Scenario:De La Fille - The Cursed Stone

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The Cursed Stone

(Captain)'s crew and the new member De La Fille go to the ruins of a church said to house a magic stone. The noisy crew is discovered by monsters outside the church and battle ensues.

Rackam: Aw, man... you gotta be kidding me! Princess, didn't you say "Church of the Ancient City"?
Vyrn: This feels more like a haunted house...
De La Fille: Calling the church housing a legendary cursed magic stone a haunted house simply shows you have no sense of culture.
De La Fille: But I suppose such refined emotions are too much to expect of some reptile.
Vyrn: It's bad enough you called me a reptile, but I feel like you're denying my status as a living thing...
Rackam: Um... Princess. Why do you even want the cursed magic stone?
De La Fille: I simply can't allow an innocent gem to be given the disgraceful title of "cursed magic stone".
De La Fille: If it is indeed cursed, then I shall restore it to its original luster.
Vyrn: Uh-huh... I thought you were just doing this on a whim, but apparently you've thought this out.
De La Fille: Of course... Wait, what?
De La Fille: Nooo! H-hey! Wait! You reptile! Would you please stay away from me?
Vyrn: What's your problem? And I was just starting to like you!
Katalina: Ugh... You two really are friends, aren't you?
De La Fille: Me? Friends with this lizard? How very ridiculous!
Vyrn: My sentiments exactly! This uptight princess is the last kind of friend I need!
Katalina: Heh... Looks like you even think alike. Your bond is almost airtight...
Rackam: Okay! Just cut it out, people. (Captain) is looking confused here! Besides, take a look at that...
Rackam: Thanks to your little lovers' quarrel, some monsters've found us.
De La Fille: I do not fear the likes of those monsters. Let's go, (Captain)!

The Cursed Stone: Scene 2

The crew fights off some monsters and asks De La Fille about the cursed stone again. During her story the crew is attacked by more monsters.

Katalina: Wait a second... Where's Lyria gone to? I can't see her.
Vyrn: What's that, Lyria? You're afraid because I called this place a haunted house earlier?
Katalina: Lyria, there's nothing to be afraid of! I'm with you. Come on out.
Lyria: (Captain)... You sure there won't be any ghosts?
De La Fille: What a spoilt little child! Ghosts aren't nearly as scary as reptiles.
Lyria: Ugh... I-I'm not scared! I'm a big girl!
De La Fille: Very well then. As long as I'm with you, there's nothing to fear.
Vyrn: That princess sure talks big. She should just give Lyria some normal reassurance!
De La Fille: Mind your own business, you... What? Nooo!
De La Fille: I told you I don't like reptiles! And I also told you earlier to stay away from me!
Rackam: Okay, you two. That's enough.
Rackam: By the way, Princess... What kind of curse is on that magic stone?
De La Fille: If you're so interested, then I suppose I can tell you...
Vyrn: Gulp...
De La Fille: The cursed magic stone is said to bring misfortune to its bearer. A certain lord of a kingdom lost his wife and daughter...
De La Fille: A famous adventurer was beheaded for a crime he did not commit... And a scientist invented something that brought about a colossal war.
De La Fille: There are far too many sad tales involving the stone to count... Do you want to hear more?
Vyrn: I think that's enough! But what if (Captain) gets cursed by that infernal thing?
Katalina: Hey! Don't scare us like that. Can't you see that Lyria is afraid? Lyria, don't worry. I'll be by your side.
De La Fille: They're nothing but rumors. There's no way of knowing the truth behind the stories of a faraway land long in the past.
De La Fille: Anyway, there's no time to worry about these rumors! We've got company!
Vyrn: Okay! Let's beat them down! C'mon, (Captain)!

The Cursed Stone: Scene 3

The crew reaches the far end of the church. When they open the doors to a prayer room, they run into the dark aura of the magic stone. Monsters attracted to it surround (Captain) and the crew.

De La Fille: It's close. The cursed magic stone must be hidden in the prayer room up ahead.
Vyrn: Hey, maybe the church fell into ruin because of the magic stone.
Rackam: If that's true, then the dark aura of all the people it cursed could lie behind this door...
Lyria: Ahh!
Katalina: Stop it! You're scaring Lyria!
De La Fille: Are you ready? If you want to turn back, now would be the time.
De La Fille: I'll see the truth behind the cursed magic stone with my own eyes!
Katalina: The malignancy of this aura is almost palpable! This is the power of the curse?
Rackam: This wasn't a rumor! I didn't really believe it, but this is the real thing!
Vyrn: Uh-oh. Looks like the stone's aura has attracted some monsters!
De La Fille: A sad gem haunted by evil. Unfortunately it is true...
De La Fille: Then there's only one thing left to do! As the royal representative of the Gem Domain, I shall bring back this stone's light!
Vyrn: (Captain) seems to agree with you, Princess! Leave the monsters to us!
De La Fille: I'm counting on you, (Captain)!

The Cursed Stone: Scene 4

De La Fille restores the magic stone's true light and then entrusts it to the just (Captain) so it will never be cursed again. The gem embarks on a new journey with (Captain).

Vyrn: Well, so much for those monsters! Princess, what happened to the cursed magic stone?
De La Fille: It's as if the magic stone is absorbing the power of my gems...
De La Fille: But take a look! This beauty is indeed the magic stone's true shine! Its true form!
Lyria: Wow... It's so pretty!
Katalina: It really is beautiful... I think I understand how people were charmed by this luster...
De La Fille: The beauty of the gem made people fight over it... and it absorbed their negative emotions over time.
Vyrn: And that negative energy tainted everything around it, right? Jewels are so mysterious!
De La Fille: Now that the gem has regained its original shine, it's my duty as a lithomancer to shape its future so it never loses it again.
Vyrn: What does it mean to shape the future of the gem?
De La Fille: It's simple. This gem has been reborn thanks to me.
De La Fille: And I shall be the one to determine who receives the protection of its luster.
De La Fille: One with a just heart... Yes. (Captain)! I entrust the gem to you.
Rackam: Hm? I thought you came all the way here because you wanted it for yourself.
De La Fille: You understand nothing. I only wanted to see this gem returned to its original beauty.
Vyrn: No, but... Are you sure it's going to be all right? (Captain), if you don't want the gem, just say so...
De La Fille: Silence, reptile! (Captain), I believe that it will be fine with you.
De La Fille: (Captain), may you be blessed by this gem...
For many long years, the cursed magic stone slept fitfully in a ruined church, abandoned by all.
But one day the sad stone was reborn at the hands of the jewel-loving princess De La Fille.
To ensure that it never again loses its restored shine, the gem now follows a new path in the hands of (Captain).