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Memories in the Blue

Drang visits his grandmother's grave on a bluff overlooking the sky. He remembers the days spent on his grandmother's lap, listening to her stories about the island shrouded in mist.

Sunlight peeks through the canopy, trickling onto a small dirt trail. The forest is quiet, save for the soft crunch of leaves under a single pair of feet.
Drang: Phew. No monster trail in sight! Someone out there likes me.
He silently shrugs his shoulders before soldiering on. After a little while the brush opens into a clearing.
Drang: Here we are.
A solitary slab of stone stands atop a bluff overlooking a sea of clouds.
Drang stops in front of the stone and rests on his knees.
Drang: I'm home, Granny. Sorry I haven't been back to see you in a while.
Wind whistles across the stone, creating the illusion of speech, but of course a stone can't answer back. The only words uttered belong to a buoyant Drang.
Drang: You know me. I've been zipping around here and there, getting myself into all sorts of trouble.
Drang: Sturm and I are getting along great! Well, at least I think so anyway. She seems to get mad and say we're not buddies.
A gust blows over Drang from the sea of clouds, chuckles on the wind.
Drang: Whether I'm traveling, working, or just chatting with Sturm, it's all so satisfyingly...
Drang: Liberating.
His gaze falls to the ground as he reflects on good times past.
Young Boy: Granny! Granny!
A young boy hugs his grandmother's knee.
Young Boy: Tell me another story about Ferry and that misty island you used to live on!
Grandmother: My goodness. You've taken a real shine to those stories.
Young Boy: Hehehe! I love 'em!
Grandmother: That's wonderful. Let's see... What adventure does old Granny have for you today...
Her wrinkled face crinkles just a tiny bit more as her mouth spreads into a smile.
Young Boy: (But what I really love is my story-telling Granny...)
The soft, soothing voice of the boy's grandmother stirs up a warm feeling within his heart.

Memories in the Blue: Scene 2

Drang, unable to fulfill his childhood promise to take his grandmother back home to the mist-shrouded island, plants a flower seed from that island next to her grave instead. As he returns through the forest, he sees two suspicious men talking about committing burglary and reluctantly decides to confront them.

Young Boy: Wow! The sky's really blue today too.
Young Boy: Um... How are you doing, Ferry?
The boy faces toward a distant point in the sky. His voice would never reach that far, but he speaks aloud nonetheless.
Young Boy: Granny's not coming today either. Her leg hurts too much, and she was coughing too.
Young Boy: She laughed about it, but I think she wants to see you again.
Young Boy: I want to meet you too. So that makes two of us, Granny and me.
Mother: And where exactly have you been, young man?
Young Boy: Um, I was—
Mother: I've told you not to go wandering off on your own! I need you to stop causing trouble for me.
Young Boy: I'm sorry, Mother...
Mother: ——, you're just like your father...
Young Boy: I'm sorry...
Young Boy: (Is making Mother anxious and angry the only thing I'm good for?)
Young Boy: (What am I supposed to do to please her?)
Young Boy: ...
Father: ...
Young Boy: Excuse me, Father...
Father: Yes?
Young Boy: Um...
Father: If it's not important, then save it for after the meal.
Young Boy: Okay... Sorry...
Young Boy: Granny...
Young Boy: When I grow up, I'm gonna take you to the misty island so you can see Ferry again!
Grandmother: Hahaha. Thank you, dear. I'm happy to hear that.
Young Boy: But I wonder if Mother and Father will let me do that...
Grandmother: Come here, ——.
The grandmother calls out the boy's name and gives his face a little smush with her warm, wrinkled hands.
Grandmother: You're a kind boy. A clever, oh-so-kind little boy.
Grandmother: Whenever I see your smiling face, it makes my heart leap with joy. So I want you to keep smiling for me.
Grandmother: That's more than enough to keep me going.
Young Boy: Granny...
The boy tries his best to put on a brave face, but no smile will come.
Young Boy: Sob...
He buries his head into his grandmother's lap. The faint fragrance of a flower from a far-off island wafts into his nose.
Drang: Actually, I brought you a souvenir!
Drang rummages through his bag, pulls out a small object, and presents it on the palm of his hand.
Drang: It's a flower seed from that island.
Drang: I did a bit of checking around, and this is a hardy little thing. It should grow up big and strong here too.
He crouches beside the headstone to clear away debris before he begins planting.
Drang: Ferry's just like you said, Granny. She's got a strong will, and she's quite the beauty.
Drang: She still thinks about you all the time.
Drang: There. That should just about do it. Hurry up and bloom into a beautiful flower, okay?
Drang wipes the dirt from his hands and turns to face the headstone once more.
Drang: I'm sorry I wasn't able to keep my promise to you. But at least I can do this much...
Drang: ...
Drang: Well, time to hit the ol' dusty trail.
Drang: Can't stay too long. It'd be a real pain if I ran into anyone out here. But I'll definitely come back.
Drang: Take care, Granny. I'll be on my way now.
Drang heads back the same way he came.
Drang: Hm?
Halfway through the forest he hears a number of voices through the trees.
???: You ready for this?
???: You bet I am.
Drang: ...
Drang approaches the voices while trying to mask his footsteps.
Man 1: The stakeout went perfectly.
Man 2: It's all going to plan. We'll strike tonight and aim for the gap in the patrols.
Man 1: I don't want to cause a scene, but if they get tipped off, I just might have to.
Drang: Er...
Drang: You're killing me here. Couldn't this have waited another day?
Drang: Sigh... Guess I'll go say hello.
Drang: Hi there. Nice evening, isn't it?
Man 1: ...!
Man 2: Who the hell are you?
Drang: I was taking a lovely stroll through the forest when I saw you fine gents, and I just had to rain on your parade.
Man 1: Did you hear what I said, wise guy? Who are you!
Drang: Honestly I'd like to leave you to your own devices and call it a day.
Drang: But I wouldn't be able to forgive myself for ignoring something I could've stopped. Feels bad, you know?
Man 2: Ugh! The hell are you talking about?
Man 1: Whatever. We can't let this idiot hold us up. He's just one guy! Get him!
Drang: Mm-hm. Be my guest!

Memories in the Blue: Scene 3

With both thieves subdued, Drang heads to a guard post to report them, but one of their accomplices is already there to pin the crime on Drang. The situation grows worse for Drang until Sturm arrives and helps him escape custody.

Drang: Whew...
Drang looks down at the two men sprawled on the ground.
Drang: All that's left to do is to head into town and alert the proper authorities and medical personnel. I am sooo nice!
Drang exits the forest and heads for the nearest guard post.
Drang: Pardon me!
Man 3: Ack! It's him!
Patroller 1: It is? Seize him!
Drang: Wait! Wait, wait, wait!
Patroller 2: Stop resisting!
Drang: Wha? Buh? Let me explain!
It's only natural that Drang would raise his voice when faced with an immediate arrest.
Drang: I don't remember doing anything bad... What are the charges?
Patroller 2: Don't play dumb with us! You're wanted for attempted burglary!
Drang: Burglary? I don't follow—
Patroller 1: You were planning on breaking into a mansion in the forest. This man said you harmed his companions!
Man 3: He's dangerous! Please lock him up at once!
Drang: Oh... I see what's going on now...
Drang lets out a deep sigh, realizing that the man is working with the other two from before and is trying to set him up.
Drang: (Let's try to settle this nice and quietly.)
Drang: So... I believe there's been a misunderstanding. I would never break into that mansion—
Patroller 1: That's enough lies out of you! I'm going into the forest to investigate. You contact the homeowner.
Patroller 2: Yes, sir!
Drang: Hold on! You can't do that! Er, I mean, I'm not suspicious at all!
Patroller 1: And that really proved your innocence. What's your name?
Drang: It's Drang...
Patroller 1: Drang? Is that your real name or an alias?
Drang: Well, uh...
???: What are you doing, you dummy?
Drang: Gasp!
Drang: Sturm! Did you come to save me?
Sturm: Sigh...
Sturm quickly glances at Drang before turning to the patrollers.
Sturm: He looks suspicious but planning burglaries isn't something he would stoop to doing.
Patroller 1: Even if you're telling the truth, that's a problem for us. We have to open an investigation.
Sturm: We're in a hurry. Let him go now.
Patroller 2: Who are you to make demands?
Patroller 1: You two are in cahoots. Arrest her too!
Sturm: Sigh... Out of the question.
Sturm: We're done here. Arm yourself, Drang.
Drang: Uh-oh, Sturm's taking this to the extreme! Oh well. Monkey see, monkey do!

Memories in the Blue: Scene 4

Drang is puzzled by how Sturm knew where he was and wonders what else she knows about him, but she bluntly states she has no interest in his affairs. Despite his feigned woe, he knows he wouldn't trade Sturm for anyone else in the world.

The guard post is thrown into chaos, allowing Sturm and Drang to beat a hasty retreat out of town.
Sturm: Nothing ever works out for you, does it?
Drang: Ahaha... Can't argue with that...
Sturm: You cause me nothing but headaches.
Drang: Sorry about that, Sturm. But I'm free thanks to you!
Sturm: Forget it. Right now we've got an urgent mission to deal with.
Drang: Oh. You did mention we were in a hurry. So you came looking for me... How'd you know I'd be here anyway?
Sturm: I was headed for that place you visit alone from time to time.
Drang: No kidding! You knew about that? Wait, could it be that you're psychic?
Sturm: Zip it. I'm going to tell you about the mission.
Drang: Sure, sure. What is it?
Drang: Gotcha. Then we'd best be on our way.
Sturm: Exactly.
Drang: Okay!
Drang: ...
Drang: So, uh, Sturm...
Sturm: ...
Instead of answering Drang, Sturm turns to face him.
Drang: How much do you know?
Sturm: About what?
Drang: Oh, you know... Just stuff... Like, my past for instance?
Sturm: Sigh. Not interested. I don't care where you go or what you do outside of work.
Drang: Aaah! You're as cold as ice! Can't you humor me just a little?
Sturm: This isn't a joke.
Drang: Aha! So basically what you're saying is... You have total faith in me!
Sturm: Wrong! Shut up!
Drang: Yeow! Yeooow! That hurts!
Sturm: Humph.
Drang: Huff... That was too much, Sturm...
Drang: But I wouldn't trade that Sturm for anyone.
His quiet words are lost to the wind. Whether those words will reach her ears is up in the air.