Scenario:Daetta - Crew's New Star

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Crew's New Star

The party listens to a traveling bard's song at a tavern inside an inn. Deeply impressed by the bard's performance, Daetta tries to imitate his singing. When Lyria notices her singing, Daetta hurriedly leaves the tavern. The party worries about Daetta when she doesn't return for a while. Then suddenly, the village is invaded by monsters.

The party has dinner at a tavern. A traveling bard sings a song beautifully, and the people in the tavern are moved by his performance.
Rackam: Whoa! I'm impressed!
Lyria: Yeah! It was such a great song! Don't you think so, Daetta?
Daetta: La la la la la!
Lyria: Hm? Is that the song the bard was just singing?
Daetta: Wha...?! I-It's nothing! I was just thinking about something!
Lyria: Ah! Oh, you liked that song? Me, too!
Daetta: Ugh!!! I-I forgot something in my room! I'll be right back!
Lyria: Hmm... Daetta's not back yet... I wonder what happened...
Katalina: She said she's going to her room, but... I'll go check on her.
They all search for Daetta. But there is no sign of her.
Lyria: Ohh... Daetta... where did you go...?
Rackam: Hey now... don't tell me she went outside by herself.
Man: S-Somebody! Come help!!
Katalina: Let's move! It's coming from outside!
Monster: Guuooooaaarrrgh!
Vyrn: Agh! Monsters?!
Rackam: This is bad! There's a lot of 'em! What have the guards been doing?!
Rackam: Geez! Hey! Daetta! Where are you?
Daetta: Why you...! Where did you all come from?!
Vyrn: There! Come on, (Captain)! (Captain)!

Crew's New Star: Scene 2

Daetta told the party that she would like to sing like to sing just like the bard. They tell her to give it a try, but she says she's afraid that they'll laugh at her lisp. She decides to try and sing after being encouraged by the party, but is interrupted by another monster attack.

Katalina: Well... Looks like that's all of them...
Rackam: What's with those monsters... You okay, Daetta?
Lyria: Hey! I was worried about you! You disappeared so suddenly...
Katalina: Are you all right? Did something happen at the inn?
Daetta: Oh... I...
Daetta tries to say something, but stops herself.
(Captain) and party stay alert for monsters as they wait for her to speak again.
Daetta: I have a bit of a lisp... so I envy that bard because can sing so beautifully...
Daetta: I want to sing like him... but I know I could never do it... And I just felt like going outside...
Daetta: Then monsters came out, and I ended up fighting them...
Rackam: I see... you want to sing like that bard, huh? Then why don't you give it a shot?
Rackam: Listen. I hear there are singers out there that have lisps too. They sing in a way that no one else can.
Rackam: Heheh... That's what my singer friend tells me, anyway. Well? Why not at least give it a try?
Vyrn: Haha! Now that's a good idea! Sing for us, Daetta!
Daetta: W-Wait a second! I've never sang in front of other people before...
Daetta: And I'm afraid people will laugh at my lisp...
Rackam: It'll be all right! You're the hero that fought in the front line for this village. Nobody will laugh at you.
Katalina: Ah. And besides... we wouldn't let anyone laugh at you.
Daetta: Okay... Then... I'm gonna try!
Man: S-Somebody help! Monsters again! There’s a monster!!!
Vyrn: All right! Let's take out these monsters real quick and celebrate back at the tavern!

Crew's New Star: Scene 3

With the battle now over, Daetta finally decides to sing in front of the villagers. The bard plays his instrument, and Daetta starts singing along. When the villagers hear her sing, they become captivated by her unique singing voice. Since learning the joys of singing that day, Daetta makes a habit of singing on the deck of the airship when no one is around.

The villagers are still pumped up after the battle, and so they drink and get rowdy despite their injuries.
As if to give praise to the people that fought so bravely, the bard sings a song about a valiant hero.
Daetta: Mister bard! Please... play a song for me!
Daetta: Also... I'd like to sing this one!
Bard: Sure, of course!
The bard strums his instrument, and a melody begins to play. Daetta hesitates only for a moment before she starts singing. The tavern quiets down, and all eyes turn to her.
Villager 1: Huh, she's got a really pretty voice. She seems so different from when she was fighting. Hey!
Villager 2: She seems a bit unsteady, but it only makes me want to root for her more.
Villager 2: Actually... it's almost as if she's the one who's rooting for me...
Villager 1: Woo! Great job! Hey, sister!
Vyrn: Whahaha! They love it!
Rackam: Hahaha! She got all worried for nothing!
Villager 2: Hey! Hey, young lady! Sing another song for us!
Daetta: A-Another one?!
Lyria: Yeah! I want to join in, too!
The tavern is filled with cheers and applause for Daetta.
She blushes as many voices from the audience request another song.
Daetta: T-This is too much!
Lyria: Oh no! She's running away! Daetta!
Rackam: Hey now... She better not go outside again!
Katalina: We'd better go get her... Let's go, (Captain)! (Captain)!
And so, Daetta learns the joys of singing and her night of trials comes to an end.
Since then, she could be seen singing on the deck of the ship at night when no one is around.