Scenario:Dante and Sen - To Be A Cat

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To Be A Cat

Sen is on the deck with one of Dante's cats. She tries befriending the feline, which to her astonishment replies with encouraging words. After a short conversation, Sen then falls asleep. Dante explains to Vyrn that he had been speaking the cat's thoughts for Sen.

Sen: Ah, nice and toasty!
Sen stretches out on the deck of the Grandcypher, squinting up into the limpid blue sky.
Sen: A perfect day for... Huh?
Cat: ...
Sen: Oh, you must be one of Dante's.
Sen finds a cat curled up where she'd hoped to lay. After a moment's thought, she steps back and sits, knees pulled to her chest.
Dante's Cat: ...
The cat glances up at Sen, who fixes her posture ever so slightly.
Sen: Um, er... Hello! Mind if I sit here?
Dante's Cat: ...
The feline responds with a yawn and buries its head.
Sen: Hm...
Sen: (Lyria always pets you and talks to you, doesn't she? Her and everyone else...)
Sen: (Maybe you and me can be friends, too. Guess I've just gotta talk.)
Sen: So, uh... Sure is warm here.
Dante's Cat: ...
Sen: I'm Sen!
Dante's Cat: ...
Sen: People always tell me I'm like a cat. Honestly, I don't get it.
Sen: I thought, y'know, maybe if I hung out with a cat...
Dante's Cat: ...
Sen: Back in the woods where I'm from, there aren't any cats. Just the big, wild ones.
Sen: It's good to be here on the ship with a cat like you.
Sen: Meow.
Sen smiles at the reactionless cat and blushes slightly.
Sen: Heh... I'm being a chatterbox. Sorry to bother you while you're sunbathing.
Dante's Cat: No, not at all. You're bothering no one.
Sen: Whoa! Was that really you, Kitty?
Dante's Cat: Yes, and what of it?
Sen: Wow! Uh... Mukuta?
Dante's Cat: As a matter of fact, I am Rivera.
Sen: Oops! Sorry, Rivera.
Rivera: Think nothing of it.
Sen: This is just—I mean, a tiny little cat like you, talking!
Sen: That's it! That's got to be why they say I'm like a cat.
Rivera: It's weighing heavily on you, isn't it?
Sen: I'm just like, how am I like a cat? They're always saying I am.
Rivera: It's truly nothing to concern yourself with.
Sen: Really? You think so?
Rivera: I do indeed. Your friends adore your most catlike feature—your free spirit.
Sen: Hmm... My free spirit.
Rivera: More than whiskers or love of the hunt, it's what makes a cat, a cat.
Sen: This free spirit stuff sounds cool. Guess I've got a lot to learn.
Rivera: As I said, you needn't worry. Simply be yourself.
Sen: Y'know, maybe you're right. Thanks a bunch, Rivera!
Rivera: But of course.
Sen: Aaaah, I feel sleepy. It's so nice and warm...
Sen: Rivera, I... I uh...
Rivera: ...
Lying on her side, Sen curls into a ball. Off to her side, Rivera blinks and yawns.
Dante: Hrm.
Vyrn: What're you doing, old man?
Dante: Oh, it's you, Vyrn.
Vyrn: What's with the cat act? You had Sen thinking the furball could talk!
Vyrn: You oughta just chat with her—no pretending you're a cat!
Dante: I didn't pretend to be anything.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? Then what was that?
Dante: The speech was mine, but the words were Lord Rivera's.
Vyrn: Sounds like the same thing to me!
Vyrn: And either way, Sen still fell asleep talking to a cat!
Sen: Hmm... Urmph...
Vyrn: Sure, she looks like she's got it together. But she's pretty quirky!
Dante: Yes, her heart is gentle and free.
Dante: She and Rivera have much in common.
Vyrn: Hehehe! No one would know better than you, old man. I guess she really is like a cat!
As the two converse, a patch of sun advances past the sleeping Sen.
Rivera: Meow...
Rivera stands and stretches deeply, then returns to Sen's side.
Rivera: Meow.
The cat sidles up beside Sen, and curls back into a ball.
Dante: Yes, Lord Rivera seems to feel a sense of kinship with her.
Sen: Ha... So toasty... So furry... So...
Vyrn: Well, isn't everyone nice and happy!
From that day forward, Sen began sunbathing alongside Dante's cats.