Scenario:Drusilla - The Plant and I

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The Plant and I

When Drusilla unwittingly gives the impression that she can win the village's competitive exhibition, Vyrn and Lyria urge her to go to the mountains in search of a winning flower.

One day (Captain) and company stop by a village during their journey.
The crew hears that the village is holding some sort of competitive exhibition for plants.
Vyrn: Hmm, like a plant fair? How are they supposed to judge the plants?
Drusilla: Don't you know? Why, by how pretty they are of course!
Lyria: Wow! I never knew! You sure do know a lot, Drusilla!
Drusilla: Why of course! My family's taught me well!
Drusilla: I know exactly the sort of standards these village simpletons hold.
Vyrn: Whoa! Sounds like you know exactly what it takes to win!
Drusilla: But of course! It's my specialty!
Vyrn: Whoa, that's awesome! We need to get you into that competition right now!
Drusilla: Huh?
Lyria: That's a great idea, Vyrn! You can do it, Drusilla!
Drusilla: (Oh no! I didn't expect them to think so highly of me!)
Drusilla: (Father taught me how to judge flowers, but I'm not ready yet! I can't!)
Vyrn: All right, it's settled! Time to go flower huntin'!
Drusilla: (Oh no! There's no turning back now!)
Drusilla: (But if I do manage to win the fair...)
Drusilla: (Maybe Grandmother won't be as cross with me.)
Drusilla: Well then! Off to the mountains we go!
(Captain) and company follow Drusilla to the mountains in search of a prize-winning flower.

The Plant and I: Scene 2

Drusilla submits a beautiful flower, but learns that the competition is exclusive to pest-repelling plants. When one of the competitor's plants goes on a rampage, the crew races to save the villagers.

Drusilla: Hmm, I don't see any flowers good enough on this mountain...
Lyria: Aww, that's a shame.
Drusilla: We're running out of time. We'd better head back now if we want to at least watch the fair.
Lyria: Well, if it's all the same to you guys, maybe we should take the scenic route on the way back.
(Captain) and company decide to take a different path on their way back to the village.
Drusilla: Wait! I think I see something!
Drusilla: Over there, up on the edge of that cliff! What a pretty flower!
Lyria: You're right! It looks like it's... sparkling!
Drusilla: Vyrn! Would you be so kind as to get that flower for me?
Vyrn: I'm on it! I'll be right back!
The flower that Vyrn brings back has exquisite, translucent petals that glisten in the light.
Drusilla: What a beautiful flower! I've never seen anything like it!
Lyria: Wow! It sounds like a sure winner!
Vyrn: Quick! Let's get back to the fair before it starts!
Drusilla: Yes, right away!
(Captain) and company return to the village just in time and try to submit their flower. But...
Lyria: What! The fair is...
Drusilla: It's for... pest-repelling plants?
Villager Jane: Yep. Not just pests, but predators and monsters too. We get lots of those 'round these parts.
Drusilla: Oh no... But we found such a pretty flower...
Lyria: What a shame...
Villager Jane: Aww, sorry to let y'all down.
(Captain) accompanies a disheartened Drusilla and Lyria as they have a look around the fair.
Villager Joe: Aaaaah! Help! Somebody help me!
Drusilla: Wh-what was that!
Vyrn: Sounds serious! We better check it out!
Villager Joe: Sweet mother of goat cheese! My plant's attacking people!
Cactus: !
Drusilla: A plant from the fair is attacking innocent bystanders!
Drusilla: It's supposed to keep away pests, not people! We have to do something!
Vyrn: C'mon, (Captain)! Let's show this weed who's boss!

The Plant and I: Scene 3

The rampaging plant is put to rest and Drusilla receives a pest-repelling plant from the village as thanks. When the plant takes a bite at Drusilla's hair, she declares that she's absolutely had enough of plants.

Drusilla: Whew! Well, it seems like the plant's gotten the idea!
Villager Joe: I'm so sorry. This is all my fault... I didn't think it would go on a rampage like that.
Vyrn: Geez, you need to be more careful! No point protecting the farm if there aren't any farmers left!
Villager Jane: Thank you so much, skyfarers! Here, take this as a token of our gratitude.
Drusilla: Oh, you're too kind! Thank you so very—
Plant: Grawr!
Drusilla: Aaaah! Wh-what in the skies is this!
Villager Jane: Oh, this lil' fella's one of our famous anti-pest plants. We use 'em all the time.
Plant: Graawr!
Drusilla: Aaah! It's trying to eat my hair! Get it off me!
Drusilla: I've had enough of plants for one day!
Drusilla manages to pull her hair from the plant's jaws and runs to safety behind (Captain).
It looks like Drusilla has had her fair share of fairs for one lifetime.