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A Timeless Wish

Ejaeli meets a girl singing "Tears of a Mermaid"—a song originally meant for Ejaeli. The girl is actually the granddaughter of Ejaeli's friend, and so the girl guides the crew to their home. However, after Ejaeli sings "Tears of a Mermaid" beautifully, she loses consciousness.

Some time has passed since Ejaeli's curse was lifted. Today she and the crew are on a quest to restock supplies.
Ejaeli: Cough... Cough... I can't...
Lyria: Ejaeli? Are you all right? You seem sick.
Ejaeli: I... I'm okay. It's just my body feels so tired...
Vyrn: Yeah... What part of that do you think is okay?
Ejaeli: No, really. I'm fine. I've just been speaking too much.
Lyria: Huh? What do you mean?
Ejaeli: I guess because I'd had the mask on for so long...
Ejaeli: Speaking too much wears me out...
Ejaeli: That... song...
A surprised Ejaeli hears a familiar song and walks toward its source.
Vyrn: What the heck! Where you going!
Lyria: Let's follow her!
Alarmed, (Captain) and the crew follow Ejaeli.
Woman: Phew...
Ejaeli claps as the song comes to its end.
Woman: Miss, do I know you?
Ejaeli: No. I just thought your song was so beautiful...
Woman: Well... Thank you...
Ejaeli: May I ask... What kind of song was that?
Woman: This song was made by my grandmother for a singer she knew.
Woman: But that singer went missing...
Woman: So this song had never been sung before.
Ejaeli: ...
Ejaeli is pained by the woman's words.
Woman: My grandmother is still sorry that the singer couldn't perform it...
Woman: So I sang it instead as a way to cheer Grandma up.
Ejaeli: Cheer her up? Is something the matter?
Woman: She's been ill as of late...
Ejaeli: Please take me to her!
Woman: What?
Vyrn: Hey! Metal Mask!
Ejaeli: Actually... I know her. She's an old friend of mine.
Ejaeli: I've been through some difficult times... And haven't been able to see her...
Ejaeli: But it worries me knowing that she's sick.
Ejaeli: So would you please take me to her?
Woman: Are you... sure you know my grandmother?
The woman looks at Ejaeli with suspicion.
Ejaeli: The name of that song is "Tears of a Mermaid."
Woman: What? How do you know that? Does that mean you're the singer she knew?
Ejaeli decides to share her story, including the reality of her curse, with the confused woman.
Woman: That sounds like it was awful... All right. I'll take you to her.
Vyrn: Wait! Metal Mask... Let us in on what's happening.
Ejaeli: That song she was singing. My friend wrote it for me as a gift a long time ago.
Ejaeli: But, thanks to that mask, I was never able to sing it...
Ejaeli: I just want to apologize. In person...
Vyrn: Oh...
Ejaeli: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have left you all without explaining the situation...
  1. Don't worry about it.
  2. We wanna hear you sing that song!

Choose: Don't worry about it.
Ejaeli: Thank you.
Ejaeli bows her head in apology.
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Choose: We wanna hear you sing that song!
Ejaeli: Of course!
Ejaeli: I did promise that I would sing for everyone, didn't I!
Ejaeli: You just wait!
Ejaeli smiles at (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn.
Continue 1
Woman: Grandma... There's someone here to see you.
Woman's Grandma: Huh? For me? Who is it?
Ejaeli: It's me... Have you been well?
Woman's Grandma: What! You're Ejaeli! How is this possible? I heard you passed away!
The woman's grandmother is shocked but outstretches a trembling hand toward Ejaeli.
Woman's Grandma: If I can touch you... that means you're not a ghost.
Ejaeli: That's right. I'm alive.
Ejaeli: Hehe. But on the other hand, you look a little worse for wear.
Woman's Grandma: Hmph. What did you expect? Do you know how many years have passed?
Ejaeli: Ahaha... I guess I do. I'm glad to see you. I thought I might never get the chance again.
Ejaeli begins to cry, her tears softly falling to the floor.
Woman's Grandma: Sigh... Stole the words right out of my mouth. I missed you, Ejaeli.
Ejaeli: I missed you too!
Ejaeli embraces her friend...
And finds a long-forgotten warmth.
Woman's Grandma: There, there... Feel better now?
Ejaeli: Yes. I'm sorry for crying...
Woman's Grandma: You... Haven't changed one bit.
Ejaeli: Sob...
Woman's Grandma: Now tell me what happened to you.
Ejaeli: Well, it all started when...
Ejaeli shares her cursed past with her old friend.
Woman's Grandma: A curse, eh? Since you haven't aged a day, I suppose I believe you.
Ejaeli: I'm sorry that I wasn't able to sing that song...
Woman's Grandma: No one can blame you with a story like that.
Woman's Grandma: But if it helps you feel better, how about you sing me that song now?
Ejaeli: What? You mean here and now?
Ejaeli: But I'm...
Woman's Grandma: What now? You better not say you forgot the words to my song.
Ejaeli: I haven't! I've wanted to sing that song for so long!
Woman's Grandma: Hm... So you say...
Ejaeli: Hmph... Fine. If you're going to be that way then I'll sing it.
Ejaeli: You'd better listen up!
Woman's Grandma: Haha. That's all I wanted from the start.
Ejaeli: Ugh... She just played me like a violin.
Ejaeli closes her eyes and concentrates.
Vyrn: Haha. This is gonna be good. Give 'er heck, Metal Mask!
Lyria: The magician even told us that just one performance would be enough to steal our hearts.
Ejaeli: I'm ready to begin.
Ejaeli calmly and slowly inhales to begin singing.
Lyria: Wow!
Watching their crewmate croon, (Captain) and the others become fully absorbed in the performance.
Ejaeli: Phew...
As Ejaeli finishes her song, the crew breaks out in applause.
Vyrn: Now that's what I call singin'! You really tugged at my heart strings, Metal Mask!
Lyria: Hehe. The rumors were true. One listen was all I needed to fall for Ejaeli!
Woman's Grandma: Absolutely wonderful. That's the singer I remember.
  1. Can we hear it again?
  2. That was amazing!

Choose: Can we hear it again?
Ejaeli: Pant... Pant... Thank you...
Ejaeli: I... That's very flattering, but...
Ejaeli: I don't think I'll... be able to sing that again today...
Ejaeli: But don't worry. I'll sing for you later.
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Choose: That was amazing!
Ejaeli: Pant... Pant... Thank you...
Ejaeli: I haven't sung in so long... I didn't think I could do it, but... I'm glad it went well.
Continue 2
Ejaeli: I...
Ejaeli falls to the ground without warning.
  1. Ejaeli!

Choose: Ejaeli!
(Captain) helps Ejaeli to her feet.
Vyrn: Metal Mask... What happened?
Lyria: Ejaeli!
Ejaeli: Pant... Pant... I'm sorry. I can't control my body... My strength...
Before she can even finish her thought, Ejaeli falls unconscious.

A Timeless Wish: Scene 2

Upon waking, Ejaeli explains that since the curse has been lifted, singing and talking cause her to become weak. The crew ask the curse specialist what is happening and are told that this is the aftermath of the curse; the more Ejaeli speaks, the more her life will be cut short. To help Ejaeli, the crew fight monsters to gather medicinal ingredients.

Ejaeli: Hm? Where am I?
A dazed Ejaeli opens her eyes and pushes herself up slowly.
Ejaeli: Why am I in bed?
Lyria: Ejaeli! You're awake!
  1. You passed out. We were so worried!

Choose: You passed out. We were so worried!
Ejaeli: What? I did?
Vyrn: You don't remember? It was right after you finished singing!
Ejaeli: Really...
Lyria: Yeah. We asked your friend if we could put you in one of her beds.
Ejaeli: I'm so sorry. I hope I didn't worry any of you...
Lyria: Well... How do you feel? Does anything hurt?
Ejaeli: No... I don't thin—
In the next instant, Ejaeli grimaces in misery before fainting once again.
Lyria: Ejaeli!
Vyrn: Really? Again?
Ejaeli: Pant... Pant... I'm so sorr—
Ejaeli: Just... give me... a moment...
Ejaeli: My voice... It's... so hard... to speak...
Vyrn: What are you talking about? We already lifted your curse! Why's it still hard for you to talk?
Ejaeli: I... Cough... Cough...
Lyria: Ejaeli! If it's hard to talk, then you don't have to!
Ejaeli: Pant... Pant... I can't keep... putting you all... through this...
Ejaeli: I have to... explain everything... to you all.
Vyrn: But without your voice, how are you gonna do that?
Lyria: Oh, I know! I'll interpret for you! What do you say?
Lyria: You don't need to use your voice to communicate with me. Just pretend you have your mask on...
Ejaeli: O-okay... I can... try.
Ejaeli: Mmmp... (How's this?)
Lyria: I understand you! How's your throat?
Ejaeli: Mmph. (Better. So I'll talk through you for now.)
Ejaeli: Mmrm. (This is good. The strain on my throat is gone.)
Lyria: Thank goodness...
Lyria let's out a sigh of relief and goes back to interpreting for Ejaeli.
Vyrn: Phew... Well that's a relief.
Lyria: So... What seems to be the problem with your voice? Is it still the curse?
Ejaeli: Mmph! (It must be.)
Ejaeli: Mmrm... (Whenever I use my voice, it robs my body of energy. I suddenly get very weak.)
Ejaeli: Mmmp! (Normal conversation is not too much of a problem though...)
Ejaeli: Mmrm... (But if I sing or talk too much, I get a little dizzy...)
Lyria: Maybe this is what the magician was talking about...
Magician: But the curse allows Ejaeli to live. What if it's the only thing that's keeping her alive?
Magician: If the curse were to be lifted, she might...
Ejaeli: Mmmp. (I think you might be right.)
Lyria: Why didn't you tell us about your pain sooner!
Lyria: If you had told us... We wouldn't have asked you to sing...
Ejaeli: Mmrm... (I didn't want to cause even more worry...)
Ejaeli: Mmmp... (It was just so fun singing and talking with everyone...)
Ejaeli smiles sadly.
  1. Let's go see the magician.
  2. There must be a way to cure her...

Choose: Let's go see the magician.
Lyria: Good idea. Maybe she can help us.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: There must be a way to cure her...
Lyria: What if we go see the magician one more time?
Lyria: Maybe she can help us.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Good thinking!
And so the crew sets out to see the magician once again.
After arriving at the magician's house, they explain Ejaeli's situation.
Magician: I see... That sounds terrible...
Magician: All right. Allow me some time to investigate.
The magician begins using magic to examine Ejaeli.
Magician: Phew...
Lyria: What's wrong?
Magician: The results of my investigation have revealed that Ejaeli is correct.
Magician: The more she uses her voice, the weaker she will become.
Magician: There is even the possibility that these symptoms may prove fatal.
Vyrn: What!
Lyria: There must be something we can do...
Magician: This is no longer the work of the curse. We're dealing with its side effects now.
Magician: My specialty lies elsewhere...
Ejaeli: ...
Magician: But I may have a temporary solution.
Ejaeli: Do... you... really?
Magician: Yes. Before that though, we must restore the energy that you've lost thus far.
Magician: At this rate, you may lose the ability to move completely.
Lyria: Is... Is there something I can do?
Magician: You're all skyfarers, correct?
Vyrn: Yup, sure are.
Magician: Then would you be able to go and get these materials?
The magician hands the crew a list of items to collect.
Ejaeli: Cough... Cough... What... for?
Magician: These materials can be used to restore Ejaeli's vitality.
Vyrn: So if we get this stuff, we can help Metal Mask?
Magician: Correct.
  1. Let's get going!

Choose: Let's get going!
Magician: Off you go.
Vyrn: So what about Metal Mask?
Ejaeli: Mmmp! (I want to go too!)
Lyria: But... What about your condition? I think you might want to rest...
Ejaeli: Mmph! (Please let me go with you!)
Ejaeli: Mmrm. (I want to do what I can to help.)
Ejaeli: Mmmp! (Please don't leave me behind!)
Ejaeli bows her head in dejection.
  1. Okay.
  2. No way.

Choose: No way.
Ejaeli: Mmmp! (I promise not to push myself!)
Ejaeli: Mmrm. (I know what I can and can't do.)
Ejaeli: Mmph! (Please!)
(Captain) breathes in deeply, exhales, and then agrees to let Ejaeli go along.
Choose: Okay.
Ejaeli: Mmrm. (Thank you.)
Vyrn: Let's get on it!
Ejaeli: Mmmp! (Okay!)
The crew sets out to search for the materials to help Ejaeli.
Ejaeli: Mmph! (Here's something!)
Vyrn: Good. Now just a few more things.
Lyria: I've found something too!
Lyria then stares at a flower just out of reach growing on a cliff.
Lyria: Vyrn...
Vyrn: Leave it to me!
Vyrn flies over to the flower and plucks it.
Lyria: Hehe. Now we have two of the items.
Lyria: So the last item we need is a mushroom that absorbs the life force of monsters...
Lyria: Then we need to prepare that mushroom just right to get the life force it stole...
Vyrn: So basically we gotta K.O. a monster to get a special mushroom, right?
Lyria: Right. That's what the note the magician gave us says anyway.
Vyrn: Gotcha! Time to get crackin'!
Ejaeli: Mmph! (Let's go!)

A Timeless Wish: Scene 3

After restoring the life force that was taken from Ejaeli, the specialist offers Ejaeli three choices to combat her seemingly permanent symptoms. Ejaeli chooses the option that forces her to wear her mask when her vitality takes a turn for the worse. The crew resolve to stand by Ejaeli, who never loses hope even in the most difficult of situations.

Magician: Drink this. You'll feel better.
The magician gives a potion to Ejaeli made from the items gathered by the crew.
Ejaeli: Mmmp? (This smells and looks terrible... Is this really safe to drink?)
Lyria: Ejaeli is wondering if this is really okay to drink...
Magician: Of course it is. I can vouch for its safety.
Ejaeli: Mmrm... (Okay...)
Ejaeli begins to gulp down the liquid.
Ejaeli: Mmph!
Ejaeli writhes in agony as she forces herself to swallow every last sip. She even begins to cry.
Vyrn: Metal Mask!
Lyria: Ejaeli! Are you okay?
Ejaeli: Mmmp!
Ejaeli: Pant... Pant... That was truly awful...
Vyrn: Hey! You spoke! Does that mean you're back to normal?
Ejaeli: Oh... right. I feel much better.
Ejaeli: It's not hard for me to talk anymore.
Magician: That's proof that the vitality you lost has been restored.
Magician: However this is only a temporary fix.
Magician: If you don't get to the root of the problem, the symptoms will return.
Lyria: No...
Vyrn: But didn't you say you had something in mind?
Magician: I did. I have three options, to be precise.
Magician: The first option is to create this potion in large quantities.
Magician: However, that is not realistic, as the materials are scarce and cannot be stored for very long.
Magician: My second option is to have you stay mute. So long as you don't speak, your condition will not decline...
Ejaeli: Absolutely not.
Ejaeli: All I've dreamt of for so long is to speak and sing. There must be another way...
Magician: Then there is a third option. You can use that mask you had before.
Lyria: What do you mean?
Magician: I'll cast a spell on you that will preserve your energy once it declines past a certain point, but you'll have to wear your mask.
Magician: To be more precise, if you don't wear the mask when that happens, you won't be able to breathe.
Vyrn: What good is that?
Magician: That's only if her life force falls too much. So long as she's healthy, she'll be able to live normally.
Vyrn: Can you really do that? The curse was already broken.
Magician: Yes. That much I can handle.
Ejaeli: ...
Magician: I cannot offer a cure. Only preventative measures.
Lyria: Are you sure there's no way to cure her?
Magician: I'm sorry. We've reached the limit of what I can do.
Magician: However that is only what I am capable of. There may exist another way to cure you.
Magician: There's a tale about a medicine that can completely cure someone from a curse—including any residual effects.
Lyria: I see...
Ejaeli: Then I will take the third option.
Ejaeli: That is the most practical...
Magician: Very well. Let me begin preparations.
The magician walks to the innermost part of her home.
Lyria: Ejaeli...
(Captain) and the others cast worried looks at Ejaeli.
Ejaeli: Please don't look at me like that. It's not like I can't speak anymore.
Vyrn: But you wanted to sing... How will you do that now...
Ejaeli: It's fine. When I'm better, I will do just that!
Ejaeli: I can hum. And it doesn't even hurt. I can live with that for now.
Ejaeli: Once I can freely use my voice, I will sing my heart out.
Ejaeli smiles sadly again.
Though she is met with many obstacles, Ejaeli will never give up her dream of singing again.
She vows to face any strife head-on to accomplish her goals.
Looking on at Ejaeli's bittersweet but hopeful grin, (Captain)'s commitment to her cause only grows stronger.