Scenario:Daetta - Lovin' the Wild

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Lovin' the Wild

The party are proceeding up a mountain path on a request, when they encounter a single injured monster. Looking at the wound, Daetta instantly determines the monster sustained the injury from a fellow monster bite. Just then, a pack of monsters close by raises a cry, and an enraged Daetta rushes toward it.

Having undertaken a request to transport goods, the party is heading toward a village on the side of a mountain.
Daetta: You guys are all so slooow! Sun's gonna set soon!
Vyrn: Wheeze… pant… H-hold up… you're too fast, Daetta!
Lyria: Ha ha ha… you're full of energy!
Daetta: Hm? OK, let's take break. I go get water!
Vyrn: Whew! I can finally catch my breath. Come sit down, Lyria.
Lyria: Whoa! V-Vyrn, behind you!
Injured monster: …………
Vyrn: Gah! A monster?
Daetta: Get back! I take out monster!
Daetta: H-huh? This monster… hurt.
Injured monster: …Rrraaawwwlll.
Vyrn: Wait, what? Did that weird cry come from this guy just now?
Injured monster: …Rrraaawwwlll.
Lyria: Er… hmm… it actually sounds… kinda cute…
Daetta: …………
Vyrn: Huh? Uh-oh, there's a large pack of monsters over there!
Injured monster: …………
Lyria: Huh? It's afraid of those other monsters? B-but why?
Daetta: …This little one… I…
Vyrn: Huh? What's with that serious face?
Daetta: This wound from bite. Bite wound from other monsters.
Daetta: …Because it have different voice.
Lyria: Oh! Th-the monsters are coming this way!
Daetta: I won't forgive it… I gonna get you all!
Vyrn: Huh? H-hey! Don't just charge in by yourself like that!

Lovin' the Wild: Scene 2

Naming the monster "Wulfric," Daetta takes it along with them on their journey, but Wulfric doesn't seem best pleased with the idea, not warming up to the party at all. Even so, Daetta refuses to give up on it, likening the creature's situation to her own past, when she was shunned due to her poor communication skills. Just then, some skyfarers visiting the village notice Wulfric, and attempt to deal with it.

The crew has reached the village safely and delivered the goods it was requested to transport. However…
Daetta: This guy gonna travel along with us. Right, Wulfric?
Wulfric: …………
Vyrn: Hey, it's, uh, glarin' at me pretty bad. You sure it's not angry at being forced to come with us?
Lyria: Hmm… I do think it's a little dangerous… The people in the village were kinda scared, too…
Daetta: No problem! Watch. Wulfric, shake!
Wulfric: Grrarrgggulll!
Daetta: Yowch!
Vyrn: Yikes! I-it bit Daettra?
Daetta: Wh-what you mean? This his way to show affection! Right, Wulfric?
Wulfric: Grrarrgggulll!
Lyria: Eek! I-it's biting her on the head!
Vyrn: Gaaahh… I can't see this ending well…
Daetta: Wulfric! I brought you food from inn!
Wulfric: …………
Daetta: What's wrong? If you not eat, your wounds not heal!
Daetta: Nnghh… come on, open mouth!
Wulfric: Grauwww…
Daetta: Huh? Ahh, gotcha. No strength for eating, huh?
Daetta: Then I take care of you first. I brought bandages, 'K?
Wulfric: Grauwww…
Daetta: No time be picky, Wulfric. Your life is on line!
Wulfric: …………
Daetta: OK, good boy.
Daetta: I'm same as you. Was bullied by all children around, hated speaking.
Daetta: But now fine. I have friends who understand… speaking fun now.
Daetta: I hope Wulfric can be same!
Wulfric: …………
Skyfarer 1: Phew… we finally made it to the village… that took ages…
Skyfarer 2: Yeah, let's find a place to rest, first. Man, I'm hungry as a… as a wolf!
Skyfarer 1: Oh, hello, Miss. Could you tell us the whereabouts of the nearest—
Skyfarer 1: GOOD GRIEF! Whatever are you doing with that monster?
Daetta: Huh? Oh, n-not monster! This little one only—
Skyfarer 2: You beast! I'll deal with you this instant!
Wulfric: …Guarrrhhhlll!
Skyfarer 2: UGH! Curse it… Even though it's injured… Guess this is what they mean by "beware the wounded beast"!
Daetta: Yaahh! No, s-stop, Wulfric!
Vyrn: What in the sky's goin' on here? Why are Wulfric and the skyfarer…
Lyria: Th-this is awful! At least one of them's going to get badly hurt at this rate…
Daetta: Ngh…
Daetta: All my fault! We gotta stop both!

Lovin' the Wild: Scene 3

Although the party manages to resolve the fight, the skyfarers show contempt for Daetta's attempts to tame Wulfric. Faced with the reality of the situation, Daetta is forced to make a difficult decision, finally choosing to release Wulfric into the mountains. At the very end, however, Wulfric opens its heart to her a little, before departing into a forest.

The party resolves the situation, as the skyfarers make clear their opinion on the futility of Daetta's attempt to tame a monster.
Distressed by this, Daetta makes the agonizing decision to depart from the village and part with Wulfric in the mountains.
Daetta: Wulfric… sorry I drag you along with us…
Wulfric: …Rrr?
Daetta: Listen, your voice special, unique. So you not worry about teasing, 'K?
Daetta: You meet good friends someday. Was same for me! So, Wulfric too… you…
Lyria: Ohh… Daetta…
Daetta: …Here, lunch. You eat this, and we say goodbye.
Wulfric: …………
Vyrn: Oh… Guess monsters can't just chow down like us while they're aware of their surroundings. We better leave the food here and go…
Daetta: Wulfric…
Just then, Wulfric gently nuzzles Daetta's face, and begins to eat the food from her hand.
Daetta: Oh!
Wulfric: Gruuaaarrlll.
Daetta: Rraa, rrawww?
Wulfric: Gruuaaarrlll.
Daetta: Rrrarr! Ra-rarrrwwwrr!
Vyrn: Erm… are these two… actually talking right now?
Lyria: Hmm… well, they're certainly communicating something. That's the feeling I get.
Daetta: Take care! Come see again!
Daetta continues waving until Wulfric passes over a ridge and disappears from view.
From that time on, it is said that incidents of monsters attacking humans decreased in that mountain vicinity.
And the story of the miraculous bond between a voyaging maiden and monster was long the subject of conversation between villagers.