Scenario:Dorothy - Maid-in-Waiting

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The crew meets Dorothy, a girl dressed as a maid who, for some reason, refers to (Captain) as her master and has researched the crew. After she starts an argument with some thugs, the crew lets the somewhat dangerous girl join to avoid leaving her on the loose.

That day after finishing a mission, (Captain)'s crew goes into town to get some lunch at a tavern.
Vyrn: Phew... I'm starving...
Lyria: Me too! (Captain), what do you want to eat?
Vyrn: Hey! Let's talk about this once we're inside!
Lyria: Ha-ha... I'm with you there. Let's go.
???: Welcome back, Master.
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: ...
???: Right this way, Master! The food is ready, so I'll bring it to you in a moment.
Lyria: Um... Master? What do you mean?
???: I mean what I say, naturally. (Captain) is my master—no question about it.
Vyrn: Hey... I think you've got the captain confused with someone else. Right, (Captain)?
  1. That's right.
  2. Well... there was that one time...

Choose: That's right.
Vyrn: I knew it! Lady, I think you're a little confused.
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Choose: Well... there was that one time...
Lyria: What? You mean you know what this maid is talking about?
Vyrn: No way! We're together almost all the time, and I think I'd remember if you had a maid.
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???: Have you really forgotten, Master? It was only three days ago...
And so the mysterious Dorothy begins to speak.
Dorothy: You were recently at the Knickknack Shack with your friends, weren't you, Master?
Dorothy: That was actually the first time I ever saw you... It must have been fate.
Dorothy: We just sort of clicked. It was incredible...
Dorothy: I was traveling in search of the runaway lady of the castle...
Dorothy: And before I knew it, I got separated from Claudia, who was searching with me.
Dorothy: But now I know that everything was just leading up to our meeting, Master. I suppose I should be grateful!
Dorothy: Just as I arrived at the Knickknack Shack, thinking to put in a request for help finding the lady of the castle, you arrived...
Dorothy: And you looked right at me. Master, you were sending me a signal, weren't you? And that signal reached me loud and clear!
Dorothy: You're traveling on an airship called the Grandcypher, are you not?
Dorothy: I'm sure your airship is magnificent, as befitting a person of your stature, Master.
Dorothy: And the fact that you're bound for the Island of the Astrals... I'd expect nothing less of you!
Dorothy: I think people who follow their dreams are amazing, and your dream is bigger than most!
Vyrn: Hey... how do you know so much about us?
Dorothy: A maid must know her master better than anyone else.
Dorothy: So I know everything about my master and understand the master's needs better than anyone.
Lyria: Um... Really?
Dorothy: Of course! So I have just one request...
Dorothy: Please allow me to accompany you on your journey.
Vyrn: Um... What should we do about this? Hey...
Ruffian: You! Don't just stand there! Get out of my way!
Dorothy: ...
Dorothy: Gross... Scum.
Ruffian: Huh? What was that? You got a problem?
Dorothy: By the way, isn't it a little cold in here, Master? I certainly wouldn't want you to catch a cold.
Dorothy pauses briefly but then spots the ruffians' luggage and smiles.
Dorothy: I know! If I just burn this, that'll solve our little problem. I'm fairly confident in my ability to incinerate trash.
Ruffian: Yikes! What's wrong with this girl? She looks serious!
Dorothy: This might smell a little nasty, so please pinch your noses. Okay—
Ruffian: Let's get out of here!
Dorothy: Ah... they're gone. Oh well. I'm sure there are plenty more where they came from.
Dorothy: I'll go prepare the firewood instead, Master.
Vyrn: You know... It might be a little dangerous to leave that girl on her own.
Lyria: Um... I was thinking the same thing...
  1. Yeah... That's a pretty scary thought.
  2. I guess we don't really have a choice...

Choose: Yeah... That's a pretty scary thought.
Lyria: But if you say something to her, maybe she'll change her attitude a bit.
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Choose: I guess we don't really have a choice...
Vyrn: Yeah... I guess all we can do is accept it.
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Dorothy: I have prepared the firewood, Master. And don't worry, because this won't stink up the place when it burns.
And so, despite her slightly dangerous tendencies, the crew allows the maid Dorothy to join them.
But no matter how many times (Captain) speaks to her, her attitude refuses to change.