Scenario:Dorothy - The Spirit of Service

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The Spirit of Service

Dorothy briskly takes of (Captain)'s affairs. However, Lyria doesn't seem to like the fact that she's all over (Captain). Lyria tries to get Dorothy to give him some space, but she replies that it's a maid's job to take care of her master. As the two argue, the group runs into imperial soldiers that have come to capture (Captain). Dorothy unflinchingly steps up to face the Erste Imperial Soldiers in order to protect her master.

Dorothy: Master, master! Which store should we visit next?
Dorothy: Please leave it to me! I can do everything from showing you around stores to negotiating prices!
Dorothy: Hehe... Of course, I haven't forgotten about your tea.
Dorothy: Dorothy baked some cookies for you too. Let's enjoy tea time when we get back to the airship, master!
Lyria: Grrr...!
One day, (Captain) and company go out into town for some shopping.
As they visited the stores, Dorothy stuck close to (Captain).
Dorothy: I know! Master, shall we go clothes shopping?
Dorothy: I heard that there are very good tailors here! And...
Dorothy: Well... Dorothy would like to see master looking handsome in some new clothes...!
Lyria: U-Um, Dorothy! Don't you think you've been sticking a little close to (Captain)?
Dorothy: Not at all, Lyria. This is Dorothy's job.
Dorothy: It's a maid's duty to stick close to her master and take care of his needs!
Lyria: B-but! You don't need to be all over him like that...
Imperial Soldier: Hey! You there, stop! You're the wanted skyfarers, aren't you?
Vyrn: Uh oh... Looks like trouble...
Imperial Soldier: Heheheh... You're coming with us. Don't even bother resisting!
Dorothy: Umm... Excuse me, but who might you be? May I ask what you want with my master...?
Imperial Soldier: Huh? You don't know who we are?
Imperial Soldier: Heheh... We're soldiers from the Great Erste Imperial Army! These Skyfarers are wanted by...
Dorothy: I understand. Master saved Lyria from Erste, is that right?
Dorothy: Fighting the empire to protect a girl... My master is an amazing person...!
Imperial Soldier: Hm? If you know that much already, what are you confused about?
Dorothy: My master hasn't done anything wrong. So why are you going after him?
Imperial Soldier: You...! Are you picking a fight with us?!
Dorothy: Of course not! But...
Dorothy: If you threaten my master, you'll have to answer to me.
Dorothy: My master's enemy is my enemy... Because Dorothy will always side with her master!

The Spirit of Service: Scene 2

Thanks Dorothy, the imperial soldiers fled in defeat. The party returns to Grandcypher, but they are ambushed by imperial soldiers that were lurking within the airship. The soldiers shoot an arrow at (Captain), but Dorothy saves him just in time. Unconcerned by her own resulting injury, Dorothy's anger is due to the fact that the soldiers tried to bring harm to her master. And so, the deadly maid Dorothy unleashes her fury.

Imperial Soldier: Ugh... Retreat!
Dorothy: Whew... Are you all right, master?
  1. I'm fine.
  2. Are you okay, Dorothy?

Choose: I'm fine.
Dorothy: Dorothy's so glad master wasn't hurt.
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Choose: Are you okay, Dorothy?
Dorothy: Wha...!! I-I don't deserve such kind words...!
Dorothy: Dorothy is... prepared to give her heart and soul to her master...
Dorothy: So please, don't worry about such things...
Continue 1
Lyria: Urrrrgg...
Vyrn: Oh boy... Anyway, let's head back to the airship.
Vyrn: Man... We can't even shop in peace without the empire harassing us!
The party successfully drives the soldiers away and quickly left the town.
Imperial Soldier: ...
Imperial Soldier: All right... It's time. Let's go...
Dorothy: Master! Please, try some. I baked these cookies for you!
Dorothy: I hope you like them...
Dorothy: Oh... Hold on master. Let me feed it to you... Say ahh...
Lyria: W-Wait! I-I don't know about that...
Dorothy: Hehe... Don't worry, Lyria. I understand.
Lyria: Huh?
Dorothy: There are cookies and cakes and macaroons for you, too. I'll bring them right out!
Lyria: Oh...! Thank you, Dorothy!
Vyrn: Well Lyria... If you're fine with it, I won't say anything...
Dorothy: Now, Dorothy will bring some tea for everyone...
Dorothy: ...?! Master, watch out!
Dorothy: Ugh...!
Lyria: D-Dorothy, are you hurt?! I just saw an arrow...!
Dorothy: Thank you, it only grazed me. More importantly... It seems some rats snuck into the airship...
Imperial Soldier: Heheh... Rats, are we?
Vyrn: What the?! Where'd you guys come from?!
Dorothy: I assume they trailed us at the town and snuck into the ship with us...
Imperial Soldier: Hahaha! Good guess! As your reward, I'll end you without suffering!
Dorothy: Oh! I didn't know Erste soldiers are so generous!
Imperial Soldier: What...?
Dorothy: Because Dorothy won't give you such a reward, no matter how much you beg.
Dorothy: But you'll pay dearly for trying to bring harm to my master.
Dorothy: I won't forgive you, no matter how much you scream and beg!

The Spirit of Service: Scene 3

The imperial soldiers are defeated by Dorothy, and the party stops her from chasing them down as they flee in fear. After the soldiers are driven away, the party asks something that's been on their minds for some time. Why does Dorothy serve (Captain) and call him her master? Dorothy replies that since she doesn't know what it's like to have a family, serving someone is what truly makes her happy. The party then watches her warmly as she happily prepares some tea for them.

Imperial Soldier: Ahhhhh! P-Please, no more! Keep that woman away from me!
Dorothy: Oh? Didn't Dorothy tell you? Begging isn't going to save you...
Vyrn: Wait! I think they've had enough. Don't you think so too, (Captain)?
Dorothy: Hmm... I suppose...
And so, the party captures the soldiers that boarded the airship and drops them off at a nearby island.
Vyrn: Whew... I was worried there for a minute...
Vyrn: Hey... I've been wondering. Why do you care about serving (Captain) so much, Dorothy?
Lyria: Now that I think about it... You were almost hit by an arrow earlier, too...
Dorothy: Hmm... Well. To serve someone is what Dorothy lives for.
Dorothy: Dorothy doesn't know her parents. Ever since she can remember, she was all alone...
Dorothy: No one would even look at Dorothy when she was young, and she wasn't needed by anyone...
Dorothy: But... Eventually, Claudia was by her side...
Dorothy: And then she was hired as a maid... And began to serve at a castle... And there were finally people that needed her around.
Dorothy: Dorothy was so happy...! She felt like she was finally accepted...
Dorothy: So that's why Dorothy wants to always be needed by someone that she recognizes as her master.
Dorothy: So master... Please let me continue to serve you!
Vyrn: I see... So that's why...
Lyria: Hehe... I feel like I finally understand you a bit more, Dorothy.
Dorothy: Now, master! If you need anything, please don't hesitate to tell Dorothy!
And so, Dorothy happily prepares some tea for the party.
By her smile, it seems that being needed by someone made her happy from the bottom of her heart.