Scenario:Danua - The Least I Can Do

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The Least I Can Do

Danua wishes to summon the spirits of her murdered family and place their souls into dolls. In order to grant her wish, (Captain) and company travel through a monster-infested forest to the witch’s home.

Danua finally opens up to (Captain) and company during their journey. And, in doing so, reveals her true purpose...
To place her murdered family’s souls into the dolls... is Danua’s wish.
(Captain) and company head to the forest to visit a witch who can grant Danua’s wish.
Vyrn: Hey. I hope this one will be a real witch! I’m sick of all the fake magic going on!
Danua: No mis...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh...
Hansel: She says… “There’s no mistake. This is the real deal. ”By the way, Gretel, is this the right path?
Gretel: Hahaha! It’s fine! Totally fine! Just leave it to me! I can just tell, Hansel! Hansel!
Hansel: You can just tell...? That’s not reassuring... You’re never right whenever you say that. Gretel.
Gretel: Excuse me?! You’re the one that gets lost all the time! Hansel!
Vyrn: Hey, this isn’t the time to be fighting! What are you going to do if you get lost...?
Danua: Stone...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh...
Hansel: She says… “I dropped some pebbles along the way to mark our way back. ”
Lyria: Wow! Great job, Danua!
Danua: Pat...
Hansel: Oh... Okay...
Hansel: Danua says… “I want you to do the ritual as a reward. ” Go ahead, (Captain).
As directed by Hansel, (Captain) pats Danua on the head.
Danua closes her eyes and appears to concentrate as she purrs with glee.
Danua: Mon...
Hansel: What was that...? Uh huh...
Hansel: She says… “I sense monsters nearby. ” Here they come. Get ready.

The Least I Can Do: Scene 2

(Captain)’s party arrive at a house made of candy deep inside the forest. A woman who calls herself a student of the witch welcomes the party in. Attracted by the smell of candy, monsters appear and a battle ensues.

The party moves on through the forest, but they get completely lost because the scenery looks the same wherever they go.
Vyrn: I’m hungry... I want to eat apples...
Lyria: Ugh... I can’t walk another step...
Danua: Light...
Hansel: Uh huh... Hm...
Hansel: Danua says… “I see a light over there. ” Do you see it, Gretel?
Gretel: I see a building! Hansel! Hey! Let’s go to the light!
The party walks toward the light and smell a waft of sweetness coming from the house. It is a house made entirely of candy.
A roof made of chocolate bars is supported by walls of cake rolls. The windowpanes are made of candy.
Lyria: Wow...! I-It’s like a dream come true!
Vyrn: That looks good! Hey, can I eat this?
Gretel: Hey! Don’t just go and eat it. It might be poisoned!
Danua: Wait...
Hansel: Uh huh... Okay...
Hansel: She says… “Wait, someone’s coming. ”
???: Oh, my! What adorable little children! Guests for me?
Danua: Witch...
Hansel: Oh... Uh huh...
Hansel: She says… “Are you the witch of the forest?”
???: No. I am the student of the witch who lives in this forest.
Gretel: Perfect timing! Can you let us inside and meet the witch?
???: Um... She’s currently out in the forest, but you’re welcome to wait inside!
Vyrn: Thanks a bunch! Hm...?
Monster: Growl...!
Vyrn: Look! Some monsters came attracted to the smell! Damnit! The candy is mine!

The Least I Can Do: Scene 3

The witch tries to sacrifice (Captain) and company to summon her own family. Danua freed the binds on her friends and fights the monstrosity the witch has become.

The party enters the witch’s house as told by the student.
The party eats a grand feast prepared by the student while they wait for the witch to return.
Vyrn: Hey, lady. When is that witch coming back?
Witch’s Student: Well... I do believe she’ll return in a little bit...
Lyria: Yawn... I’m starting to feel sleepy...
Danua: Sleep...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh...
Hansel: Danua says… “I’m starting to get sleepy, too. ”
Vyrn: Yawn... I can’t keep my eyes open... (Captain)...
Gretel: Hey! What did you do to Danua?! (Captain)! Snap out of it!
Witch’s Student: Hehehe... Yes, yes... Go ahead and sleep...
Hansel: We’re done for... There's no getting out of this one... Don’t you think so, Gretel?
Witch’s Student: Oh? My adorable little dolls. Sleep tight.
Gretel: Hey, Hansel! Now isn’t the time mmrm!
After a while, (Captain) and company wake up with their faces on the cold stone pavement.
They get up to look around, but it is dark and the air is damp around them. It seems that they are in some underground cathedral.
Vyrn: Mmrm... What is this place...? Hey! Someone tied us down… I can’t move!
Lyria: Ugh... (Captain)... It’s dark and scary... T-There aren’t any ghosts... are there?
Danua: Fee...
Hansel: Uh huh... Hm...
Hansel: Danua says… “I feel hazy. ” Gretel? Are you okay?
Gretel: Hansel! Never mind that! Do something about these ropes! Hey! She’s coming!
Witch: Hahaha... I am the witch of this hut. I’ll need you to stay still until my forbidden spell is complete.
Vyrn: Let us go! What are you gonna do with us?! Were you lying about being able to summon souls into a doll?
Witch: I’m sorry for... tricking you. But I didn’t lie about that. You will become my sacrificial dolls for summoning my family.
Lyria: Why would you do this...?
Witch: Wahahaha! You thought that forbidden spells which revive the dead wouldn’t have a price to pay?!
Witch: Sorry. I’m sure you’ll be able to see your family on the other side, Danua... Well, now... Buh-bye!
Danua: Cut...
In the next moment, Danua’s finger begins to emit light. Through her fingertips are astral threads made of her mana, which Danua uses to control Hansel and Gretel.
Hansel: Uh huh... Oh...
Hansel: Danua says… “The ropes have been cut already. ”
Gretel: Don’t just sit there. Let’s get her!
Witch: How unfortunate... I was going to kill you in your sleep to make it painless... But you leave me no choice... Graogh!
Suddenly, the witch’s body is split in two. With a puff of black smoke, a monstrosity appears from within.
Vyrn: Eeek! This is dangerous!
Lyria: She looks like she’s in pain... But we can’t lose! (Captain)! It's coming!

The Least I Can Do: Scene 4

Danua feels down for not being able to summon her family’s spirits. While (Captain) looks on, Danua is comforted by Lyria and Vyrn. With hesitation in her voice, she expresses thanks.

After defeating the wicked witch in the underground cathedral, the party goes out of the forest and returns to the airship.
Danua looks out to the sky with loneliness in her heart, wishing to meet her family again... Even if that means she must dabble with dark spells.
Vyrn: You okay? Danua... There’s always a next time. Right, Lyria?
Lyria: Yup! I’m sure that there’s a way to grant wishes somewhere out there in this world!
Danua: ...
Hansel: It might be better to leave her alone now.
Gretel: Look at (Captain). Just watching over her. That’s the right way to do it!
Vyrn: Um... We’re friends... so we’re willing to help at any time!
Lyria: Please don’t overwork yourself. You can tell us if you need help with anything. We’re friends, after all!
Danua: Eeu...
Hansel: Uh huh... Mm-hm...
Hansel: Danua says… “I have something I want to tell you. ”
Gretel: Whoa! What is it now?
Danua: Than...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh...
Hansel: Danua wants to than? Gragh!
Gretel: Hansel! Shut up for a second!
Danua: T-Thank you... everyone...
Danua wrings out her voice the best she can to express thanks to her friends.
Though her emotional scars have not healed yet, Danua’s voice is returning little by little through the journey with her friends.