Scenario:Danua - Tragic Night

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Tragic Night

The crew asks Hansel and Gretel about the fateful night Danua's family was murdered. After learning of the horrific happenings, the crew decides to search Danua's old home for any clues to the killer.

Danua continues her search for the man who murdered her family, as well as the forbidden arts necessary to channel their departed souls into dolls.
Tonight is a night like any other, and with it comes her usual routine.
Danua: Please...
(Captain) pats her head, gently leading Danua to slumber.
Lyria: Hehe... Seems like Danua's really grown close to you.
Vyrn: Yup! She's getting some peaceful rest for sure!
Danua falls asleep in (Captain)'s lap, and (Captain) peers over at Hansel and Gretel.
Hansel: What's wrong, (Captain)? Have your legs gone numb?
Gretel: Hahaha! No need to overdo it!
(Captain) shrugs, only to pull things in a more serious direction by asking about the incident from Danua's past.
Gretel: Well, I suppose it is about time we told you.
Hansel: You sure you wanna hear about this, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods, and Hansel begins telling the story of that loathsome night...
Danua: Hm... Hmmm... Hm? Waaah!
Danua's Brother: What's wrong, Danua? Had a bad dream?
Danua: N-no. It's nothing, but... I just...
Danua's Brother: Ah! I see. Scared to go to the bathroom alone?
Danua: I-I don't have to go! Besides, I can go by myself!
Danua's Brother: Wow! When I was your age, I was a scaredy-cat.
Danua: Hmph! What a loser!
Danua's Brother: Well, since you're such a big girl, I'll give you a treat!
Danua: I-I don't need anything from you!
Danua's Brother: Oh? That's too bad...
Danua: B-but... if you insist... I wouldn't mind.
Danua's Brother: Really? How about a sleepyhead-rub? Pat... Pat... Pat... Pat...
Danua: Okay, okay... Go ahead... Go ahead...
Danua's Brother: I hope you'll have sweet dreams tonight.
Danua: You too. Good night.
Danua's Brother: Haha... Good night, Danua.
The two siblings sleep through a night like any other.
But a loud noise soon rouses them from their slumber.
Danua's Brother: Ngh... What was that?
Danua: Brother?
Danua's Brother: It's all right. Hansel and I will go check it out. You stay here and wait.
Hansel: Gretel, look out for Danua.
Gretel: Like you even gotta tell me!
Danua: W-wait, brother... I'm going with you.
Seeing the fear in her eyes, Danua's brother reluctantly allows her to come along.
Danua's Brother: If you insist. Stay behind me.
Danua: Okay... I will.
The siblings stay close together as they follow the sound.
???: It's your fault... All of you... All of you...
They find what appears to be a man muttering to himself.
Danua's Brother: You're...
Danua: B-brother?
Danua's Brother: Close your eyes, Danua! Don't look!
Danua: Huh?
Her brother is shaking at the sight of their parents lying on the floor in a sea of red.
Danua's Father: Get... back...
Danua's Mother: Run...
???: Hm? Oh look, the kids...
???: Hey. Cough it up now, and I'll let them live.
Danua's Father: It's in... the basement... Grghk...
Danua's Mother: Don't hurt... my children... please...
???: Heheh. Fine.
???: But living in a world without your parents is a tragedy, don't you think?
The mysterious man creeps his way toward the siblings.
Danua: B-brother...
Gretel: Hold up! You're not really plannin' to fight this guy, are you?
Danua's Brother: Hansel! Gretel! Look after Danua for me!
Hansel: Look after her?
Danua's Brother: Take Danua away from here! Now!
Hansel: Okay... Let's go, Gretel.
Gretel: Tch... Damn it all!
Danua: B-brother... Don't do this...
???: I'll be there in a moment. And it'll all be over just as soon.
Danua's Brother: Not if I have anything to say about it.
Danua's brother knocks over the spirit lamp on the table.
The flame from the lamp sets the tablecloth ablaze, creating a wall of fire between the two siblings.
Danua: B-brother... No!
Danua's brother turns to face her, smiling through the roaring flames.
Danua's Brother: It's okay... I'll be with you soon.
Hansel: Just leave the rest to us.
Gretel: Keep yourself in one piece, or there'll be hell to pay!
Danua's Brother: Haha! That's a promise! Danua... See you soon!
???: Haha... Hahaha... Don't worry. You'll be with him soon.
Danua: Brother!
Hansel: Let's go, Gretel.
Gretel: Aye, Hansel.
Danua: Brother, no!
Gretel: Danua... we're sorry.
Danua: Waah! No! No! No!
Danua: Brother! Daddy! Mommy!
Hansel and Gretel half-drag a wailing Danua away from the carnage.
The three run down the road into the night, the flames behind them lighting their path.
Danua cries out for her family over and over. Her voice grows raspy and hoarse.
And then... she loses both her family and voice entirely.
In time, she begins to dream of revenge... and of bringing her deceased family back to the world of the living.
Lyria: Oh my... What a terrible thing to happen.
Vyrn: Yeah... That's a tragic story.
Hansel: We did all we could to get her away from him then.
Gretel: But today, we'd never run from that guy.
Lyria: So, you haven't been back to the house since?
Hansel: Aye. Considerin' her feelings and all.
Then, (Captain) suggests to Hansel and Gretel that they all go back to her old home and look for clues to find that person.
Gretel: Well... Danua might be strong enough to do it now.
Hansel: Aye, I'm all for it. Especially with (Captain) and everyone else around, Danua would feel much more relieved.
Gretel: Alright! Let's leave first thing in the morning!
Hansel: We just might find something new.
Vyrn: Great! Sounds like a plan!
Lyria: Yep! Let's rest up for tomorrow!
The next morning, (Captain) and company talk to Danua about visiting her old home.
For a moment she seems hesitant, but her concern soon turns to determination and she agrees to move forward with the plan.

Tragic Night: Scene 2

The crew visits the ruins of Danua's old home and discovers a basement housing what appears to be a puppeteer workshop. Danua finds a familiar doll couple there, but is attacked by doll corpses from behind before she can greet them.

(Captain) and company go to visit Danua's childhood home.
With heavy hearts, the crew begins searching through the ruined remains.
Danua: ...
Hansel: No need to overdo it, Danua.
Gretel: Just have a seat and leave this to us!
Danua: Here...
Hansel: Hm? Uh huh... Uh huh... Danua says she's found something odd.
Gretel: Hey, (Captain)! Come search over here!
(Captain) and company carefully search the area Danua's pointing at.
They feel a slight breeze coming from the floor and try removing one of the metal floor plates.
Danua: Basement...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh... She says this leads to the basement.
Gretel: What is this? Do you know anything, Hansel?
Hansel: No. I can't believe there's a hidden basement!
Vyrn: Gulp... Guess we'll just have to take a look.
They reach the the bottom of the stairs to find a large basement.
Danua: This...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh... She says this place looks like a puppeteer's workshop.
Gretel: Huh? Since when was this place here?
Everyone searches the underground room, which curiously appears to be a well-tended puppeteer workshop.
In the very back of the workshop, Danua finds two dolls.
Danua: Papa... Mama...
The eyes of the dolls suddenly light up in response to her voice.
Gretel: Hey Hansel! Look at this doll.
Hansel: Ah... These are...
The dolls lined up behind Danua suddenly begin to move.
Doll Corpse: Grrr...
Gretel: Oh no!
Hansel: Gretel!
Gretel: Tch! Don't worry about me! Just protect Danua!
Caught off guard, Hansel and Gretel hurry to Danua. But it's too late.
Doll Corpse: Grrr!
Lyria: Watch out, Danua!
Vyrn: Argh! Can you reach her, (Captain)?
Doll Corpse: Groooar!
Danua: Papa? Mama?
Just when it seems like the doll corpse is about to strike Danua...
The male and female dolls protect her.
Doll Couple: ...
Danua: Huh?
With the dolls creating an opening, everyone hurries toward Danua.
Gretel: Let's go, Hansel!
Hansel: Leave it to me, Gretel!

Tragic Night: Scene 3

Though unable to speak, the doll couple expresses its deep love for Danua through cuddling. (Captain) and company look on warmly at the touching family reunion.

After clearing out the doll corpses, the crew turns to face the doll couple once again.
Danua: Papa? Mama?
Papa and Mama: ...
Unable to speak, the doll couple instead chooses to cuddle sweetly with Danua.
Hansel: Gretel, what's going on here?
Gretel: Couldn't tell you. But Danua sure looks happy!
Hansel: I don't really need to explain this, do I?
Danua: Hans... Gret...
Gretel: Let's go!
Hansel: On it.
Danua: We're all... together...
Vyrn: Hehe! I've never seen Danua look so happy before!
Lyria: Yeah! I'm so glad we came, (Captain)!
(Captain) and company watch as Danua huddles happily with her family.