create their very own chocolatey treats. Nagisa's creation ends up being a failure, but the experience nevertheless becomes another of the girls' precious memories of the Garden of the Sky.

Nagisa: Okay... Now for the moment of truth!
Honoka: Here goes nothing!
The party kicks off as (Captain) and company taste test their very own chocolatey creations.
Vyrn: I knew it! Apples and chocolate are awesome together! I can't stop eatin'!
Mipple: Mepple, say "Ah!"
Mepple: Ahh... Munch! Mipple, your chocolate nuts are the best in the world, mepo!
Mipple: Oh, Mepple... Mipo!
Mepple: I'll give you one of my chocolates in return, mepo! Say "Ah!"
Mipple: Ahh... Munch! Wow! It's melting in my mouth, mipo!
Lyria: Honoka, your flavored chocolates are delicious! I've never tasted anything like them!
Honoka: It was my first time making them, so I'm glad you like them!
Nagisa: Honoka, look! (Captain)'s black-and-white striped chocolates are so cute!
Honoka: They sure are! I'd love to try one!
Honoka: Say, Nagisa... What kind of chocolates did you make?
Nagisa: Well...
Porun: Nagisa! Your takoyaki chocolates are yummy, popo!
Nagisa: Hey! I wanted to be the first to try them!
Honoka: So you drizzled chocolate on round fruits to make them look like sauce-covered takoyaki balls?
Nagisa: And I sprinkled chopped-up herbs on top in place of seaweed powder! Don't they look delicious?
Honoka: That's so like you, Nagisa!
Honoka: But what kind of fruits are these round white things? They don't look like lychees or pears...
Nagisa: I dunno! But I bet they're rare fruits you can't find anywhere else!
Honoka: Oh, I almost forgot!
Honoka leans closer to whisper something in Nagisa's ear.
Honoka: By the way, I heard something from that chocolatier lady...
Honoka: She said that sweets made from the chocolate sprites' ingredients are enchanted with love magic!
Nagisa: L-love magic?
Nagisa: S-so that means...
Nagisa: Fuji-P! These chocolates are for you! Please accept them!
Nagisa's heart beats wildly as she hands a beautifully wrapped package to the boy she has a crush on.
He flashes a pleasant smile and thanks her as he pops a chocolate into his mouth.
Nagisa: "It seems I've fallen under the spell of your love magic..."
Nagisa: He might say something like that!
Overwhelmed, Nagisa lowers her forehead to the table with a soft thud. She then lifts her head up, only to slam it right back down again.
Nagisa: Aaahh!
No way! No way! No way! No way!
Nagisa bangs her forehead on the table, repeating the same phrase over and over like a robot.
Vyrn: Whoa! Nagisa's broken!
Lyria: Oh no! You're going to hurt your forehead if you keep hitting it on the table like that!
Honoka: Nagisa, try to calm down.
Nagisa: Man... This love magic stuff is too much for me...
Nagisa: Munch!
Nagisa begins stuffing her mouth with the takoyaki chocolates, when suddenly her expression turns grim.
Nagisa: What's going on? These aren't sweet at all... Actually, they don't really have a taste...
Honoka: Really? Mind if I try one?
Honoka takes a chocolate from the plate Nagisa holds out to her and tries a bite.
Honoka: Nagisa, this is a turnip!
Nagisa: No way! I can't believe this...
Mepple: You can't give chocolates like these to Fuji-P, mepo. Maybe Porun, but he'll eat anything, mepo.
Mipple: Everyone makes mistakes, mipo. You can just try again, mipo.
Honoka: We still have cocoa left. Let's do this!
Nagisa: I guess you're right. If I'm making them for Fuji-P, they'll need to be a lot fancier!
Nagisa smiles happily as she helps herself to one of her friends' chocolates to clear the bad taste from her mouth.
Nagisa: But wow... I didn't realize how hard making chocolate can be. I'll make sure to savor all the chocolate I eat from now on.
Honoka: Making chocolate from square one turned out to be a valuable learning experience!
Nagisa: I wasn't sure at first, but I'm glad we gave it a shot!
Honoka: Yeah! It'll be a really great memory!
Despite the obstacles and failures they may face along the way, Nagisa and Honoka strive to live each and every day to the fullest.
The memories of the laughter they've shared with their friends in the Garden of the Sky will surely prove to be a source of power for the girls, perhaps even bringing forth a miracle one day.
Porun: These turnip chocolates are yummy, popo! Nagisa, you're good at making sweets, popo!
Lyria: They really are delicious! Munch, munch...
Vyrn: H-how can they eat those things...
The others watch, bewildered, as Porun and Lyria cheerfully finish off the remaining takoyaki chocolates.