Scenario:De La Fille - The Ocean-Blue Gem

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The Ocean-Blue Gem

De La Fille and company gather information on the Sea Gem, which is said to be on Yudhisthira Island. But before they can form a plan, they are attacked by ruffians seeking the same treasure.

Lyria: That gem is the color of the sea?
De La Fille: Yes. Legend has it that the gem bears the beauty of an entire ocean.
Amidst their journey, (Captain) and company stop by Yudhisthira Island to relax.
While at the beach, De La Fille talks passionately about the legend of Yudhisthira Island.
De La Fille: When I first heard of the gem's existence, I was shocked.
De La Fille: Even in the Gem Domain, which is renowned for its collections of precious stones, no one has ever seen such a gem.
De La Fille: Its blue glimmer is said to be reminiscent of the oceans of Yudhisthira, causing it to be highly sought-after.
De La Fille: That gem must be somewhere on this island.
Vyrn: But that's just an old fairy tale! You don't know if that gem is even here, do you?
De La Fille: Eek! W-when did you get so close? You're a sly little lizard.
Vyrn: Like I said, I ain't no lizard!
Vyrn: So, you went around asking about that gem, right? Did you hear anything useful?
De La Fille: Well, all I can say for sure is that the legend is not to be taken lightly.
Lyria: There are lots of people around that have heard the legend.
Lyria: But I guess no one thinks it's real.
De La Fille: No, the Sea Gem must be somewhere on this island.
De La Fille: As someone who knows gems, I can tell you I've got a strong feeling about this.
De La Fille: I must find the Sea Gem and take it back to my collection in the Gem Domain.
Ruffian: Ah, so you're the girl I heard about. The one searchin' for that Sea Gem.
De La Fille: Oh my! You're following the gem trail, too? We should work together and—
Ruffian: I don't know where you heard about it, but that thing is ours!
Vyrn: Eep! Oh no, we're surrounded!
De La Fille: As much as I'd rather ask you what you're planning...
De La Fille: It seems I'll have to beat it out of you instead. (Captain), get ready!

The Ocean-Blue Gem: Scene 2

(Captain) and company arrive at the cave where they hope to find the Sea Gem. Hearing that the ruffians want to sell the gem, De La Fille insists that she can never allow such black market trading to take place.

After extracting information from the ruffians, the party visits the cave where the Sea Gem is rumored to be.
De La Fille: They said wanted that gem so they could sell it on the black market. Unacceptable.
De La Fille: We'll have to crack down on such trading. I'll be sure to write a letter to the Gem Domain about this later.
Vyrn: Huh. So the Gem Domain handles that, too?
De La Fille: Hmph. Of course. Those who live in the Gem Domain must maintain harmony with all precious stones.
De La Fille: Protection by gems. Protection for gems. Those are the things that gem mages must uphold.
De La Fille: Gems provide us with strength. In return, we must show them our respect and gratitude.
De La Fille: Yet there are those who wish to use gems for profit. That is absolutely unacceptable.
Lyria: There, there... Well, at this rate, I'm sure we'll find that gem!
De La Fille: Yes. According to what those ruffians said, we must be in the right cave.
Monster: Grrraor!
De La Fille: It seems we're not going to find out that easily!
De La Fille: I can take care of these beasts with my magnificent gem magic!

The Ocean-Blue Gem: Scene 3

(Captain) and company make their way to the end of the cave. There, De La Fille finds a fluffy creature, and Sea Gem is embedded in its body. Out of nowhere, the ruffians launch a surprise attack to steal it from them.

Vyrn: Hey! It looks like we're getting to the end of the cave.
De La Fille: Ah... Finally, I can witness the Sea Gem with my own eyes.
De La Fille: Oof!
De La Fille: W-what the? What on earth was that...?
???: Squeak!
Lyria: Aww! It's so cute!
De La Fille: This adorable little thing must have run into me.
De La Fille: Wait, that gem it has...
Lyria: It's so beautiful and blue! Could it be that—
???: Squeak!
De La Fille: This is the Sea Gem? But it's a part of this thing's body...
Ruffian: Looks like you found it!
De La Fille: No one likes a persistent fool, you know!
Ruffian: Who cares! Now hand it over!
???: Squeak...
De La Fille: Do you really think I'll hand it over just like that?
Ruffian: I wouldn't want to hurt you...
De La Fille: Oh, really? Well, I wouldn't mind hurting you.
De La Fille: I would do anything and everything to protect the things I love!
Ruffian: Hah! I'll make you eat those words!
De La Fille: Then I shall punish you here and now! Let's do this, (Captain)!

The Ocean-Blue Gem: Scene 4

(Captain) and company protect the creature with the Sea Gem. Satisfied merely by seeing the gem, De La Fille decides to leave it behind, vowing instead to come back and behold its beauty again someday.

Vyrn: Hey, are you sure about this? I mean, we just kind of left it there...
De La Fille: I'm afraid we don't have a choice. I don't think we can remove the Sea Gem from that creature.
De La Fille: Besides, I'm satisfied just having seen the gem's magnificent glimmer.
Lyria: Haha... It sure was pretty. And that thing was so cute!
De La Fille: Teehee. I should bring it a gift when we come back.
Lyria: Oh, that's a great idea! I'm sure it would love that!
De La Fille: Haha... I'm sure I'll be visiting Yudhisthira Island a lot more after this.
In the end, De La Fille is unable to add the legendary Sea Gem to her collection.
But, she is still able to walk away with a sparkling smile upon her face.