Scenario:Danua - Summer Adventures

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Summer Adventures

(Captain) and Danua are enjoying themselves playing the "jeeellyfish" game. They are carried up and down the troughs between the ocean's waves, as dark storm clouds gather around them. Together with a family who are out swimming, the crew are heading back to the shore, when they are sucked towards a whirlpool created by a monster. In order to save the couple's child, who is about to be swallowed up in the whirlpool, Danua and (Captain) take on the monster.

Once again, (Captain) was being pestered by Danua to play the "jeeellyfish" wave-riding game.
(Captain) and Danua let themselves float on the rolling waves. It was a pleasant feeling.
Danua: Jeeellyfish…
Lyria: Heeheehee… Danua has really gotten into this "jeeellyfish" game!
Vyrn: Yeah! Even though she was so scared of the ocean at first!
Danua: Captain…
Hansel: Hmmm… It seems Danua is thanking you, (Captain).
Gretel: HaHa! Seeing Danua like this makes me think she could overcome some of her other troubles!
While the crew enjoyed a brief moment of respite, dark clouds were gathering overhead.
As the skies around them were on the verge of turning overcast, the crew were hailed by a couple travelling with their child.
Father: It looks like a storm is on its way. You should all get back to shore soon.
Lyria: Oh, I think you might be right. Thank you for your concern!
Mother: Around here, when the weather turns bad, the tidal currents can change suddenly. The other day when that happened, someone…
Girl: Mom! Hurry, let's go!
Mother: Yes yes, we're leaving now, sweetie!
The crew and the family began to swim back toward the beach.
Danua: Beach…
Hansel: Yes… Yes-yes… Danua says, "we drifted away from the beach."
Gretel: Oh? If that's the case, we must have been drifting for some time!
Vyrn: Hey, hey look! What's that whirlpool!
Just as the crew noticed this strange phenomenon, the girl started to float toward the whirlpool.
Girl: Somebody! Help me!
Mother: Argh! My baby! 
Father: What the-! What is that thing?
Danua: Swim!
Hansel: Yes… Yes-yes… Danua says, "I'm gonna swim over there with all my might."
With the spray from the storm beating against her, Danua swam as fast as she could.
Lyria: Da-Danua! Be careful!
Gretel: Danua! You can't swim that well! Someone will have to go after you!
The crew had no choice but to accompany Danua in chasing after the girl.
Girl: Wa-watch out…
The crew finally reached the girl's side just she was about to be swallowed up by the center of the whirlpool.
Father: Darn it! We were too late!
Lyria: Hold on! There's something in the center of the whirlpool!
Monster: Graaaargh!
Lyria: So a monster is causing the whirlpool!
Danua: Help…
Hansel: Urgh… urgh urgh… Danua says: help the girl!
Gretel: Yes… Yes-yes… Danua says, "help the girl"!
Father: I- I'll fight as well!
Vyrn: Just let us handle this! Ready your weapon, (Captain)!

Summer Adventures: Scene 2

The crew overcome the monster, but in doing so create an enormous whirlpool that sucks them in. When (Captain) comes to the surface, they are on an unknown beach, and Danua, her dolls, and the girl are nowhere to be seen. The crew are searching for them when, suddenly, they hear a piercing shriek.

Somehow the crew overcame the monster. In so doing however, an enormous whirlpool was created, which started to pull the crew in.
Girl: Aaaaaargh!
Danua: Watch…
Hansel: Hmmm…. Hmmm… Danua says, "WATCH OUT!"
Gretel: Well, duh! Stop stating the obvious and think of a way to help!
Just in the nick of time, Danua caught the girl in her arms.
Lyria: Danua!
Father: Curses! I can't reach her!
Vyrn: We can't all escape the whirlpool! You two, get out while you can!
The parents escaped the giant whirlpool's pull, but the crew, together with the couple's daughter, were helplessly sucked in.
Resisting the force of the whirlpool's current was futile. Gradually, the crew slipped out of consciousness.
The crew slowly lost all sensation in their bodies, and were eventually enveloped by complete stillness.
Floating around aimlessly in the darkness, several hours passed.
(Captain) heard a voice call out near their ear. Coming to, (Captain) could feel wet sand against their cheek.
Vyrn: Hey! Lyria! I think (Captain) is coming to!
Lyria: I'm glad everyone's all right!
The crew had washed up on the shore of an unknown island.
Their relief at surviving was short-lived: Danua and the others were missing, so the crew began to search the surrounding area.
Vyrn: I'm sure Danua and the others must have washed up somewhere around here.
Lyria: Yeah, I hope they're somewhere nearby.
Just as the crew began to look in the bushes at the beach's edge, a loud shriek suddenly pierced the air.
The crew rushed to where the noise had come from, and discovered Danua squaring off against some monsters.
Monster: Grooargh!
Danua: …Back!
Vyrn: Look! There's Danua and the others!
Danua: Huh? Vyrn!
Lyria: Oh-no! We must help Danua!

Summer Adventures: Scene 3

Having rescued Danua and her companions, (Captain) and the crew are resting their aching bodies in a nearby grotto. Suddenly, Hansel and Gretel become inert and unresponsive. Danua is about to burst into tears, but keeps them in check so that she can comfort the girl who is even younger than her. Danua and the girl fall asleep in each others' arms, and (Captain) leaves to scout the area outside the grotto. A short while later, Danua and the others are attacked by a monster that has returned to the cave. Responding to the crew's predicament, Hansel and Gretel come to life once more.

Having rescued Danua and her companions, the crew were resting their aching bodies in a nearby sea cave.
Danua: Hans…
Danua repeatedly called out to Hansel and Gretel, but for some reason the two dolls had suddenly become inanimate.
Danua: Oh… (sniff…)
Danua cried out, sounding like she was about to burst into tears at any moment.
Just then, the girl at Danua's side came to.
Girl: Wh… where… are we? Sis?
Who are you?
Danua: Ah! It's me…
Girl: (Sob… sob…)
Danua: There there…
Girl: Wa…
Danua: Ah… oh no…
Unable to take in her new surroundings, the girl began sobbing, and this sent Danua into a state of flustered panic.
Lyria: D- don't cry! Look! This here is Vyrn, the cuddly teddy bear!
Vyrn: Of all the… for the last time, I'm not a teddy bear!
Girl: (sob… sob…)
Lyria: Oh look! It looks like Vyrn has got her to stop crying!
Girl: B- but I'm scared of lizards…
Vyrn: Hell's bells. Now I want to cry.
The girl's crying was showing no signs of stopping, so the crew had given up trying to console her. Except for…
Danua: Dear… dear…
Danua softly stroked the girl's head.
Danua: There there…
Initially in a state of shock, the girl gradually quietened due to Danua's warm embrace and cooing sounds.
Danua: Hushabye…
there there…
Comforted by Danua's soothing voice, the girl fell asleep in no time at all.
Danua: There there…
Danua: Zzzz… zzz…
Tired out from cradling the girl, Danua also fell into a deep sleep.
Lyria: Pssst... (Danua's a natural!)
Vyrn: (Yes, she's perfect in the big sister role!)
Left to keep a look-out, (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn were about to go and scout the area outside the grotto.
Lyria: Awwww… Looking at that their sleeping faces… somehow… it's making me… (yawn…) sleepy too…
And before she realized, Lyria had also dropped into a deep sleep.
Lyria was awoken from her slumber by a noise coming from the grotto entrance.
Lyria: Mmmm… Are Vyrn and the others back?
Lyria: Aaaaargh!
Lyria managed to parry the monster's surprise attack.
Danua and the girl were woken by Lyria's piercing scream.
Danua: Huh? Lyri!
Girl: Eeek!
Danua: Oh no!
To protect her friends Danua confronted the monster.
Danua: Hans! Gretty!
But Hansel and Gretel did not respond to Danua's pleas.
Girl: Danua!
Danua: Danger!
Danua shielded the girl from the monster's blow, and was slammed into the wall of the cave.
Danua: Ooomph!
Lyria: Danua… take the girl and run!
Closing in on the girl, the monster unleashed a deafening roar of victory, a brutal display of its power.
Danua: No, no…
The monster swooped down on the girl.
Danua: Haaaans! Greeetty!
As if in response to Danua's cry, two blades flashed in the darkness, cleaving through the monster.
Gretel: Why you… Methinks this stupid stinking heap of garbage is getting a little too cocky!
Hansel: Danua? You OK?
Danua: Haaaans! Greeetty!
Falling into a deranged rage, the monster charged toward Lyria.
Lyria: Argh...
Just then, with not a second to spare, (Captain) and Vyrn rushed to Lyria's aid.
Vyrn: Are you all right? Lyria!
Lyria: Never mind about me, we've got a monster to take care of…
Danua: Smash you…
Hansel: Hmmm… hmmm hmmm… Danua says,
"We're going to smash you to pieces!"
Gretel: You betcha last rupie we will! We're gonna knock the stuffing out of this puppet, right (Captain)?

Summer Adventures: Scene 4

The crew have defeated the monsters, thanks to Danua and the dolls. After that, they safely return to Venera Beach and reunite the young girl with her parents. The family profusely thank the crew and take their leave. After they've departed, Danua and (Captain) sit under the stars and listen to the sound of the waves breaking on the beach.

Thanks to Danua and the dolls, the crew had fought their way out of the predicament in the grotto.
Then, the crew made their escape on a fishing boat that happened to be drifting past at that moment.
They made landfall once again at Venera Beach, and the girl was reunited with her parents.
Girl: Waaaaagh! Mommyyyyyyyyyy! Daddyyyyyy!
Mother: Oh pumpkin… I'm so happy that you're safe… What a relief!
Father: All of you… my daughter… thank you, thank you so much! There are just no words that I can…
Vyrn: Hehe! You should thank Danua here!
Vyrn dragged Danua out from where she had been hiding behind (Captain).
Danua: Hi…
Lyria: It's thanks to Danua that we all got back here in one piece!
Girl: Yeah… 'Cos big sis Danua was there I wasn't scared at all!
Danua: Shucks…
Danua became flustered at the girl's profuse words of thanks.
Hansel: Huh? Danua's face has gone bright red. Is she coming down with a fever?
Gretel: Yeah, why has she turned red?
After thanking the crew over and over, the family took their leave of the crew, hand in hand.
Danua stood stock-still and stared at the receding figures of the family, until they had completely disappeared from view.
Danua: Oh Captain...
Danua seemed like she would stick by (Captain)'s side through thick and thin.
Gretel: Yeesh… and I thought she was getting into the big sister role…
Gretel: She's just going to relapse into being a spoilt child again!
Hansel: Yeah yeah… whatever you say Gretel.
Gretel: Sheesh! I don't need a commentary from a dumb puppet like you!
Gretel shrugged her shoulders with an air of exasperated resignation.
Gretel: Oi Lyria! Be a doll, and hose us down with some fresh water wouldya?
Lyria: Huh? Oh… yes! Sure!
Hansel: Typical… Guess I'll have to rely on this lizard then.
Vyrn: For the last time: I'm. Not. A. LIZARD! Just who do you think you are!
Gretel: Look here you stuffed animal! Stop dawdling and wash us out before we get salt-water damage!
On hearing that, Lyria and Vyrn roughly snatched up the insolent dolls and went in search of some fresh water to submerge them in.
As the stars came out, Danua and (Captain) were left alone on the beach
Danua: Mmm…
Danua gazed at (Captain)'s face, bathed in the soft light of the stars.
Without saying anything, Danua took (Captain)'s palm and gently placed it against her own face.
Danua: Pat?
(Captain) gently stroked Danua's head, just as she had done for the young girl.
Danua: Hmmm…
A look of calm appeared on Danua's face, as if she had found inner peace.
Perhaps it would be a slight exaggeration to say that Danua's soul was now healed.
(Captain) promised Danua that they could continue to voyage together as long as she wanted.
The soft sound of distant waves crashing against the shore reverberated around them.