Scenario:De La Fille - Guardian of the Glitter

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Guardian of the Glitter

While (Captain) and the crew are enjoying a party on the casino liner, a woman appears and demands De La Fille to sell her jewels to her. De La Fille notices that the jewels on the woman's shoes are stolen and asks about them. The woman runs away and the crew gives chase.

Lyria: That duel was amazing to watch!
De La Fille: Yes, it was! My heart was pounding with excitement!
Therese's duel has ended. (Captain) and the crew are enjoying the after-party on the casino liner.
Greedy Lady: You there. In the dress.
May I have a word?
De La Fille: With me, you mean?
Greedy Lady: Yes, that's right. And I'll get right to the point: sell me your jewels.
De La Fille: That's quite a brazen thing to say...
Greedy Lady: Humph. Think what you like. But how much will you sell them for?
De La Fille: I have no intention of selling my jewels! Thank you and good day.
Greedy Lady: Why you... I'm offering you any price you ask! You should be grateful!
De La Fille: It's not a matter of being grateful. I still have no intention of selling them.
Greedy Lady: Don't be foolish! Sell them to me this instant! I'm better suited to wear them anyway!
Greedy Lady: Yes, they'd look much lovelier on me! I can make them shine just like these jewels here!
The lady shifts her foot slightly, drawing the crew's attention to the jewels on her shoes.
De La Fille: You're quite stubborn. If you continue pestering me about this, I'll have to call the staff, and...
De La Fille: Wait! Those jewels!
De La Fille: Where did you get them? They were most certainly stolen...
Greedy Lady: ...!
Fine! Forget it!
Greedy Lady: But you'll surely regret your decision not to sell to me!
The lady turns her back to (Captain) and the crew before hurrying away.
De La Fille: Wait!
Vyrn: Hey! What's wrong? Why are you upset?
De La Fille: Those jewels were stolen from the Gem Domain!
Vyrn: What! Are you sure?
De La Fille: I know jewels and there's no mistaking it!
Lyria: Does that mean that lady is a thief?
De La Fille: Well... I can't say for sure. But from the way she hurried off, I'm sure she knows something!
De La Fille: So I must find her and make her talk!
Without another word De La Fille runs after the lady.
Vyrn: Hey! Wait up!
Lyria: Oh, gosh! Wait for us, De La Fille!
(Captain) and the crew have no choice but to hurry after her as well.

Guardian of the Glitter: Scene 2

While chasing after the woman, (Captain) and the crew run into the Harvin swordsman Vermeil. After explaining what happened earlier, Vermeil decides to help search for the woman. Just as he leaves to investigate alone, a merchant appears and threatens to hurt the crew if De La Fille doesn't sell her jewels.

(Captain) and the crew are running about the casino liner in search of the lady with the stolen jewels.
Lyria: Oh, gosh! We're sorry! We were in a hurry...
???: It's unwise to run around indoors. If you get injured, your pleasant vacation will be ruined.
Any version of Vermeil is a crew member

Lyria: Wait! Is that you, Vermeil?
Vyrn: What are you doing here?
Vermeil: That's not a matter for the present, for I believe I'm keeping you from hurrying off somewhere...
Vyrn: Oh. Yeah. A lot's happened, you see...
(Captain) and the crew tell Vermeil about their earlier encounter with the casino guest.
Vermeil: I see... If that's the case, then allow me to assist you.
Vermeil: As a matter of fact, I have a connection with that woman as well.
Lyria: Thanks, Vermeil!
Vermeil: However, searching in one group is very inefficient. Shall we split up to look for her?
De La Fille: You're right. Could I ask you to go and search in that direction?
Vermeil: Yes. Of course.
De La Fille: Then we'll search in the opposite direction!
Lyria: Okay!
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No version of Vermeil in crew

???: I'm also at fault for not watching where I was going. My apologies. Are you sure you're not injured?
???: And I don't mean to pry, but might I ask why you're in such a hurry?
De La Fille: We're looking for someone!
De La Fille tells the young man about their earlier encounter with the casino guest.
???: I see... If that's the case, then I would be happy to assist you.
???: As a matter of fact, I have a connection with that woman as well.
De La Fille: You really don't mind helping us?
???: No, I don't mind at all. This must surely be fate!
The stranger introduces himself as Vermeil. He explains what he'd just witnessed, as well as the stream of tears running down his cheek.
Lyria: Thanks, Vermeil!
Vermeil: It's no problem. However, searching in one group is very inefficient.
Vermeil: Shall we split up to look for her? I'll search this way. You all can search the opposite way.
Lyria: But you'll be searching alone...
Vermeil: Now, now... You shouldn't judge a book by its slight frame and weepy-eyed cover!
Vermeil: There's no need to worry. I may not look it, but I'm quite familiar with confrontation.
Vermeil bows to the crew before turning on his heel to leave.
De La Fille: We'll leave it to him then. Let's be off this way!
Vyrn: All right!

Continue 1

Merchant 1: May I have a word with you?
De La Fille: I'm sorry, but we're quite busy at the moment! Can this wait?
Merchant 1: No, I'm afraid it can't...
(Captain) and the crew are suddenly surrounded by a group of men.
De La Fille: What's this all about? What are you doing?
Merchant 1: This won't take long... if you hurry up and sell me those jewels, that is.
Vyrn: Sell her jewels? Wait, are you a goon for that greedy lady?
Merchant 1: No, not at all. I'm just your average merchant.
Merchant 1: But she just happens to be a valued customer of mine. So you could say we're well acquainted...
Vyrn: Ha! I knew it!
De La Fille: Just answer me one thing. Are you the one who sold her the jewels on her shoes?
Merchant 1: Well... who can say? Now let's forget that and get back to our negotiation.
Merchant 1: Looky here... I'll make you a good offer to part with those jewels.
Merchant 1: Of course if you refuse... Well, let's just say I'd advise against that...
De La Fille: Too bad. I firmly refuse. I refuse to place my jewels in your dirty hands.
De La Fille: As a royal of the Gem Domain, I absolutely will not allow these jewels and their sparkle to ever be soiled!
Merchant 1: Then I have no choice. I'll just have to use another method to change your mind...
De La Fille: Brace yourself, (Captain)!

Guardian of the Glitter: Scene 3

(Captain) and the crew follow the merchant to a room. Inside the room they find the woman from earlier and a desk covered in jewels and dark essence fragments. The woman orders De La Fille's jewels to be taken by force.

De La Fille: Are you quite done now? You're being foolish.
(Captain) and the crew defeat the goons threatening De La Fille's jewels.
Merchant 1: Yikes! I didn't sign up for this! They weren't supposed to be this powerful!
Vyrn: Hey! They're getting away!
De La Fille: Then let's follow them! They must know where we can find that woman!
They follow the merchant into a room. Standing before them is the lady from earlier and another sharply dressed merchant.
Between them is a desk covered in sparkling jewels and dark essence fragments.
Greedy Lady: Who's there?
Oh! It's you!
Vyrn: Hey! Is that dark essence I see?
De La Fille: That's not all. Those jewels next to them are all stolen.
De La Fille: To think you'd stoop so low as to sell both dark essence and stolen jewels... Unforgiveable!
Merchant 2: And what about it? It's got nothing to do with you!
De La Fille: It has everything to do with me. Because all the jewels you're trying to sell don't belong to you!
De La Fille: I am a royal of the Gem Domain. Therefore I can't overlook what you're doing here.
De La Fille: And as a lithomancer myself, I cannot allow jewels to be used in such wicked ways.
Greedy Lady: A royal of the Gem Domain, you say! Then the jewels you're wearing now must be from...
Greedy Lady: I'll pay you! I'll pay you anything you ask! Just do whatever it takes to get those jewels from her!
Greedy Lady: I don't care how! Just hurry!
Merchant 2: Heh-heh! Don't go back on your promise later... Hey, fellas!
The man snaps his fingers and in an instant bodyguards come pouring in.
De La Fille: By my honor and duty I shall punish you!
De La Fille: Let's go, (Captain)!

Guardian of the Glitter: Scene 4

(Captain) and the crew defeat the bodyguards who tried to take De La Fille's jewels. The woman and merchants attempt to run away, but Vermeil, Therese, and Ladiva arrive in time to stop them.

(Captain) and the crew defeat the bodyguards with ease.
Merchant 2: We'll lose everything if we get caught! Let's get out of here!
Greedy Lady: Eep!
Merchant 1: Wait for me!
De La Fille: We can't let them get away!
De La Fille: Oh! It's so hard to keep up in this dress...
Greedy Lady: You must do something! I'll pay whatever you ask, so please protect me!
Merchant 2: My airship is just ahead. If we can just make it there...
Vermeil: Alas, you've reached the end of the line.
Merchant 2: What!
Ladiva: If you've no love for others... then we've got no love for you!
Greedy Lady: Aaah!
Therese: We won't hold back!
Merchant 1: Nghh!
Lyria: It's Therese and Ladiva! And Vermeil too!
Vyrn: You saved the day! And your timing was perfect!
Vermeil: We overheard your voices just now while we were searching for you.
Vyrn: That explains that!
Lyria: And you even got Therese and Ladiva to come to the rescue! Thank you!
Ladiva: After we heard about what happened from Vermeil, we couldn't just sit around and do nothing!
Ladiva: There's no room for thieves here on our casino liner!
Therese: Yes! And I was so worried about you, Fille.
Therese: Because, you know... You're quick to jump to conclusions and get caught up in things...
De La Fille: Therese! You could've kept the last part to yourself!
Lyria: Ah... Ha-ha...
Therese: Oh! I almost forgot. I have a message for Fille from Lady Christy.
Therese: She says she'd like the stolen jewels to be handled by a royal of the Gem Domain.
Therese: So is it all right to have you handle the jewels?
De La Fille: Of course. I shall take full responsibility in taking care of them.
Ladiva: Then it's settled! We'll handle these people in the meantime. Do you mind helping us out here?
Vermeil: I don't mind at all, as I see everything through to the end. Allow me to assist you.
Ladiva: Why, thank you!
De La Fille: Then let's return to the room where they were storing the jewels. I should inspect them at once!
Lyria: Okay!
De La Fille: It looks like the jewels aren't scratched or marred... What a relief.
Under De La Fille's careful instructions, (Captain) and the crew inspect and wrap up the jewels.
Vyrn: Hey, what do we do about the dark essence?
De La Fille: Dark essence? It's much too dangerous...
De La Fille: Oh dear!
Vyrn: What's with the yelling! You didn't break a dark essence fragment, did you?
De La Fille: My dress! It's all tattered! And look at the stains on my sleeves...
Vyrn: Oh boy... Is that all? You scared me there.
De La Fille: What do you mean is that all? I toiled so many nights to make this...
De La Fille: Oh, even the lace has become all frayed. Dear, oh dear...
Vyrn: You were quick to rush around the casino liner, but now you're starting to regret it, huh?
Vyrn: Well, just think of it this way: now you look like a real diamond in the rough!
Lyria: Ah... Ha-ha. I guess he's right!
De La Fille: Come now! This is no joking matter!
De La Fille holds her head in her hands as she laments over her soiled dress.
Again (Captain) can only smile and shrug.