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Clothes for the Dolls

Hoping to make clothing for her dolls, Danua asks Anna for advice on sewing. The two go to town for some cloth. Though Hansel and Gretel are left behind on the Grandcypher, they can't help but worry and so ask (Captain) to help them follow after the two girls.

Anna: ...
One day Anna is in her room mending her doll, Nightmare.
Anna: Okay. All done, Nightmare.
Nightmare: Yeah? Hrm... Not too shabby of a job if you ask me.
Relieved that Nightmare is better, Anna begins cleaning up her tool kit.
Just then, someone lightly knocks on the door.
Danua: Um, excuse me...
Hansel & Gretel: Hello, Anna.
Hansel: Can we come in for a bit?
Gretel: Danua's got a favor to ask!
Anna: Hello, Danua. Come in. Did you want to talk?
Danua: Anna, can you teach me about clothing?
Danua holds out some of the cloth in her arms.
Anna: Clothing? Oh, you must mean sewing!
Nightmare: Whoa, we didn't see this coming! Whatever brought this on?
Hansel: Danua simply wants to make me and Gretel some new clothes.
Danua: I want to help them...
Gretel: I guess she's really pumped about doing stuff for us.
Hansel: The problem is, Danua doesn't know the first thing about holding a needle.
Gretel: That's why she's asking you for sewing lessons!
Gretel: There was also that time you tried to fix the tear on Hansel's head!
Danua: Please, Anna...
Anna: Danua...
Anna's cheeks flush red at her dear friend's request.
Anna: Leave it to me! I'll be the best teacher I can be.
Danua: Heehee! Thank you, Anna.
Danua borrows a sewing kit and starts learning the basics.
After some time, Anna looks to the scraps of cloth Danua brought over before, a question arising in her head.
Anna: By the way, Danua, did you plan on using that to make the new clothing?
The cloth Danua had prepared is all tattered, making it unsuitable for sewing.
Danua droops her shoulders in resignation.
Danua: This is all I have...
Hansel & Gretel: Aw shucks...
Hansel: We went looking in Danua's house, but this was the best we could find.
Gretel: Welp, you can't really expect grade A cloth from an abandoned house, can you!
Anna: I see... The end result turns out a lot better if we start with decent cloth...
Danua: But I don't have any...
Nightmare: This calls for a shopping trip to town!
Danua: Shopping trip?
Anna: Mm-hm... We can go searching for some cute-looking cloth together, if you'd like.
Danua's eyes crinkle at the corners.
Danua: Shopping!
Hansel: Great idea. I'll admit I'm a bit worried about the large crowds in town, but...
Gretel: Nah, everything's gonna be cool with all of us around!
Gretel: Not to mention we get to hang out with Anna!
Danua: Okay! I'll come!
The encouragement from her dolls gives Danua the push she needs to say yes.
Anna: Great... Let's get going then.
Nightmare: Better get a move on if we wanna finish before the sun goes down!
Danua follows behind Anna, both of them in a cheery mood.
Realizing she forgot to do something, Danua turns around.
Danua: Hansel, Gretel, stay on the ship...
Hansel & Gretel: Wha!
Danua holds up the doll-pair, who are frozen in shock.
She brings them to the Grandcypher's lounge and places the duo on a table there.
Danua: I can get the clothing alone...
Danua: Let me do this for you.
Danua and Anna then disembark the ship.
Lyria: You know, I just saw Danua and Anna heading out together.
Lyria: Those two must get along so well!
Vyrn: No argument there! I'm just worried if they're gonna be all right in town by themselves.
Vyrn: Actually, with that pair of dolls by their side, they oughta be fine.
The crew make their way to the Grandcypher's lounge, chatting along the way.
An unexpected sight appears before them.
Gretel: Ah, (Captain)! You've gotta hear us out!
Hansel: It's an emergency. Won't you please offer us your assistance?
The twin dolls flitter about in a frenzied panic.
Lyria: Hey, what are you two still doing here!
Vyrn: What happened to going to town with Danua?
Hansel & Gretel: That was the plan.
Hansel: But at the last second, she told us to stay behind.
Gretel: Without her nearby, we can't exactly move around much. So we're stuck here, fretting over Danua's safety!
The two waggle their head as if trying to bow.
Hansel: Won't you please take us with you to make sure Danua is okay?
Gretel: Not counting our trip to the underworld, this might be the first time Danua's been out and about without us! I'm worried sick!
Hansel & Gretel: Please, (Captain)!
Lyria: Hm... I'm sure Danua had her reasons for leaving you two back here...
Vyrn: Problem is, now they're breaking out in a cold sweat.
  1. Let's tail them.
  2. We can keep an eye out for their safety.

Choose: Let's tail them.

Lyria: Tail them? Playing detective sounds like fun!
Hansel: Sounds great. That way, we can ensure her safety without disturbing her.
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Choose: We can keep an eye out for their safety.

Vyrn: After all, she's doing this for you guys.
Gretel: Sure! Just as long as she's not in danger, I'll keep my mouth zipped!

Continue 1

With a nod, (Captain) lifts the twin dolls.
The crew disembark the Grandcypher and set out in search of their two companions.

Clothes for the Dolls: Scene 2

In their search for cloth, Danua and Anna find themselves lost in the massive crowds and end up in a back alley. They find a stall dealing in gorgeous cloth and purchase some at an unbelievably low price. Danua makes her way to a nearby general store with the cloth in hand, only to be called a thief when she enters.

Danua and Anna arrive at a town plaza, eager to purchase some quality fabric.
With shops strewn about in every direction, they are unsure of where to go first. They try to ask the passersby.
Anna: Um, e-excuse me... Do you know... where I can find cloth...
Nightmare: Geez, would it hurt to hear a little lady out!
Anna: Mm...
Danua: So many people...
Anna: Danua! I'm coming to you now!
Lost in the hustle and bustle of the massive crowds, the two find themselves away from the main thoroughfare.
Anna: Looks like we ended up someplace really eerie...
Danua: It's dark... No one's around...
The two turn around and try to make their way back to the thoroughfare.
It isn't long before they come across a stall displaying all sorts of fancy cloth.
Anna: Hm? A shop out here?
Anna: (They're really pretty, but probably expensive too... It also seems fishy around here. We might be better off just walking past...)
Suspicious of the stall's appearance, Anna gently prods Danua, suggesting that they get a move on.
Danua: Wow... This one is nice...
However, Danua is captivated at the beauty of the cloth laid out before her.
Stallkeeper: Quite the discerning eye you've got there, eh, miss? Everything you see here is of premium quality, imported from outside the island.
Danua: Premium quality... So pretty...
Stallkeeper: Hm, that one would cost you about... this much.
The figure the stallkeeper presents is most exorbitant.
Danua: That's a lot of money...
Stallkeeper: Of course it is! Getting the premium stuff onto this island ain't an easy feat, miss.
Danua: I... don't have enough...
Anna: I hate to say this, Danua, but... Maybe we should just give up and try again on the next island...
Anna attempts to console her dismayed friend.
The stallkeeper's brows twitch at Anna's words.
Stallkeeper: Next island, you say? You're not from here, are you?
Anna: Um, we're skyfarers. We arrived in town not too long ago.
Stallkeeper: Well then, you two are in luck!
The stallkeeper suddenly sings a new tune, leaning forward to speak to his bashful customers.
Stallkeeper: Then I've got something even better for you. You're gonna love our bargain cloth; we don't usually put it up for sale!
He goes to the back of the stall to bring out cloth of even greater beauty.
Anna: Bargain cloth? It's so pretty though...
Stallkeeper: Yep. Due to special circumstances, we don't usually show this to our customers.
Stallkeeper: But since you came all the way out here from another island, I'm willing to give a special deal!
Stallkeeper: Let's see here... How's this for a fair price?
The figure presented this time is missing quite a few digits compared to the earlier one.
Anna: (Even if it is a bargain item, this feels way too cheap...)
Anna: (D-Danua, something doesn't feel right about this place...)
Danua: It's cheap, but...
Danua, too, expresses suspicion at the exceedingly cheap price tag.
The stallkeeper responds with a toothy grin.
Stallkeeper: What are you gonna be using it for, miss?
Danua: Hanse...
For clothes on my dolls...
Stallkeeper: Clothes on your dolls, eh? They're lucky to have you.
Stallkeeper: Surely you'd want the best cloth you can get for your precious dolls, wouldn't ya?
Danua: Uh-huh! Hansel, Gretel... I want them to be happy.
Stirred by his sales pitch, Danua at last pays for the cloth.
Stallkeeper: Appreciate it. I hope your dolls do too...
Stallkeeper: Which reminds me, you're gonna need some yarn to make the clothes, right?
Stallkeeper: There's a bigger place down the street that sells yarn matching the color of this cloth.
The stallkeeper points to a fancy shop in the distance.
Stallkeeper: Pay 'em a visit if you'd like. I'm sure they'd be glad to have your patronage.
Danua: Thank you...
Her eyes are fixated on the beauty of the newly purchased cloth as she offers her thanks.
Putting the back alley behind them, Anna and Danua make for the general store that the stallkeeper pointed out.
Shopkeep: Why, hello ther—
Shopkeep: What the!
Danua: Hm?
Danua looks quizzically at the man's sudden change in expression.
But he pays her reaction no mind, his eyes glued to the cloth in her hand.
Shopkeep: My, my... To think I'd find you so easily!
Shopkeep: You connivin' thief!
Danua: ...!
Danua's eyes open wide at the allegation.
But no matter how many times she reaffirms the situation, the shopkeep's finger is clearly pointed at her.

Clothes for the Dolls: Scene 3

Mistaken for a thief, Danua thinks of fleeing from the situation. But when she sees Anna desperately trying to explain their circumstances, Danua realizes she should muster the courage to do the same. Just then, Danua notices the stallkeeper from earlier prowling about, and with (Captain) and company's help, manages to capture him.

Danua: I didn't steal anything...
Anna: That's right! Danua paid for this cloth!
The two are baffled by what seems like a baseless accusation.
Yet the shopkeep angrily snatches Danua's cloth.
Shopkeep: Nuh-uh, there's no mistakin' it! This is the very cloth stolen from me three days ago!
Shopkeep: I'd recognize this one-of-a-kind design anywhere—my daughter poured her heart and soul into it!
Shopkeep: I had the authorities put you on a wanted list... But I sure wasn't expectin' you to pop outta the woodwork on your own!
Shopkeep: Hey, one of you get some guards here before the thief escapes!
While watching the junior staff burst out of the shop, Danua tries to think of a solution.
Danua: (What now! He won't listen to anything we have to say...)
Danua: (We're going to be captured at this rate... Maybe we should just run away and ask (Captain) for help...)
Danua turns to Anna to suggest that they start making tracks.
Anna: You're wrong. We swear we didn't take anything.
Danua: Anna...
Danua recalls a prior incident.
Danua: Uh-oh...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh...
Hansel: Danua says we're in serious trouble, Gretel.
Gretel: Duh! I can tell that much for myself, thank you very much! Hansel! How are we getting out of this one?
Hansel: How? All we can do is make a run for it!
It was the time she was mistaken for a slasher.
Danua: (Even when I first met (Captain), I couldn't say anything... All I did was run...)
Danua: (But I can't keep running every time I can't get my message across!)
Danua raises her head, standing firmly next to Anna.
Danua: I would never, ever do such a thing!
Danua: We bought this in the back alley! We didn't know the situation...
Danua: The true culprit is that stallkeeper!
Anna: He mentioned that we should drop by here since you have yarn matching the cloth's color...
Anna: Besides, if we were the actual thieves, there's no way we'd be showing our faces here right now!
Shopkeep: Fair point... A thief that goes through the trouble of returnin' a stolen item ain't much of a thief...
The shopkeep isn't so sure anymore that he's speaking to the actual culprits.
Eager to prove her innocence, Danua continues.
Danua: I'll capture the real thief!
Danua: I'll go to his stall right now...
Danua: ...!
Danua senses a presence at the shop's entrance.
Danua: He's here!
Anna: Huh? Danua!
Shopkeep: Hold it right there!
With the startled shopkeeper and Anna in her periphery, Danua barrels out of the shop.
Danua: Found you!
Stallkeeper: Tch, so you did... And here I was looking forward to watching you get hauled off to prison!
Stallkeeper: But maybe it's time to fly the coop...
He turns around only to find guards closing in on him.
Stallkeeper: Cripes! Looks like I'm goin' through you, girlie!
Danua: Oh, no you don't...
Stallkeeper: Outta the way!
The stallkeeper runs up to Danua, thrusting his knife at her.
Danua: (No!)
Danua crosses her arms and screams out.
Danua: Hansel, Gretel! Come!
Her spectral threads activate in response.
The twin dolls leap out of the shadows, following the trajectory of her threads.
Hansel: How gutsy of you to go after Danua.
Gretel: Yeah, let's see how you like your guts when we turn 'em into minced meat!
Hansel & Gretel: Prepare yourself!
Anna: Danua! I-I'll help too!
  1. Let's get him!

Choose: Let's get him!

Danua: Mm... He needs to be punished!

Clothes for the Dolls: Scene 4

With the rotten stallkeeper seized, Danua and Anna are cleared of any misunderstanding. At first, Danua is angry at Hansel and Gretel for tagging along when she specifically told them to stay behind, but she quickly forgives them. Danua receives a bountiful gift of cloth and yarn as an apology for the trouble at the general store.

The crew captures the crooked stallkeeper and hands him over to the authorities.
According to their investigation, the man had been making a living by pawning off stolen goods from the nearby shops.
He was never caught because he always made sure to sell only to visitors to the island.
Shopkeep: Seems like he panicked when he realized the cloth he stole from me was one-of-a-kind, and could be traced back to him as the thief.
Shopkeep: That must be why he tried to pin it on you girls, seein' you as the perfect scapegoats.
Vyrn: From stealing to blaming others for it... That guy's rotten to the core!
Lyria: I'm just glad we were able to capture him, thanks to Danua's and Anna's efforts.
Danua: Yay...
Anna: Ehehe... It was mostly Danua. She was first to leap into action.
Shopkeep: Thank you so much. And I hope you'll find it in your heart to forgive me for suspectin' you.
Danua: It's okay... You listened to our side...
Shopkeep: I sure didn't make it easy for you to get the truth out though...
Shopkeep: If you'll accept this as a token of my apology... I'd like y'all to go ahead and take whatever you'd like from my store. Please, I insist.
The shopkeep hands Danua and Anna a mountain of cloth and yarn, more than they're able to carry alone.
Though humbled at the gift, a part of them is also proud to receive it.
Anna: Um... How should I say this...
Danua: Why... are you all following us!
Hansel: Er, well, you see, Danua...
Gretel: It's not like we're trying to bug you on purpose or anything, but...
Danua: I said... stay on the ship!
Danua pouts as the dolls stammer out an excuse.
Anna: Danua... I'm sure they were just worried about you.
Anna: After all, it was the first time you left them behind to go on an outing...
Nightmare: You know, you seem kinda helpless yourself sometimes, Anna!
Anna: Well... I don't exactly go out to town much either...
Hansel: Oh, it's definitely not that we don't trust you to keep Danua safe, Anna.
Gretel: Yeah, we've got faith in the both of ya!
The dolls are quick to dispel Anna's doubts.
Crestfallen, they walk up to Danua and bow their head.
Hansel: My apologies, Danua. We were so worried about you that we didn't pay attention to your feelings...
Gretel: All right, so we messed up... We'll try to give you a little more space from now on...
Hansel & Gretel: Our bad, Danua...
Seeing how sorry they are, Danua relaxes her expression.
Danua: But I'm glad you were there... You saved me...
Danua: So let's be friends again!
Danua wraps the dolls in a forgiving, warm embrace.
Lyria: Teehee! I'm glad Danua's feeling much better now!
Vyrn: Whew, all's well that ends well.
Vyrn: It sure is nice to see Danua bein' so much more sociable though.
Vyrn: She even managed to convince that shopkeep of her innocence.
  1. Great work, Danua.
  2. What if she doesn't need us anymore...

Choose: Great work, Danua.

Lyria: Mm-hm! She deserves all the praise we can give her!
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Choose: What if she doesn't need us anymore...

Vyrn: Seriously, (Captain)? Hansel and Gretel's influence must be rubbin' off on ya...

Continue 1

Having heard their conversation, Danua looks up to (Captain).
She proudly holds up the cloth and yarn received from the shopkeep.
Danua: (Captain), Hansel, Gretel, I did my best...
Danua: Head pat, please...
Hansel & Gretel: Sure.
Gretel: C'mon, (Captain)! You've gotta do it too!
Hansel: We'll save some for you.
Complying with Danua's wishes, (Captain) and the dolls stroke her head to her heart's content.
Though Danua has matured somewhat, the childish grin on her face suggests she still very much enjoys being spoiled.