Scenario:Drang - A Brief Interlude

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A Brief Interlude

Orchis tells Drang that Sturm is waiting for him at a bar, but when he arrives, Sturm is nowhere in sight. After conversing with the barkeep for some time, he realizes he's at the wrong bar and rushes out the door to face Sturm's wrath.

Drang: Sturm? Are you there?
Orchis: Oh...
Drang: Hey, uh... Orchis, was it? Have you seen Sturm anywhere?
Orchis: Apollo gave her a new mission. She already left.
Drang: Izzat right? Hmm... What should I do now...
Orchis: Um... She's waiting for you at Golonzo...
Drang: Did she really say that?
Orchis: Yes... That was her message...
Drang: Gotcha, gotcha! Thanks for sending that my way!
Orchis: Mm...
Drang: Golonzo, huh. I guess I'll go bum around town and bump into her eventually.
Orchis: Um, she's at the bar.
Drang: Huh? She said bar?
Orchis: Yes. The usual one. The port—
Drang: Have no fear! I know exactly which one she's talking about!
Orchis: Okay.
Drang: Thanks a million, Orchis!
Drang leaves with a grin on his face and a skip in his step.
Sturm: ...
Proprietress: Welcome! Take a seat!
Oh my, if it isn't Sturm.
Sturm: Mm-hm.
Sturm quickly scans the bar, sees that Drang hasn't arrived yet, and takes a seat.
Proprietress: Want a drink?
Sturm: Please.
Proprietress: Say, where's that partner of yours? It's not often that I see you alone.
Sturm: We're meeting here.
Proprietress: Ah, I see.
Proprietress: I just thought that maybe you had finally gotten sick of him and split off.
Sturm: That doesn't matter. Our partnership's part of the job.
Sturm: I wouldn't split up because of personal preferences or sociability.
Proprietress: Ahahaha! You're absolutely right! I'm sorry for even bringing it up!
Drang: Hm, looks like Sturm isn't here yet.
Barkeep: Drang, my man. Come on in.
Drang: Don't mind if I do!
Barkeep: Where's your other half? I almost never see you by yourself.
Drang: Sturm's on her way. I'm supposed to meet her here.
Barkeep: Oh, I see. Thought maybe she decided to call it quits with you. Got fed up.
Drang: For crying out loud, don't say that! You're going to jinx me!
Barkeep: What? I'm just saying it's only a matter o' time, you know?
Drang: Liar! Why would you get that idea, huh? I dare you to tell me why! Double-double, quintuple dare you!
Barkeep: Need I say more?
Proprietress: I'm curious, though, as to why you two formed a team in the first place.
Sturm: For work.
Proprietress: Haha... You never change.
Proprietress: Shows what I know. You two make a good team despite your tiffs. Never judge a book by its cover and all that.
Sturm: ...
Proprietress: Drang usually acts willy-nilly, but when it comes to work, he's focused like a laser beam, right?
Sturm: You don't know anything.
Proprietress: Oh?
Sturm: He's exactly the same when it comes to work.
Proprietress: I-I see...
Barkeep: You got a raised eyebrow outta me when I first heard you two were working together.
Drang: That's because you can't see greatness!
Drang: Me and Sturm? We might not look like it, but she and I make a dynamic duo!
Barkeep: Uh-huh.
Drang: Hey, are you listening to me? I'm being serious here!
Barkeep: Uh-huh.
Proprietress: That Drang's running late...
Sturm: ...
Proprietress: You think something happened to him? Maybe he's fallen and he can't get up...
Sturm: Humph.
Proprietress: Aren't you the slightest bit worried about him?
Sturm: Not really. Even if he gets killed, he won't die.
Proprietress: Ahahaha! True, true! You definitely believe in that boy!
Sturm: Wh-what! Don't put words in my mouth!
Drang: Yeesh. Sturm's late, don't you think?
Barkeep: Hm, I wouldn't really know. What time were you two supposed to meet?
Drang: We never decided on a time, so... I wonder if she got held up by something...
Barkeep: You worried?
Drang: Ah, well... It's not that I don't believe in her or anything. Because I do, you know? But this is different!
Barkeep: Yeah, yeah, I get it.
Customer: Yo, barkeep.
Barkeep: Nice to see you again.
Customer: That you, Drang? Stopping off for a pint?
Drang: Nah, I'm just waiting for Sturm to get here.
Customer: Sturm? I saw her down by a bar next to the docking area not too long ago.
Drang: You're pulling my chain!
Barkeep: Sigh. Looks like you went to the wrong bar.
Customer: Seriously, Drang? Did you pass without seeing each other? Anyway, yeah, you're in the wrong place.
Drang: Wish I could stay and take part in my own shame...
Drang: But right now I've got to get my butt over there!
Drang: See ya!
Drang: Come on, Drang, pick up the pace! I'm in big trouble. But I swear Orchis told me the right place...
Orchis: Um, she's at the bar.
Drang: Huh? She said bar?
Orchis: Yes. The usual one. The port—
Drang: Have no fear! I know exactly which one she's talking about!
Drang: So Orchis was talking about the one closest to the port... Should've let her finish.
Drang: I thought she was going to say the farther one! I could've sworn Sturm liked this place better!
Drang grumbles in between his huffs and puffs.
Drang: Oh boy... I've really kept her waiting...
Drang: She's gonna have my head on a stick! A platter! Oh, and the stabbings! The stabbings!
Drang: Aaargh! I mean, I know it was my fault and all, but please don't hurt me, Sturm!
What should have been a quiet night is shattered by the wailings of a man off to meet his maker.