Scenario:Ejaeli - Hidden Emotions

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Hidden Emotions

After visiting a new town, our heroes got mixed up with some hooligans while out shopping. A resolute woman wearing steel mask was leading the hoodlums. She put a stop to their behavior. Ejaeli could only moan, but Lyria understood what she was trying to say, and interpreted Ejaeli's intent to the party. This is the first time that Ejaeli had found a counterpart who could understand what she was saying. She came to our heroes and joined them on their journey.

After arriving at a new town, (Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria all went out shopping.
Lyria: Wow! Look at that, (Captain)! There’s a shop even in a place like this!
Vyrn: Hey! Lyria! It’s dangerous to be in such high spirits!
Lyria: You're fine! Look at people when they talk to you.
Lyria: Ah!
Vyrn: Aren't you communicating now?!
Lyria: I-I’m sorryyy! Are you okay?
Ruffian 1: Yeah! That’s right...
Ruffian 1: Wha?! Ouch, my shoulder hurts! I must’ve broken a bone when I struck it!
Lyria: Whaa?! I-I’m sorry!
Vyrn: Hey, you! Hold up, dude! You looked like you couldn’t do anything after you hit it!
Ruffian 1: This is a serious injury... It hurts! It hurts! I can’t do anything.
Ruffian 2: Oi! You okay?! What run luck...
Ruffian 1: Hahaha... Now you have to pay for medical expenses and consolation money...
Vyrn: What?! What are you talking about? You’re not injured! And Lyria already apologized!
Ruffian 2: Well, that ain't enough... Ah...
???: ... ...
Scoundrel 1: Hahaha... If you can’t pay money, then give us your valuables...
Ruffian 2: Oi! Idiot! Look at that!
Ruffian 1: Huh? Say what?!
???: ... ...
Scoundrel 3: Hey! What are you doing?!
Ruffian 1: Umm... well...
???: ... ...
Scoundrel 3: Hahaha... I see, I see... I get it, you must be a big sister.
Ruffian 3: Right? It’s not even fun to tease a girl like that.
Ruffian 1: Understood...
Vyrn: Ahuhwha? What kind of weirdo girl is that?
Lyria: H-hey! Thanks for saving me!
Ejaeli: ...
Scoundrel 3: Hey girlie! Be careful how you approach your big sister... You might get hurt!
Lyria: Wha?! Um... What does that mean?
Ruffian 3: Hahaha... If you don’t know, I guess I’ll have to tell you. Of the heroic deeds of the sister of Ejaeli!
It is said that the masked woman Ejaeli was originally a powerful sorceress.
She might have abuse that power to incinerate 100 cities, or maybe not...
However, one day a cursed mask was placed on the face of Ejaeli by her compatriots who feared her power.
Ejaeli found herself purged from her own friends, and drifted to this town.
Ruffian 3: And? Now she has taken on the role of a peacemaker in this town who leads a group like our own!
Vyrn: What?!? A weirdo like her?
Ejaeli: Hmhmhm...
Lyria: What? No, that’s not right...
Ejaeli: ...?!
Ruffian 3: Go on! Get out of here before you get involved in something weird.
Lyria: Wh- whoa! Er... hey!
Vyrn: Lyria! Let’s go before trouble starts. All right? (Captain).
Ejaeli: ...
That evening. The party was discussing what they would do the following day.
Vyrn: There were some real weirdos here, so let’s get out of this town as fast as we can.
Lyria: Actually, I do not think that person was such a bad person.
Vyrn: Hm? How so? They say she destroyed a number of towns...
Lyria: Well, that’s what people say, but have heard differently...
Ejaeli: Hmhmm!
Vyrn: Wha?! You... During the daytime?!
Ejaeli: Mrm... Mmrrm! Mm... Mmmm!
Ejaeli: Mmmrmm... Mrrmm.
Ejaeli: Mmm! Mm... Mmmm! Hmhmhm!
Vyrn: What are you trying to say?
Lyria: I see... So those are your circumstances...
Ejaeli: Mmm!
Vyrn: What?!? You can understand what she is saying, Lyria?
Lyria: Yes! Somehow, (Captain) can too, right?
  1. Of course
  2. Sorry, but...

Choose: Of course
Vyrn: So I’m the only one who can’t understand her?
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Choose: Sorry, but...
Vyrn: Whew... It’s a relief that there are others who cannot understand her, either.
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Thus Ejaeli began to discuss her life after coming onto the airship uninvited.
Ejaeli: Mmm mmmm... (I was originally a singer in my hometown. )
Ejaeli: Mmm... Mm... (Though at some point, I became jealous of a colleague. )
Ejaeli: Mmrm... Mmm! (Then one day, this cursed mask was placed upon me!)
Ejaeli: Mmmm... (I went on a journey to have this mask removed, but because I’ve been born with a bad look to my eyes... )
Ejaeli: Mmmm... (Soon I found myself made into the leader of some ruffians... )
Ejaeli: Mmm... Mmmm... (I have been made out to have committed strange acts of great courage... But since I can’t talk, I can’t deny them... )
Lyria: That sounds rough.
Vyrn: What are you talking about?
Ejaeli: Mmm... Mmm... (This is the first time I’ve been able to communicate ever since this mask was placed on me... )
Ejaeli: Mmrm... Mmm?! (Yeah! So maybe I could join your fellowship on its journey?!)
Lyria: Sure! We can’t leave somebody in your circumstances behind!
Lyria: Hey, (Captain). Don't you think so too, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Hold up, dude! Why don’t you explain to me what’s going on here? I don’t really get it.
Thus once again Lyria explained everything that she had heard from Ejaeli.
Vyrn: I got it now! That's rough...
Ejaeli: Mmm... Mrmmm... Sob. (Wow, even the lizard understands me now... )
Ejaeli: Mmmrmm... Mrrmm! (I can’t actually say it, but I look forward to our journey together!)
  1. Welcome aboard
  2. You don’t need to talk to be our friend

Choose: Welcome aboard
Ejaeli: Mm! Mmmrmm! (Yes! I’ll do everything I can to avoid becoming dead weight!)
Thus Ejaeli was welcomed into the fellowship by (Captain) and company.
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Choose: You don’t need to talk to be our friend
Ejaeli: Mrmm! Mm... Mrmm? (Wha?! Maybe it's because they all actually care about others?)
Ejaeli: Mmm! Mm... Mrmm... (It’s no good! (Captain)! We just now met... )
Vyrn: Hey... What you mumbling about to yourself?
Thus Ejaeli was welcomed into the fellowship by (Captain) and company.
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However, it would take some time before Vyrn would be able to comprehend everything that Ejaeli was saying.