Scenario:Eahta - The Ultimate Katana

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The Ultimate Katana

It's the middle of the night, and Eahta is meditating silently on the deck of the ship when a mysterious voice calls out to him. Its owner is none other than a radiant figure calling itself the Eight-Life Katana, which demands Eahta prove his strength.

In the aching silence of the night, Eahta meditates alone on the deck of the ship.
Eahta: ...
Eahta: Where is that voice coming from? Its incessant droning grates on me...
Eahta ends his meditation to search for the source of the strange voice he's hearing.
Eahta: It's coming from here.
Eahta: Who's in there? Show yourself!
A faintly glowing figure manifests itself in front of Eahta.
???: Did you call upon me, Blade God?
Eahta: This aura... What manner of abomination are you? Could you be... the Eight-Life Katana?
Eight-Life Katana: Indeed. Calling me an abomination is a bit much, however.
Eight-Life Katana: I wear the mantle of supreme power that you thirst after so readily.
Eahta: You make bold claims for a mere sword.
Eahta: I suggest you demonstrate your power before speaking further.
Eight-Life Katana: Very well. Show me just how powerful you are!

The Ultimate Katana: Scene 2

Defeated, the spectral figure asks Eahta to wield the Eight-Life Katana and understand true strength before promptly vanishing. Taking the Eight-Life Katana in hand, Eahta ponders the nature of true strength.

Eight-Life Katana: Heh... Ha ha ha!
Eahta: Why do you laugh? Have you gone mad?
Eight-Life Katana: Good... Very good! I see you wear the title of Blade God for a reason!
Eight-Life Katana: Take me in hand, and I suspect you too will understand the meaning of the words supreme power.
Eahta: More bold claims. But hearing you say that... gives me no choice but to test the veracity of your words firsthand.
Eahta reaches his hand out toward the figure, but finds that it's vanished. In its place lies the Eight-Life Katana.
Eahta: The longer you live, the more oddities you encounter.
Eahta: Now then. How should I do this... I've walked a winding road to reach where I am now. I see no reason to stop.
Eahta thinks things over for a moment, Eight-Life Katana in hand.
The next steps for this seeker of supreme power are concealed within the dead of night.