Scenario:Dante - Cat, Freedom, and Mage

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Cat, Freedom, and Mage

The party, lost in the mountains of Amalthea, meets Dante, a man who lives deep in the mountains, surrounded by cats. He deeply respects the cats, treating them like royalty, even giving them noble titles. The cats start to gather around Lyria, and Dante sees that they admire the freedom of the Grandcypher crew, and wish to join them on the adventure. The crew accept, and Dante and the cats come aboard!

The crew had just finished a quest deep in the mountains of Amalthea…
But, they became lost on the mountain path. The night grew cold, and the crew were reaching the limits of their endurance…
Vyrn: Brr… So… cold… Hey, haven't we passed this sign before?
Lyria: Urgh… I thought that as well…
Vyrn: Dangit! This is looking bad, you guys!
Lyria: Brr… I can't walk another step… Is this… the end?
???: Ahh…Much time has passed ere I saw anyone here.
Vyrn: H-hey! Are you a mirage? You're not? Thank the gods, we're saved!
Lyria: Hello? We seem to have lost our way, and…
???: So it seems.
Vyrn: That was close… We nearly froze!
???: Indeed you did. Anyway, I must be going…
Vyrn: Wait, what? C'mon!
???: Hmm?
Lyria: Please! Could you please take us somewhere to warm up?
???: If following is what you wish, then by all means, follow me.
Vyrn: So is he saying we can go with him?
Lyria: Erm… Thanks?
Vyrn: Of all the… It certainly looked like he was gonna just leave us there!
Lyria: Well he doesn't seem to have any ill will towards us…
Lyria: Hey! He's gone already! Quick, we've got to follow him!
Along the way, the man introduced himself as Dante, and showed them to his home, a small mountain hut.
In the hut was an extraordinary number of cats! Some were walking around, some were lying on the floor…
Lyria: Aaa! They're so cute! So fluffy! Come here, little kitty!
Dante: Fie, get thee away from there! Lady Rivera is taking her rest.
Lyria: Wha-? Lady… Rivera?
Dante: The poor lady who thy hand sought to disturb! It is most improper to interrupt a lady's rest!
Vyrn: Hey… This guy's kinda weird…
Lyria: A bit… But he seems nice enough…
Vyrn: Hey mister, have you always lived up here? Not that I'm complaining, you saved our lives, but it's kinda remote!
Dante: In the village, there are rules, set down by one man to control another.
Dante: However, I wish not to be bound by one man's law. I live according to my own rules. No one else shall dictate my life to me.
Dante: Freedom. Truly, I wish to be free. Just like the fine ladies and gentlemen who surround us.
Vyrn: Freedom, huh? Is that why you live by yourself?
Dante: By mineself? What are thou saying… Fie!
A cat had woken up, wandered over to Lyria, and now sat at her feet, staring up at her.
Lyria: Aww, you're so cute! But if I pet you, Mr. Dante is going to get angry again…
Dante: What are you doing! Lord Mukhtar is giving you an order to pet him!
Lyria: Huh? O-okay… I'm sorry.
Vyrn: Oh, so now we're allowed to pet the cats?
Lyria: Aww! He's so warm!
Lyria: Aww, what is it? You want a belly rub? Here you go, rub rub rub rub!
Vyrn: Woah! All the cats are coming towards you, Lyria.
Dante: This is most irregular… It seems the lords and ladies have deigned to grace you with their appreciation.
Dante: Who are ye? It would appear that ye are no ordinary wayfarers…
Vyrn: We're skyfarers, actually! We're trying to get to the Island of the Astrals!
Dante: Hmm… The legendary Island of the Astrals… I know not whether it even exists.
Dante: But thy way of life… Truly, that is freedom.
Dante: Maybe the lords and ladies have sensed that freedom, and that is why they are enamored by thee.
Vyrn: Erm… That's probably overstating it a little…
Rivera: Meowww!
Dante: What? Lady Rivera? Are you indeed serious?
Lyria: Huh? What's going on?
Dante: Indeed, Lady Rivera… I cannot truly say I have embraced a life of freedom in this state…
Dante: In a way, I suppose my life is already being dictated to me. I am tied to this place, after all.
Vyrn: Hey, dude! What are you muttering about, there?
Dante: I have a favor to ask of ye. Would ye be willing to accept a humble man such as myself into thy crew?
Lyria: Woah! That came out of nowhere…
Dante: Lady Rivera told me… She said that she wishes for me to see the world, and fly off into the sky.
  1. Sure, come with us!
  2. The cats are coming too?

Choose: Sure, come with us!
Dante: Very well. I thank you.
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Choose: The cats are coming too?
Dante: But of course. This was a collective decision betwixt myself and the lords and ladies.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Can you really talk to cats? I feel like you're just making stuff up…
Dante: I cannot speak directly to the lords and ladies. I am merely a vessel to sense their emotions.
Lyria: Oh… Well I'd be happy to have all the kitties on the ship with us!
Dante: My magical abilities are unparalleled. Ye shall not regret taking me, (Captain).
Vyrn: Hey, hey… The cats get titles, but Captain (Captain) gets snubbed?
And so, Dante, lover of freedom (and cats), joined the crew on their journey.
From then on, cats became a common sight aboard the ship. They were loved by the crew, and Dante continued looking after them.