Scenario:Dante - Meandering Cat Collector

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Meandering Cat Collector

While the crew are having dinner on an island they are visiting, Dante shows up looking glum. He tells them that Rivera, one of the cats he brought with him, has disappeared. Dante appears confused about whether Rivera has decided to make this island her home, or has simply got lost. The crew set out to search for Rivera and discover her true intentions.

In order to get some rest, the crew have made landfall on an island.
While they were dining, the topic of conversation turned to their many travels.
Vyrn: Haha! I was so shocked when that happened!
Lyria: Yeah, me too! I mean, it was so sudden…
Dante: …If I may interrupt thy beguiling discourse?
Vyrn: Huh? What's up? Why the glum face?
Lyria: Are you all right? You look like you've had a terrible shock…
Dante: I myself am fine… Have you perchance laid eyes upon Lady Rivera?
Vyrn: Erm… by Rivera, you mean one of your cats, right? I haven't seen her…
Dante: Oh how troublesome!
Lyria: Do you think something has happened to Rivera? If there's anything we can do to help…
Dante: Alas!
Dante: I have not caught sight of her fair feline form ever since we made landfall on this isle.
Vyrn: Oh no! You think she's run off somewhere?
Lyria: That's terrible! Let's all search for her!
Dante: A search?
Dante: However… One wonders whether that would be indeed what Lady Rivera truly desires?
Vyrn: Huh? What does that mean?
Dante: If Lady Rivera has decided, of her own volition, to make this fair isle her home… Then she does so of her own free will…
Dante: A gratuitous intervention on our part would be a grievous infringement on that freedom!
Dante: I shall not allow it! Shall not, say I!
Lyria: O… kay…
Perhaps we could use a little perspective here?
Vyrn: Yeah… Are you not over-thinking this a little? She's probably just wandered off?
Dante: Enough! This is the destiny of all of us who seek freedom! I shall pour my tears into a cup, then drink a toast to my old friend!
Dante: To Lady Rivera's new life, I raise my glass!
Vyrn: And that's why you should be listening to what we're telling you! She probably just got lost!
Dante: Hmm?
Lyria: Vyrn's right! She could just be stuck somewhere.
Dante: Wha?? Yes, that could indeed be the case…
Vyrn: You see… It's finally clicked.
Dante: Forgive me. For one such as myself, to have created such commotion, such regrettable disquiet…
Dante: Let us scour this island for her post-haste, and only then may we divine Lady Rivera's true motives!
Lyria: OK! Now, where do cats like to run off and hide…
Dante: The plateau beyond yonder village: I believe it to be quite suited to Lady Rivera's disposition.
Vyrn: OK then! Let's go have a look, (Captain)!

Meandering Cat Collector: Scene 2

The crew are searching a plateau for Dante's cat, Rivera. Eventually they encounter a man who is holding Rivera in his arms. Dante and the man apparently have some bad blood between them, and they start quarrelling. Eventually the man says to freedom-loving Dante, "keeping this cat is my freedom", and battle commences.

The crew were searching for the cat, Rivera, on the plateau, when they entered a clearing.
Vyrn: Here kitty-kitty-kitty! Riveraaaaa!
Lyria: Awww, she's just nowhere to be seen.
Dante: And yet, there are traces of her presence. She must be somewhere on this plateau…
Following Dante's gaze, the crew saw a thick-set man loitering at the edge of the clearing. And, cradled in his arms, was a cat.
Rivera: Meeeow!
Thick-set Man: Awwwww, hello little soft thing! Aren't you a cutie-pie! And where did you come from?
Dante: Lady Rivera!
Thick-set Man: Oh, are you her owner? Isn't she a cute kitty?
Thick-set Man: Wha-? You're Dante, aren't you?
Dante: Mm? Why yes, I…
Thick-set Man: Well, well, well… I see you haven't changed a bit, still crazy about cats.
Dante: You're one to talk! How come you left the Crew of Enforcers?
Thick-set Man: Oh, I left the crew after I got injured. They awarded me the Medal of Valor. A bit different from quitting to look after cats!
Dante: Do you mock my pursuit of freedom? You good-for-nothing Whelp of the Enforcers!
Lyria: Um, could you two stop quarrelling please?
Vyrn: I'll say! Just what happened between you two?
Dante: It is an old enmity. Long ago, I too was in the Crew of Enforcers…
Dante: Of course, back then I lived in accordance with their edicts, but then…
Dante: One day I encountered Lady Rivera, and, by living among felines, mine eyes were opened to the inestimable value of living freely!
Thick-set Man: Eh? What's so free about always dragging a clowder of cats around with you on your business?
Dante: Always? I suppose they were there that one time… when you used the regulations of our ship as a pretext to PERSECUTE us!
Thick-set Man: Huh? "NO PETS ALLOWED ON THE AIRSHIP" is just common sense!
Dante: Well I… calling Lady Rivera "a pet"… Even your venomous scorn must have a limit!
Thick-set Man: You nincompoop! Cats are pets!
Lyria: Errrrm…
Vyrn: This.
Thick-set Man: Enough already with all this "cats are free" clap-trap!
Thick-set Man: OK, let's settle this! From this day forth, I shall raise this cat, as an expression of my "freedom"!
Dante: ZOUNDS!
Thick-set Man: Hehehe! If you want this cat back, you'll have to take her by force!
Dante: I accept your challenge!
Lyria: What? (Captain), hurry!

Meandering Cat Collector: Scene 3

The crew overcome the thick-set man and take back Rivera. The man explains that he and Dante used to be comrades standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the Crew of Enforcers, however, he could not comprehend why Dante left the crew so abruptly. In response, Dante apologizes, and the two repair their relationship. Just then, Dante notices that Rivera has disappeared again, but it turns out she has simply returned to the Grandcypher. Just as he has always done, Dante answers to every whim of his pampered pussycats.

The crew had beaten Dante's former comrade. As he returned the cat Rivera, he explained, resignedly, how he truly felt.
Thick-set Man: Darn it… I respected you, Dante.
Vyrn: What are you saying? In that case, why?
Thick-set Man: (Sigh)… He had great skills, he was popular, and then all of a sudden, he took off with his cats.
Thick-set Man: That really hurt. Him leaving like that.
Rivera: Meow.
Dante: …I see.
Dante: I have no regrets about the path I have chosen. However, I do admit, the change was a little abrupt.
Dante: My deepest apologies, I neglected to make efforts to gain the understanding of my fellow shipmates.
Thick-set Man: No, no, for our part we should've been more senisitve to your feelings.
Dante: (Sigh…)
Rivera: Meow.
Vyrn: Well… that's nice isn't it, everyone's friends again!
Lyria: Yay! It's also quite the coincidence, meeting again in a place like this.
Dante: Yes. Though I suspect Lady Rivera had a hand in this…
Dante: Huh? Where is Lady Rivera? Has she wandered afar once more?
Vyrn: What? Yeah, she just went back. She was heading toward the Grandcypher.
Lyria: Hahaha… She's just stretching her legs I expect.
Dante: Indeed...
Dante: I am indebted to you all. I hope to repay the favor during our travels…
Shall we?
Without looking back, Dante turned and headed for the Grandcypher.
And with that, the crew returned to the airship, the Lady Rivera in tow, and resumed their journey.