Scenario:Dorothy and Claudia - Handmaidens Reunited

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Handmaidens Reunited

Teatime with the maids brings back fond memories of past episodes with them. When Dorothy and Claudia lost sight of each other in the search for their runaway queen, it was (Captain) and company who helped the two reunite.

One sunny afternoon, (Captain) and company are getting ready for their next assignment.
The crew members return to their rooms for a short reprieve.
Dorothy: Welcome back, Master! Teehee.
Claudia: Won't you have a seat? Preparations for teatime are complete.
Vyrn: Whoa... It feel like you two have been waiting to ambush us with refreshments every day lately!
Dorothy: Just doing our part! Today's tea is a special Port Breeze blend.
Lyria: Th-thanks, but how are you able to get everything in order so fast every time? It's not like we have a set schedule for taking breaks.
Claudia: Such is the duty of us maids. I've become proficient at gauging your likely rest times, Lyria.
Vyrn: Yeah, cuz you girls are always snooping on us... Dorothy on (Captain) , and Claudia on Lyria.
Dorothy: Ahh, (Captain)! That cookie's still a bit warm to the touch—let me cool it down for you.
Dorothy: Teehee...
Dorothy: Here you go! Say "aaaah..."
Lyria: Hey, you can't do that! Because... Just because!
Vyrn: Careful, Lyria! You're gonna spill the tea!
Lyria: Yikes!
Claudia: If I may...
Claudia: All tidied up. Forgive my intrusion.
Vyrn: What the... It's spotless. You cleaned it up like a ninja!
Lyria: Thanks for the save...
Lyria: Hey, where did my cup go?
Claudia: There is no need for concern. I shall bring you another cup.
Dorothy: And I'll be making some more sweets!
Vyrn: Phew... Those two are more fired up than ever. I appreciate the quality service, but they kinda give me the jitters.
Lyria: Ahahahaha...
Lyria: I'm just glad the two found each other okay.
Vyrn: Huh, what do you mean by that?
Vyrn: Oh, right... You weren't exactly yourself when it all went down that day...
Lyria: Yeah? Tell me about it. My memory of the day is all fuzzy. What happened on that day?
Claudia is a crew member, Dorothy is a crew member

The reunion of the fiery and iron fist handmaidens goes back a few days.
The crew had become acquainted with the two on separate occasions and now hoped to help the maids reunite.
(Captain) and Vyrn brought Dorothy, while Lyria brought Claudia, to the central plaza of a remote town.
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Claudia not in crew, Dorothy not in crew

Dorothy and Claudia had set out from their castle in search of their former master who had run away.
They got separated on the way, and the lack of leads to assist their search did not help matters.
But a surprising twist of fate leads them each to joining the crew in their own way.
Dorothy: It must have been destiny.
Dorothy: We just sort of clicked. It was incredible...
Dorothy: I was traveling in search of the runaway lady of the castle...
Dorothy: And I got separated from Claudia, who was searching with me, before I knew it.
Dorothy: But now I know that everything was just leading up to our meeting, Master. I suppose I should be grateful!
Claudia: I've changed my mind. (Captain), would you let me travel with you after all?
Claudia: But don't get the wrong idea. It's not like I have any ulterior motives related to that beautiful young woman or anything like that... Hee-hee...
Claudia: People have been fascinated with beautiful women since ancient times...
Claudia: So my tastes are not at all unusual. You could even call them boring.
And just a few days ago, the crew had thought of having the two come face-to-face with each other.
(Captain) and Vyrn brought Dorothy, while Lyria brought Claudia, to the central plaza of a remote town.
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The place is bustling with activity when everyone gathers.
Vyrn: Boy is the place packed! I sure wasn't expecting a festival today...
Vyrn: What do we do, (Captain)? Lyria and Claudia should be here any minute now.
Dorothy: Ooh, look at all the food stalls, Master! Why don't we buy something while we're at it?
Vyrn: Ahaha, looks like curiosity's got the best of you!
Vyrn: Let's check 'em out after meeting with the others!
Dorothy: Okaay!
Dorothy: How should we go about finding them though? It's hard to get around with these crowds...
Vyrn: Well, for starters, you two have known each other since you were kids, right?
Vyrn: Judging from Claudia's personality, where do you think she might be waiting?
Dorothy: Ah, good thinking! Even if they're not in town yet, we'll find them faster if we know where they might show up first!
Dorothy: In times like these, Claudia would...
Dorothy: I know! Any of the nearby cafes is as good a bet as any!
Vyrn: Cafes? Even though we agreed to meeting by the plaza?
Dorothy: Yes, there's a good chance Claudia is waiting at one of them until things cool down out here!
Vyrn: Oh, I hear ya. Let's go check out the nearby cafes then.
Lyria: Phew, I don't see them anywhere...
Claudia: ...
Lyria: I'm so sorry, Claudia. If only I were better at spotting them...
Claudia: Hee-hee.
Lyria: Huh, what's wrong? Are you feeling okay?
Claudia: Eep!
Claudia: Please, forgive me.
Claudia: I was only daydreaming about my tryst with a beautiful young girl, layering my fantasies upon our current situation.
Lyria: Tryst? Um... So you're feeling fine?
Claudia: Fine as can be.
Claudia: As for Dorothy and the others, there is a high possibility that they're waiting by the plaza.
Claudia: As you may already know, she is more of the happy-go-lucky type, so I would not be surprised if she is parading along the streets, browsing each food stall.
Lyria: Haha, you know your friends really well!
Lyria: Let's get to finding them then!
Claudia: Yes, please stay by my side at all times...
Prowler 1: Gahaha... I love the scent of good food. The annual festival's drawin' in huge crowds as usual.
Prowler 2: Yep, drawin' in the scent of money too. 'Bout time we hit the spots where security's lax.
Dorothy: I'm really sorry... I was so sure she'd be in one of these cafes...
Dorothy: Sigh... Where could Claudia be?
Vyrn: The day's not over yet—let's try to think of where else she might be based on her personality!
Dorothy: Master, Vyrn, thanks a bunch!
Dorothy: But if we can't find them at this hour...
Dorothy: Maybe's she's given up and is taking her siesta! An afternoon nap can do wonders to clear the mind!
Vyrn: Great, she's napping... You really think she'd be catching some z's now with Lyria beside her?
Vyrn: Wait a minute, if they're lookin' for us too... Maybe we just missed each other?
Dorothy: Ah, now why didn't I think of that!
Dorothy: Claudia must be running all over the place with Lyria, trying to think of where I might be!
Vyrn: We'll just have to reverse the train of thought... Hoppity-hop—go where you want right now, Dorothy!
Vyrn: We follow your whims, and they'll find us sooner than later!
Dorothy: Great idea! Now let's see...
Dorothy: I want to...
Dorothy: ...
Dorothy: Aha!
Claudia: You wish to know what I would like to do?
Lyria: Mm-hm. Do something that's in character for you, and they might have an easier time finding us.
Claudia: A splendid idea.
Claudia: ...
Claudia: Zzz...
Lyria: Um... Claudia?
Claudia: Ah!
Claudia: My apologies. This is usually the hour for my siesta.
Claudia: The task is proving rather difficult. I've repressed my personal desires for so long in order to fulfill my duties as a maid.
Lyria: Well, there's no rush; let's take it slow. I'll help in any way I can!
Claudia: In any way?
Claudia: Are you sure about that? Will you help me in any way possible?
Lyria: Erm, yes... That's what I meant...
Claudia: Thank you. To start with... Hee-hee.
Prowler 1: Not many guards in the northern part of town. Don't ya reckon we've done enough recon already?
Prowler 2: Fair enough—about time we put our plan into action. Let's head back to the hideout and tell everyone else!
Vyrn: Pant... Wheeze...
Vyrn: You can do it, (Captain)! Just a bit longer and we'll make a clean getaway!
Dorothy: Master, Vyrn, there you are!
Vyrn: Crud! She caught up already!
Dorothy: Hey now, wait! Why are you running from me anyway?
Vyrn: Do we have to spell it out for you! You're scaring us with those cuffs and shackles!
Dorothy: Hey, I'm just following my heart. I've always wanted to take care of my master's every need and whim down to a T!
Vyrn: Okay, now you're goin' too far!
Dorothy: I mean... (Captain) is just so smart and so kind that my help isn't really needed.
Dorothy: Nothing that can't be solved with some bondage of course... Teehee.
Vyrn: Uh-oh, not good! She's so gung ho about what she wants that she's lost her grip on reality!
Vyrn: (Captain)! We turn on this next corner and head straight for the docks! We'll have backup on the Gra—
Vyrn: Ack!
Claudia: ...!
Dorothy: Huh? Master, Vyrn!
Dorothy: Oh no, I got so caught up in the heat of the moment... You're not hurt, are you?
Vyrn: W-we'll be fine. Not sure I can say the same for the girl we bump—
Vyrn: Wait... It's you, Claudia!
Claudia: Hm? Oh, glad to have found you, everyone.
Dorothy: Claudia! I'm so happy we've finally met up!
Claudia: Dorothy... It's been a long time. Are you well?
Dorothy: Never been better! We were looking all over for you! Say, where's Lyria?
Claudia: Lyria? She's, um... Maybe over there?
Dorothy: Huh, but that's where we came from.
Claudia: ...
Vyrn: What the!
Vyrn: Why'd Claudia just run away from us?
Dorothy: Uh-oh... Could it be that she's followed her heart as well?
Dorothy: We'd better go after her, Master! Lyria's in trouble!
Claudia: Phew... This should be far enough.
Dorothy: Waaiiit! Hand Lyria back to us!
Claudia: Caught up already, eh?
Claudia: I'm impressed at how much she's grown over such a short period... Still too shortsighted though.
Claudia: Hyaagh!
Dorothy: Wha... Cripes, she destroyed the road here to stop my pursuit... She's gotten stronger, all right.
Claudia: Hehe... Hope you enjoy the gridlock.
Dorothy: Ah, wait!
Dorothy: You leave me no choice...
Dorothy: Didn't want to risk it, but it's time for sterilization!
Claudia: She's setting the whole area around me on fire...
Dorothy: Give it up, Claudia! Teehee, it's only a matter of time before I catch you!
Claudia: Sure, we have less room now for this game of tag, but you'd best keep your expectations in check.
Claudia: Even if we're evenly matched in agility, endurance is my forte. I'll just keep running till the flames dissipate.
Dorothy: Oh, no you won't!
Dorothy: Now, Master!
Vyrn: Huff... Huff...
Vyrn: We've got you now, Claudia!
Claudia: ...!
Hm, very well...
Claudia: Bravo. I'm impressed you planned out the pincer movement so well.
Vyrn: Phew... Please tell me you're not cuckoo anymore and that you'll return Lyria to us.
Claudia: I owe you an apology. I had mistaken fantasy for reality and lost myself. As for Lyria...
Lyria: Who goes there? Is it you, Claudia?
Dorothy: Lyria! Thank goodness, the rest of us are here too!
Lyria: Ohoho. My, my, if it isn't Dorothy. How do you fare?
Vyrn: O-ohoho? Are you off your rocker, Lyria?
Lyria: How gracious of you all to gather here on this fine day. I take it everyone will be attending tonight's ball?
Dorothy: Oh... my... gosh...
Dorothy: She's been educated in the ways of a highfalutin lady!
Vyrn: Say what?
Vyrn: What's that even mean?
Claudia: It's what I've always wanted to do. I long fantasized about personally training Lyria in the well-fashioned manners of an elegant lady.
Dorothy: Sheesh, Claudia... Everthing'll be ok, Master. Just let Lyria rest on it for a night.
Vyrn: You girls nearly knocked me off my rocker...
Vyrn: Let's head back to the airship then. Boy, this meetup was one heck of a doozy.
Prowler 1: What do you punks think you're doin' loiterin' around our hideout!
Prowler 2: You the ones who set the fire and busted up the road here? Damn you for getting in the way of our attack!
Vyrn: Whoa, what's this now about an attack?
Prowler 1: Shut up! Don't think you're gettin' outta this alive!
Prowler 2: Hey, we've got intruders, and we're takin' em out!
Lyria: Oh my, I'm not certain we have enough spots for all these attendees to tonight's ball.
Claudia: Hm... It appears they were waiting for the day of the festival to make off with valuables.
Claudia: But fear not, everyone. Allow me to make up for my earlier transgressions.
Claudia: Dorothy!
Dorothy: On it, Claudia!
Dorothy & Claudia: Checkmaid!
Prowler 1: Urgh!
Prowler 2: Gaaah!
Although the maids had to undergo numerous twists and turns to finally come together...
They successfully reunited and saved the town together.
Lyria: Oh, so that's what happened...
Dorothy: Sorry for the trouble, everyone.
Dorothy: And thanks again for helping Claudia and I meet up! Teehee!
Vyrn: No worries. Maybe now you two can get back to your original goal of finding your former master?
Claudia: Yes. Dorothy and I have put two and two together and pinpointed a location...
Claudia: A place that our former master, Queen Constance, might be!
Lyria: We'll do whatever we can to help!
Dorothy: Thanks a ton, everyone!
Their hearts filled with gratitude, the maids pour all their effort into the daily cleaning and teatime for the crew.
The true search for their runaway master begins shortly after.