Scenario:Cure Black and Cure White - Opposites Attract

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Opposites Attract

Aboard the Grandcypher Nagisa and Honoka teach the crew about the sport of lacrosse in their own unique ways. (Captain) and the crew express their amazement at the fact that the girls are so close despite being complete opposites, but Nagisa and Honoka explain that their differences make spending time together all the more fun.

Nagisa and Honoka—a pair of legendary warriors known as Pretty Cure—have succeeded in protecting Lyria from the Erste Empire.
The two were welcomed aboard the Grandcypher by (Captain) and the crew and are currently traveling the skies together with them.
Today is a day like any other day.
Nagisa: Hyaaah!
Lyria: Oh my!
Vyrn: Sh-she's crazy fast!
Nagisa has challenged (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn to a competition in her favorite sport—lacrosse.
Honoka: Show them what the star of the lacrosse club can do!
Honoka: Go for it, Nagisa!
Nagisa blows past Lyria and Vyrn while skillfully guarding the ball within her crosse—a long stick with netting on the end.
Nagisa: All right! Time to finish this!
  1. You're not getting past me!

Choose: You're not getting past me!
Nagisa: Whoa!
(Captain) stands in Nagisa's path and swings a stick at her crosse in an attempt to knock the ball loose.
Nagisa: ((Captain)'s got some good reflexes!)
Nagisa: (But not good enough!)
Nagisa: Hyah!
Thanks to her skill with a crosse and expert footwork, Nagisa manages to break past a bewildered (Captain).
Nagisa: Here goes!
The ball sails directly into the center of the bucket designated as the goal.
Nagisa: All right!
Lyria: Wow! You were so fast I couldn't keep up!
Honoka: Hehe! Three-on-one and you still won!
Nagisa: Sure did! It'll take more than that to beat me!
Nagisa gives Honoka a high five and flashes a bright smile.
Vyrn: Huh, I'd never played this lacrosse game before. Guess there's a first time for everything!
Honoka: Well, this time the three of you were just trying to keep Nagisa from scoring...
Honoka: Usually you split into teams of ten for guys or twelve for girls and try to score by getting the ball into the opponent's goal.
Honoka: Lacrosse was originally a ritual performed by the indigenous peoples of North America to train their minds and bodies!
Vyrn: You sure know a lot about it! Do you play too?
Honoka: Actually, no. I just did a bit of research on the rules and history of the sport after meeting Nagisa.
Nagisa: Honoka knows so much about so many subjects that everybody calls her the Queen of Knowledge!
Lyria: The Queen of Knowledge? That's amazing!
Honoka: Not really. I think all-around athletes like Nagisa are much more amazing.
Vyrn: So you gals have your own unique talents, huh!
Nagisa: Yeah! You know what they say: different yolks for different folks!
Honoka: I think you mean "different strokes for different folks." Were you just thinking about food again?
Vyrn: Still, you two are total opposites.
Vyrn: You're so in sync when you're fightin', I woulda thought you'd be good at most of the same stuff.
Nagisa: Nope! We're as different as night and day!
Honoka: You said it.
Lyria: Hehe. You two sure get along well for being opposites!
Nagisa and Honoka exchange bright smiles as though confirming Lyria's words.
Lyria: Oh! There's an island over there!
As the ship breaks free of the clouds, they spot a small island floating in the bright blue sky.
  1. Let's land there.

Choose: Let's land there.
Vyrn: Oh, right. You said you wanted to make some repairs to the ship after that run-in with the empire.
Honoka: Fixing the ship on your own must be hard work. Is there anything we can do to help?
Vyrn: Don't worry about it. I bet you gals are worn out from the long trip, so just take it easy!
Lyria: We were planning to head to the village to do some shopping. Would you two like to come along?
Nagisa: Really? Sure!
Honoka: Thank you! We'd love to!
(Captain) and company disembark from the ship and make their way through a quiet forest on their way to the village.
Honoka: Wow! What an oddly shaped plant!
Honoka's eyes sparkle as she rushes over to inspect a white flower sprouting from the root of a tree.
Honoka: Is this long, thin part the stamen? Sniff, sniff... It smells wonderful!
Vyrn: Those flowers grow everywhere. Are they really that interesting?
Honoka: Yes! They're fascinating!
Nagisa: Even in the Garden of the Sky, Honoka's the same as always.
Honoka: We're in a whole other world! How could I not be curious about the things they have here?
Honoka: Speaking of, it's so strange to see a dense forest like this growing high above the clouds!
Nagisa: Trees don't usually grow this high up?
Honoka: Right. In our world we have something called the timberline.
Vyrn: I'm not followin'. You keep sayin' we're high above the clouds, but there are clouds above us too, y'know.
Honoka: Where we live the islands don't float, and all the clouds drift way up in the sky, far away from the ground.
Lyria: The islands don't float? Then what surrounds the islands in your world?
Honoka: Our islands are surrounded by oceans.
Vyrn: Oceans?
Vyrn: Your oceans are bigger than islands? Whoa!
Lyria: So your world is covered in water? How mysterious!
Honoka: Hehe. If you ask us, a world where islands float in midair is way more mysterious.
Nagisa: Does that mean you don't know what's making the islands float, Honoka?
Honoka: Yeah, I have no idea... The climate difference is one thing, but that's only the tip of the iceberg.
Honoka: And that's exactly why I want to analyze every detail!
Nagisa: That sounds like something you would say.
(Captain) and company continue through the forest as sunlight filters gently through the treetops above them.
Nagisa: Whoa! Uh... D-don't mind me...
Lyria: Well, it is almost lunchtime. I'm getting hungry myself!
Vyrn: Then how about we grab some grub before we shop? Whaddya say, (Captain)?
(Captain) agrees eagerly, and they enter a restaurant near the entrance of the village.
Nagisa: Chomp, chomp... Mmm! Yum!
Nagisa: What's this called? It tastes like takoyaki!
Honoka: Even in the Garden of the Sky, Nagisa's appetite is still as big as ever.
Nagisa: Mmm—we're inna whooole other worl—nom!
Nagisa: Gulp!
Nagisa: How could I not compare the food here?
Honoka: Good point.
Nagisa: This meat looks delicious! Don't mind if I do!
Nagisa: Munch! Mmm! Hehe!
Nagisa: Cough! Urgh...
Vyrn: Whoa, you okay? Don't tell me it got stuck in your throat...
Honoka: Nagisa, please...
Honoka stands and claps Nagisa soundly on the back, with an attitude that suggests this isn't the first time such a thing has happened.
Nagisa: Cough!
Nagisa: Man, I thought I was a goner... Thanks, Honoka.
Honoka: Don't mention it.
Nagisa: I've got plenty of room left! What should I eat next?
Honoka: Just don't inhale it, okay?
Nagisa: I'm fine! Don't worry!
Nagisa resumes shoving food into her mouth as if the choking incident never happened.
A smile spreads across Lyria's face as she notices Honoka continuing to keep a close eye on Nagisa.
Lyria: The two of you really are polar opposites...
Lyria: But I think I can see why you're so close!
Nagisa and Honoka nod happily in response.
Honoka: Sure we're different, but that's exactly why it's so fun being together!
Nagisa: Yeah! We didn't know how to deal with each other at first, but our differences ended up bringing us closer.
Lyria: Your differences brought you together, huh. That's quite philosophical!
Honoka: Philosophical? It's nothing that fancy...
Nagisa and Honoka have completely different personalities, talents, and interests.
But fighting side by side as Pretty Cure caused their friendship to blossom.
And as time goes on, their bond only grows stronger.
As long as they continue to acknowledge and respect each other, perhaps one day that bond will even bring lasting hope to the world.