Scenario:Dante - Blue Past, Feline Future

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Blue Past, Feline Future

Lecia is elated to reunite with the Dante she remembers from her youth. Although their personal beliefs have since changed, they rejoice nonetheless.

One day during a flight on the Grandcypher, Dante receives a visitor at his quarters.
This visitor summons up the courage to ask Dante about his past.
Lecia: Ah! I knew it! You're from the Crew of Enforcers...
Dante: Yes, I am a former enforcer. It was a quite a long time ago.
Lecia: I'm sorry... I should have treated you with the respect you deserve, but I didn't realize your status until now.
Dante: Enough. You need not salute me. Didn't (Captain) explain everything to you?
Dante: I met Lord Rivera and left the Enforcers in pursuit of a free spirit... In other words, you and I hold different beliefs.
Lecia: Yeah, I heard about that, but the Master of Purple Flame deserves respect!
Dante: Oh? You talk like an old-time enforcer, but...
Dante: Where did you come by that knowledge? That nickname is much older than you are.
Lecia: Oh, well, you see... When I was young, I would accompany my dad on his inspections, and one time I visited the training center.
Lecia: We were escorted by a fan of yours who told us all about your title and achievements. I remember Dad was really impressed.
Dante: I see... So you're Blue's daughter.
Lecia: That's right. I never would have guessed that the mage I saw at the training center would turn out to be you...
Lecia: Heehee! That really takes me back! I'm sorry I didn't come talk to you sooner. I was a little surprised.
Dante: Heh. I don't fault you for failing to realize it. After all, the nature of my magic has changed since then.
Rivera: Meow!
Dante: Lord Rivera, what is the matter? I see... Then I shall begin meal preparations at once.
Lecia: Umm... Hahaha, I don't think it's just your magic that's changed.
Lecia: Hey, so if you don't mind, could you tell me some stories from your pa—
Lecia: ...!
Dante: Monsters... Heh. Perfect timing.
Monsters: Groooar!
Dante: Lecia, was it? What's past is past. I'll show you how strong I am now!

Blue Past, Feline Future: Scene 2

Dante tells of Lecia's father, otherwise known as the Blue Knight. Despite only conversing with the knight once, Dante feels ambivalent about him.

Dante: Haaah!
Monster: Graagh!
As the party fights off monster after monster, Lecia is captivated by Dante's unique magic.
Lecia: I should have expected no less! It's so innovative... So this is freedom...
Dante: You outdid yourself back there as well. I see you've molded Blue's swordsmanship into something of your own.
Lecia: Huh? Y-you think so?
Dante: Yes. That said, Blue was far above my station. I never did get the chance to see his power up close.
Dante: In fact, we only spoke once. It was the day I quit the Enforcers, as a matter of fact...
Dante: ...
Lecia: Umm, Dante? Wh-what's wrong? Did my dad say something rude to you?
Dante: Do you wish to know of the deep connection between Blue and myself?
Lecia: Wh... What connection?
Monster: Grraah!
Dante: Hm? I thought we wiped them all out...
Lecia: What? Oh no! The monster's attacking Mewmew!
Mewmew: Meeewww!
Monster: Graaar!
Dante: What? Damn, I let my guard down!
Dante: Nnrrgh! Lady Mewmeeew!
Monster: Groaar!
Lecia: No way... Did it just take control of the magic's trajectory? Is... is that even possible?
Mewmew: Mew, mew!
Dante: Lady Mewmew... Come! Jump into my arms if you please!
Dante: Come at me, monsters! I will not let anyone impede our freedom!

Blue Past, Feline Future: Scene 3

Due to issues related to cats, Dante begins to harbor feelings of both hostility and respect for the Blue Knight. Dante summons up his determination for a possible confrontation with the Blue Knight.

The party defeats all the monsters. After catching his breath, Dante explains his connection with the Blue Knight.
Dante: The day I left the Enforcers... Your father happened to be at the Fourth Fleet Headquarters, and he heard about my leave.
Dante: As I gathered my belongings, he asked me why I was leaving.
Lecia: I see... Even when swamped with work, he must've wanted to stop a promising enforcer like you from leaving.
Dante: I'm not sure. It seemed to me that he was simply curious. I suppose only he knows for sure.
Dante: Anyway, I told him that I had met Lord Rivera and learned the value of freedom...
Dante: I was young and naive. At the time, I deeply respected Blue, and I wanted him to understand how I felt.
Lecia: So what did Dad say?
Dante: Well... He listened to me in silence...
Dante: And when I was done, he looked me in the eye and whispered...
Dante: Why not adopt a dog?
Lecia: What?
Dante: I'll never forgive that Blue Knight! Laughing at freedom is one thing, but to compare Lord Rivera to a dog is blasphemy!
Dante: Naturally I challenged him to a duel, but the captain ran in and stopped us.
Lecia: Well, uh... I don't think Dad meant it. He was probably trying to make small talk.
Dante: I apologize for upsetting you. You're his daughter after all. I shouldn't have told you.
Dante: But someday I will settle the score with Blue.
Dante: I probably stand no chance of defeating him... but I must try. And next time, I won't let anyone stop us. Not even you.
Lecia: Uhhh... O-okay. I won't stop you...
Dante: Heh, you are a commendable enforcer and a fine daughter. Blue is a lucky man.
Lecia is stunned to learn of Dante's heroic resolve.
A duel between freedom and order... Would such a day ever come to pass? Only the sky knows for certain.