Scenario:Deliford and Garma - Just Beyond Reach

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Just Beyond Reach

Chivalrous knight Deliford and former bandit Garma have taken on a job to protect some children. Though having little love for bandits, Deliford tries his best to approach Garma with no prejudices. However, Garma's rough demeanor toward their wards does nothing to dispel Deliford's preconceived notions of him. In the end Garma reveals that his rough demeanor was not without a reason, forcing Deliford to reevaluate his assessment of Garma's character. The unlikely pair grow a little closer.

Deliford: What! Very well, Sir Garma and I shall undertake this task.
Garma: We will?
—Several hours earlier—
Deliford, with the rest of the crew, learn of a job from (Captain).
The job is to protect a group of wealthy children who are being chased by monsters as they evacuate to somewhere safe.
Deliford and Garma, now separated from the rest of the crew, make their way through a thick forest with the children.
Garma: This way, hurry up.
Child 1:
Child 2:
Deliford: Sir Garma, is there no way you can try to speak a little more politely? I'm afraid you're scaring the poor younglings.
Garma: No. I'm here to protect the kids, no one said anything about talking nice.
The guardians Garma and Deliford can't seem to stop bickering.
Deliford: (…What could have possessed Captain (Captain) to allow such an uncouth person such as this into the crew…)
The ever serious and overly chivalrous Deliford does not think highly of the former bandit Garma.
Deliford: (…How many bandits did I arrest during my time in the army? And not a single decent man among them…)
"Children depend on adults, so it is the duty of adults to be dependable."
Deliford, who believes wholeheartedly in this creed, finds it difficult to trust Garma.
Deliford: (…Hmm, but I suppose if (Captain) trusts him, then I should give him the benefit of the doubt…)
A child trips in the mud and falls over.
Child 1: Ugh, I don't wanna walk any more!
Garma: Stop being such a crybaby. Get up, we're moving out.
Garma carries on in his irascible way.
Child 2: What! How dare you! I've had quite enough of your insolence! You've been paid to do a job, now do it!
Garma: Of course. The job we have been paid for is to protect you. Good manners will cost you extra.
Deliford: Inconceivable… To talk in such a way to such small children…
Deliford takes the children by the hand.
Child 1: Th-thanks…
Deliford: Not necessary. After all, if children are to depend on adults, it is the duty of adults to be dependable.
Deliford: Now, let us venture forth! I shall take responsibility over your safety from here on!
Just as Deliford takes the children away from Garma, something appears from the bushes.
Monster: GRRRRRR!
In the blink of an eye Garma rushes over and protects the children.
Garma: Ugh!
Deliford: Huh? Garma!
Garma: Guagh! Get the monster!
Deliford: YEARGH!
Garma and Deliford successfully fend off the monster.
Deliford: Apologies… If I hadn't gone off with the younglings, this never would have happened…
Deliford: I'm sorry, Sir Garma… In the end it was you who saved the children.
Garma: Of course it was. I told you that I'm here to do a job, didn't I?
Deliford: Heh, I was wrong about you, Sir Garma.
Deliford turns to face the weakened monster and is about to put the beast out of its misery.
Garma: Deliford, wait.
Garma stops Deliford, then steps in between the children and the monster.
Child 1: Eek!
Child 2: Agh! What are you doing?
Monster: GRRRRRR!
Deliford: Wha-! What is the meaning of this?
Garma: Not quite yet… Come on, hand it over.
In response to Garma's words, the children produce something from their bag.
It is a monster egg. The monster retrieves the egg and runs away.
Deliford: …So that is why the monster went for the children…
Child 1: Sob… Sniff… W-we're sorry…
Child 2: Waaaaaah! We won't do it again, we promise! Just don't tell our parents!
Garma: I will tell them. Brats need to be taught a lesson while their young.
Garma and Deliford continue admonishing the children for bringing the monster upon them.
As they make their way to tell the client that the job has been completed, Deliford asks Garma a question.
Deliford: How did you know that the children had stolen that egg?
Garma: Heh, it was obvious. You can tell if someone is hiding something from their eyes.
Deliford listens to Garma and contemplates his words very carefully.
Deliford: Impressive… You were keeping a closer eye on the children than I was the entire time.
Deliford is embarrassed by the fact that he let his preoccupation with Garma get in the way of his duty to protect the children.
Deliford: …It seems there is still a lot I need to learn…
Deliford has a newfound respect for Garma.
—Several days later—
Deliford spots Garma on the deck of the Grandcypher.
Deliford: Well, well, if it isn't Sir Garma! So this is where you've ben hiding!
Garma: What's up? Another job?
Deliford: No, no new job…
Garma: Then what? I can't think of any other reason you'd come and talk to me.
Deliford: D-do I need a reason to want to talk to a fellow crewmate?
Garma: Tch…
Deliford: Hahahaha! Well if you really don't mind, how about a little gossip!
Ignoring Garma's discomfort, Deliford continues talking.
Aboard the deck of the Grandcypher, a gloomy looking Garma chats with Deliford.