Scenario:Deliford - The Trick to Staying Young

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The Trick to Staying Young

Deliford is having difficulties moving due to sore muscles. He realizes that the rest of the skyfarers are lively and youthful, so he asks Eugen for some advice. Eugen advises that he'll be fine if he keeps his body moving. Monsters appear right on time, and Deliford happily goes to face them so get some exercise.

Deliford: Ugh... Ergh... Aggh...!
Vyrn: What's wrong? You're moving awkwardly.
Deliford: I-It's noth... ing...! Ow ow ow...
Lyria: A-Are you alright!? Did you get hurt during the battle yesterday...?
Deliford: N-No, I wasn't injured but... You see...
Deliford: M-My muscles are really sore, and it's hard to move around...
Vyrn: Ahh... Well it can't be helped. You're an old man after all!
Deliford: I'm not an old man! I'm in my 30s... that's still borderline young... Agh?! Ow ow ow...
Vyrn: Hey old man... you shouldn't overexert yourself.
Deliford: Ugh... How sad. This didn't happen when I was younger... Well, I'm still young, but...
Deliford: How odd... The rest of the skyfarers have been on a rough journey but they always seem so energetic.
Deliford: If they know some health secret, I'd like to know...
Lyria: Why don't we go ask, then?
Eugen: Hah! The secret to youthful energy?
Eugen: Forget it! Why are you asking an old man like me?
Deliford: No! There's no one better to ask than you! Please, tell me!
Eugen: Well... You know, if you always keep moving around, you won't get sore muscles!
Deliford: I-Is that so...?
Eugen: Look, some monsters are getting close to the airship. This is a good chance for some exercise. Go take care of 'em!
Deliford: Got it! Just watch! There's nothing my spear can't pierce!

The Trick to Staying Young: Scene 2

The party worries about Deliford as he continues to suffer from sore muscles, but he replies that he must protect (Captain) and the others becuase he's the adult of the group. Just then, a group of monsters approaches the ship. Deliford grits through his muscle pains and heads out to battle.

Deliford: Uuuurgh... Hng... Agh... buh...
Lyria: He looks like he's in pain...
Vyrn: Sigh... It's obviously getting worse... Don't you think?
Deliford: I-I should trust in the wisdom of my senior... but...
Deliford: N-No matter how you look at it... It's getting worse...
Lyria: Um... Maybe you should take it easy?
Vyrn: She's right! You shouldn't worry, (Captain) is strong after all.
Deliford: I agree that (Captain) is very skilled... But that's no good.
Vyrn: Wha?! What do you mean that's no good?
Deliford: I mean I can't just sit by and let him do all the work. (Captain) may be strong, but he's still a kid and I'm the adult here.
Deliford: Children depend on adults, and adults must protect the children. That's our responsibility as adults.
Deliford: If I fail here... If I'm this weak... I would be a failure as an adult!
Katalina: Everyone! More monsters are coming! A group of them are approaching the airship from behind...
Deliford: Leave it to me! I'll... Argh?! Hnnngg! T-This is nothing...!!
Katalina: Umm... What's wrong with Deliford?
Lyria: Haha... Well you see...
Vyrn: Hey! There's no time to stand around! We need to join the fight!

The Trick to Staying Young: Scene 3

Although he defeats the monsters, Deliford is no longer able to move due to muscle pains. In the end, Eugen's secret to youthfulness was his own, and Deliford was able to recover by resting for several days. Through this ordeal, Deliford earns the respect of his friends and they start to refrain from calling him an old man.

Deliford: Ugh... I-I can't take another step...
Vyrn: You exerted yourself way too much.
Lyria: Hehe... But you were quite dashing when you were fighting, Deliford!
Deliford: Heh... Hearing you say that makes it all worth it... Oww...
Vyrn: But it makes me wonder... What's the real secret to Eugen's youthfulness?
Lyria: I was wondering the same thing... Deliford did as he was told, and it only got worse...
Deliford: Maybe Eugen is so sprightly just because he's Eugen...
Lyria: Haha... That might be it...
Vyrn: Oh boy... I guess you chose the wrong person to ask from the beginning.
Deliford recovers from his sword muscles by resting for several days, after all.
Through this ordeal, Deliford earns the respect of his friends and they start to refrain from calling him an old man.