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Diantha's Farewell Tour

It turns out that Xolotl's true intention is to have Diantha learn more about the world, in preparation for her future role as head priestess. Diantha asks to join the crew to help fulfill that prophecy.

Diantha: Xochitl Island. It owes its prosperity to miracles brought on by the song and dance of five maidens revered by the island's residents.
Diantha: Maiden worship dates back to the War. It all started with a skydwelling warrior and his canine friend, Xolotl, caught up in a revolt against the Astrals.
Diantha: Having been abandoned by his skydweller friend after being transformed into a primal beast by the Astrals, Xolotl rampaged through the skies in grief and sorrow.
Diantha: But it was through the song of a certain five girls that Xolotl was able to find solace.
Diantha: The once discarded Xolotl found new friends in those five, and has granted Xochitl Island his protection ever since.
Diantha: The five girls who soothed Xolotl's pain gave rise to the maiden tradition still passed on today. But at some point, those roots were forgotten.
Diantha: This resulted in catastrophe as the deeply saddened Xolotl once again began rampaging.
Diantha: That's when a heroic crew came in to save the day. We maidens worked with the people of Xochitl Island to calm Xolotl down.
Diantha: With the threat taken care of, peace returned to the island. But as long as the island continues to prosper, history is bound to repeat itself.
Diantha: People of Xochitl, I beseech you to please never forget your god, Xolotl. Doing so would break his heart.
Diantha: And that, is why I've recorded my thoughts here. There, done writing.
No longer a maiden, Diantha continues her training as a musician and an apprentice priestess.
In addition to practicing instruments, Diantha is also swamped with compiling material on the legend of Xolotl.
Diantha: Phew, that should do it for today. I'm beat.
Linaria: What's keeping you up so late?
Diantha: Oh, Linaria. I was working on my book. I finally have all the material I need from the village.
Diantha: But after I started writing, I realized there's so much more I need to look into.
Diantha: For example, where did Xolotl come from? How did he meet his skydwelling friend?
Linaria: Hey Diantha, are you actually practicing your instruments? I wouldn't want you to screw up your performance.
Diantha: Haha, no worries. See? I've got callouses on my fingertips from pressing down on the strings all day.
Linaria: No kidding. You've really been giving it your all.
Linaria: I'm looking forward to the next performance. Even though you'll just be playing music, I bet you'll be more popular than the rest of us!
Diantha: That's not true. You know how embarrassed I get in front of people.
Linaria: You were always number one as a maiden. The crowds went crazy for you.
Linaria: But when it's my time to leave the group, the fans are going to love me even more! I'll make sure of it!
Diantha: Haha. It should be easy enough for you, Linaria.
Linaria: Hehe, you bet!
Linaria: Yawn, I'm getting sleepy.
See you tomorrow.
Diantha: Good night.
Although she makes fewer public appearances nowadays, Diantha is much busier now than when she was a maiden. But she finds it fulfilling.
One day, Diantha observes the ceremony to choose the next maiden.
Head Priestess: The ceremony to choose the next maiden shall commence. Watch closely, Diantha.
Diantha: Yes, Head Priestess.
Standing on a ceremonial altar in the outcropping of a cave, they listen attentively to the sound of the wind.
When the wind blows from all directions into the cave, it is said that the name of the next maiden can be heard in the howling.
Diantha: (The sound of the wind... I can hear it... It's strange though, almost as if it's talking to me in person. Xolotl's power must be at work.)
Diantha: (What's it saying...
Diantha: Wait, did it just say Diantha? Head Priestess, does the next maiden share my name?
Head Priestess: That's strange... There's no one named Diantha among the new prospects this year.
The two consider the possibilities.
Diantha: Maybe it's asking me to continue being a maiden?
Head Priestess: But that would mean...
Head Priestess: Shh! The prophecy continues!
Diantha: (Leave... the... island...)
Diantha: Diantha-leave-the-island...
It wants me to leave the island?
Head Priestess: That's what it sounded like to me too. I never imagined we'd receive instructions from Xolotl in place of the next maiden's name.
Diantha: Instructions? Does that mean I really have to leave here?
Head Priestess: If we are to follow Xolotl's prophecy, that is correct.
Diantha: Wha—
Diantha: Whaaat?
The next morning...
Diantha: Sigh, what am I going to do... I couldn't get any sleep at all...
Harie: Diantha, is something wrong?
Diantha: Harie! You've got to listen to me! Oh no, what am I ever going to do?
Harie: Hey, calm down. I'm here for you. What happened?
Diantha clings to Harie while crying and desperately trying to explain everything.
Harie: All of that happened at the ceremony?
Diantha: Usually, the chosen girl immediately becomes the next maiden. I guess I'll have to leave to make room for her.
Diantha: You know, I was never crazy about being a maiden and I guess Xolotl wasn't too happy about that.
Harie: It's hard to imagine Xolotl being such a petty person—I mean dog.
Canna: But, hey! It's not like Xolotl is banishing you forever. You can come back anytime, right?
Harie: Ah, morning, Canna. You know, you might be on to something.
Harie: Xolotl might have told you to leave the island, but he never said you couldn't come back, right?
Diantha: True, but then when would be the best time to come back?
Harie: Maybe at the next prophecy? Or maybe it depends on how Xolotl's feeling?
Diantha: When will the next prophecy be? It's usually when a maiden finishes her term, but...
Canna: That would be next year at the earliest. So all you have to do is live outside the island for a year! It's only half the time you spent as maiden!
Diantha: Ehehe, that's true, but... An entire year, huh...
Diola: Yawn.
Diantha: Oh, Diola! Do you have any updates on Xolotl? Preferably on what he's thinking right now?
Diola: Huh? Aw, I think I forgot my lunch...
Diantha: Hello? Did you hear me?
Diola: Ah...
Diantha: Did something happen?
Diola: Ah...
Diantha: Did you learn something new about Xolotl? Like when I can come back to Xochitl?
Diola: Ah...
Diantha: Hellooo. Diola?
Diola: Ah-choo!
Diantha: Ahaha, sorry. I didn't realize you were just trying to sneeze.
At that moment, Diantha notices a distressed presence in the corner of the room.
Linaria: ...
Diantha: Linaria... you heard everything?
Linaria: Why, Diantha? I've been looking forward to dancing to your music this whole time.
Diantha: And I wanted to play for you. But this was decided at the ceremony.
Linaria: No!
Linaria: No, no, no! Why does it have to be like this! Can't we do anything about it?
Diantha: Sigh, as an apprentice priestess, I can't ignore what I was asked to do.
Linaria: Come on, everything will be just fine! Xolotl isn't the type to push us away!
Linaria: ...
Linaria: But then again, if it was decided at the ceremony, I guess there's no other way.
Diantha: Hey, cheer up. I'll still be practicing even if I'm not on the island.
Linaria: Yeah...
Over the next few days, Diantha continues preparations to leave the island. The day of her departure finally arrives.
Diantha Fan 1: Aww man, to think that we'll never see Diantha on stage again...
Diantha Fan 2: Oh, she'll be back, but I'm still sad to see her go...
Linaria Fan: Umm, Head Priestess? Will Diantha be okay? I heard there'll be an escort for her?
Head Priestess: Yes, Diantha will be safe. I've called upon a reliable crew to protect her.
Head Priestess: They should be here soon... That's their ship!
Diantha looks up to see the glistening blue hull of the Grandcypher.
Diantha: (Captain) and everyone else are here... The time to leave has come...
Head Priestess: Diantha, don't fret too much over it. A future head priestess should broaden her horizons.
Diantha: Yes, Head Priestess.
Head Priestess: Ah, right. I should give this to you.
The head priestess takes out a short wand affixed with a golden sphere at the top.
Diantha: What's this?
Head Priestess: This musical wand is a sacred treasure of the island. It's, in a way, a portable altar.
Head Priestess: If you hold it up to your mouth and sing, it'll be as if you're singing at the altar.
Head Priestess: Oddly enough, your powers as a maiden remain intact. I'm sure the wand will come in handy.
Diantha: Thank you, Head Priestess.
Head Priestess: Why don't you try it out first?
Diantha: Okay...
Diantha holds the musical wand to her mouth.
Echoey Voices: One, two! One, two! One, two! Ayayayayayayay!
Diantha: Yikes! Did those voices just come from this wand?
Head Priestess: This wand contains the passion and enthusiasm of not just your fans, but also that of the entire island.
Diola: Let's not forget the protection of Xolotl either.
Diantha: But didn't Xolotl want to send me away from Xochitl?
Diola: That's not it, Diantha. Xolotl knows you've been wondering about the outside world, and doesn't want you to hold back for the sake of the island.
Diantha: But a message telling me to get off the island is a bit different from one telling me to see the world...
Diola: Yeah, well... I guess he's not very good with words. He is a dog after all.
Diantha: So I'm not being kicked out? Ahh, thank goodness.
(Captain) and company finally arrive. They are welcomed by the island's residents.
Head Priestess: Well then, (Captain). I'm leaving Diantha in your hands.
Diantha: (Captain)... Teehee, it's been too long.
  1. Glad to have you aboard!
  2. Just doing my job.

Choose: Glad to have you aboard!
Canna: Ahaha, (Captain)'s so suave! You guys are the best!
Diantha: I'm lucky the head priestess chose you, (Captain). I would've been afraid to go with anyone else.
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Choose: Just doing my job.
Linaria: What's with that attitude, (Captain)? You don't really want to bring Diantha along, do you!
Diola: That's not true. (Captain)'s just a bit shy.
Continue 1
Harie: Perfect! With (Captain) around, Diantha can be at ease traveling the skies.
Diantha Fan 1: I guess we won't be seeing Diantha at the altar for a while.
Linaria Fan: Don't take it too hard, buddy. She'll be back.
The island's residents try to stay positive as they see off Diantha.
Diantha: Well, I'm off, then. Sorry, Linaria!
Linaria: It's okay, Diantha! Just as long as you come back in time for the next performance!
Diantha: But that's next week! (Captain) and the crew have other plans too! I don't think I'd be able to make it.
Linaria: Well, then...
Linaria: Send me a letter! I won't be able to sleep without knowing whether you're practicing or not!
Diantha: Sure, you got it!
Linaria: Every week, Diantha!
Diantha: Haha, I promise.
Linaria: If you don't, I... Sniff...
Diantha: Hey, enough crying already.
Linaria: Ehehe, I'll see you off to the ship.
When Diantha wipes Linaria's tears away, Linaria grabs her hand and walks with her to the Grandcypher.
Diantha Fan 1: Diantha's gone...
Linaria Fan: You all right, buddy? You're getting all teary-eyed.
Diantha Fan 1: It's complicated, man. I'm just so happy seeing their tearful goodbyes. Maybe this isn't so bad after all...
Linaria Fan: You think so too, huh?
Diantha: I'll be on my way!
Diantha: Take care, everyone!
After a touching farewell from everyone on the island, Diantha departs with the crew.
What awaits for apprentice priestess Diantha beyond the skies?