Scenario:Deliford - Family Man

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Family Man

Returning home makes Deliford realize that his family needs him. He joins a local arm wrestling competition where he finds his old rival from the imperial army, Daryl.

An envelope finds itself on the Grandcypher as (Captain) and company continue their adventure.
Inside is an epistle from Deliford's wife.
My Dearest Deliford,
Your mom and dad... Oh, it's terrible.
Please come home at once.
Deliford: Mother! Father! What's wrong? I came back as soon as I received word!
Deliford's Father: Oh, Deliford! You're looking as splendid as ever!
Deliford's Mother: Please, honey, we can talk while we eat—wouldn't want Deliford's favorite dish to go cold now, would we?
Deliford: What's this... You're all the picture of health... I thought something had happened to you!
Deliford's Wife: I'm so sorry, dear... Your parents said they wanted to see you so badly, so I...
Deliford: Then that letter was—
Deliford's Wife: I had to lie to get you to come back home. I'm so sorry.
Deliford's Father: Don't be hasty, Deliford. She's not at fault here. If you need someone to blame, then blame us.
Deliford's Mother: Forgive us... But we didn't know how else to see you again.
Deliford's parents embrace their beloved son, tears overflowing.
Deliford: Mother, Father, forgive me. Despite my age now, I still make you worry all the time...
Deliford hugs his parents back... and then grabs his wife's hand and gently strokes her head as a gesture of love.
However, the marked increase in wrinkles on her hand and white hairs on her head leaves Deliford a bit shaken.
Deliford: My deepest apologies... Words cannot express the guilt I feel for putting so much pressure on you.
Deliford's Wife: There's no pressure at all, dearest. You've been sending us more than enough to get through each and every day. I consider myself happy.
Deliford has never stopped sending money even after leaving the Erste Empire military.
But his absence as the head of the family has no doubt caused great pains for his wife and parents.
Deliford takes pause to reflect on the fact.
Deliford: (Captain), I have a request to make. Will you please hear me out?
Deliford then proceeds to take the crew out to town.
Lyria: What's the matter? Why did you bring us out here all of a sudden?
Vyrn: Sheesh... You could've at least let me finish those succulent crimson orbs first.
Deliford: No, it has to be now.
With a determined look on his face, Deliford pushes the door open to a bar.
Vyrn: The heck? You're telling me I skimped out on my apple-licious meal just to come to a bar?
Deliford: Barkeep, I've come to ask a favor: please hire me as a bodyguard!
Vyrn: What the—Are you for real, old man?
Deliford: Don't even pretend to call me old! I am Deliford, master spear wielder of the empire! I won't lose out to any youngsters!
Unfortunately no prospective employer would want to hire a 37-year-old with such a large blank in their job history. The barkeep makes this crystal clear.
Barkeep: Maybe if you were younger... At your age I'm not sure you'd be able to handle the rowdy customers and thugs who show up.
Deliford: You refuse me even though there is nothing my spear cannot pierce?
Unable to deny that his age may be catching up with him, Deliford nearly gives up.
Lyria points at something on the wall and screams.
Lyria: You see that, Deliford? There's your chance to prove that you haven't lost your touch!
Vyrn: Hehe, I'm with Lyria on this one! There's no way you'd lose in a contest of strength!
What Lyria pointed to was a poster on the wall detailing an upcoming arm wrestling tournament.
The day of the arm-wrestling competition comes.
Deliford lives up to his name and steamrolls the competition.
Deliford: Mng! Yaargh!
Barkeep: Another victory for Deliford!
Lyria: That was incredible!
Vyrn: Hey, barkeep! You weren't kidding about hiring Deliford on the spot if he wins, right?
Barkeep: You can say that again! Here's hopin' I come out of this with an arm-wrestling champ as a bodyguard!
Vyrn: Perfect! That should be a relief for Deliford's family.
Barkeep: Time for the final matchup! Feast your eyes on the reckless man daring to challenge the unstoppable Deliford!
???: ...
Deliford: You... How could this be!
Daryl: Hah hah hah... Looks like fate's brought us lifelong rivals together again, Deliford!
Deliford: Although it's only arm wrestling today, this brings me back to the time we fought for the title of Lionbrave in front of the empire.
Daryl: You got the upper hand back then, but now it's payback time! Bring it!
Deliford: Graaargh!
Daryl: Hngh... Like it or not, you're goin' down today!
Lyria: Wow! This is getting to be so exciting!
Vyrn: The tables are turning! Look, Deliford's pushing him back inch by inch!
Deliford: Daryl, this is the power of family! I will not lose!
Daryl: (Urghh... Where does his power come from? I'm done for...)
Things take an unexpected turn as Daryl closes his eyes in disappointment.
Daryl's Daughter: You can do it, Daddy! Don't give up yet!
Deliford: !
Daryl's daughter squirms with excitement amidst the commotion.
Deliford feels his strength diminishing in the heat of the moment. Daryl does not let the opportunity slip.
Lyria: Mm, Deliford came so close to winning.
Vyrn: Geez, I can't believe your muscle soreness popped up just when you had him!
Deliford: Hahaha... Oh, how embarrassing this is...
???: Seriously, Deliford? What the heck did you let me win for! Now I'm just pissed!
A caustic, salty voice calls out from behind.
Daryl: ...
Deliford: Daryl... You think I let you win?
Daryl: Heh. I see right through you, punk.
Vyrn: Whoa, what's going on here? Deliford, I thought you lost 'cuz of muscle soreness.
Daryl: Tch, he went easy on me at the last moment so my daughter wouldn't have to see me lose!
Lyria: But why? Don't you have your own family to worry about, Deliford?
Deliford: ...
Daryl: Yeah, the barkeep told me you were bettin' everything on that competition. You're the one who should've walked away champion.
Deliford: I'm sure you know, Daryl...
Deliford: That as important as it is for an adult to provide for one's family, keeping the dreams of children alive is just as important.
Deliford: You're pulling off something that I never could. And it would be most dishonorable of me to get in the way of that.
Daryl: Humph, you're too softhearted. That's why you never get ahead in life.
Unable to come up with a rebuttal, Deliford simply walks away with an awkward smile.
But Daryl's tree-trunk arm grabs him by the shoulder, and he whispers in his ear.
Daryl: Wait up, Deliford. We're not done yet.
Daryl: I gotta know... Don't you ever plan on returnin' to the empire?
Deliford: How could I ever? I'm a traitor now. In fact I'm baffled as to why you haven't already run me through...
Daryl: Geez, why the hell do you even think I'm askin'? Come on, you can't be that thick.
Deliford: What's that supposed to mean?
Daryl: I'm sayin' I'll put in a good word for ya to the higher-ups!
Daryl: Well, anyway... I guess that'd make us even then!
Daryl briskly walks away.
Deliford: Daryl...
A tinge of happiness briefly overtakes Deliford before he notices the look of confusion on Lyria's and Vyrn's faces.
Lyria: Um, Deliford? What's wrong?
Deliford: It's nothing...
Understanding the nature of the situation, (Captain) whispers softly in Deliford's ear.
  1. Take good care of your family.
  2. Do what you believe is best.

Choose: Take good care of your family.

Deliford: Thank you, (Captain). I appreciate the consideration.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Do what you believe is best.

Deliford: How pitiful I must appear... Many thanks for bearing with me, (Captain).

Continue 1

After much careful deliberation with his family, Deliford eventually decides to leave the crew to rejoin the imperial army.
The flabbergasted crew try to stop him, but as his mind has already been made up, they simply see him off.