Scenario:Ejaeli - The Truth of the Curse

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The Truth of the Curse

(Captain)'s party arrives at a quiet town to complete their mission. Ejaeli is stunned when she realizes that they are at her home town. The party decides to investigate her curse while they work on their mission, and head towards their client's house. There, they find monsters targeting an old woman and fight to protect her.

(Captain)'s party receives a request to protect someone that's being targeted by monsters.
The party heads to the quiet town where their client is said to live.
Ejaeli: Mmm... Mmrrm! (This place... I was right...!)
Vyrn: What's wrong? You look really surprised.
Ejaeli: Mmmrmm! Mmr... (This is my home! Wow...! It brings back memories... )
Ejaeli: Mmm... Mrmm... (Everything looks so different... but I guess it can't be helped... )
Vyrn: Hey! Let's investigate about the curse of your mask while we're here on the mission.
Lyria: Yeah! Maybe we can find some clues, Ejaeli!
Ejaeli: Mm... Mmmm! (Everyone... T-Thank you!)
Ejaeli: Mmm... Mrmmm... Sob. (Aww, I'm touched... I didn't think people could be so kind... )
Vyrn: Well now... First, we gotta take care of our mission!
Ejaeli: Mrmm! Mmmrmm! (Okay! I'll do my best!)
And so, the party arrives at the client's house.
Old woman's daughter: Thank you for taking our request...
Old woman's daughter: You see... The one that's being targeted is monsters is actually my grandmother...
Old woman: I'm glad you're here... You must be skyfarers, am I right? Thank you for coming out...
Ejaeli: ...
Old woman: Ack?! Y-You're...?! Why...?
Vyrn: Hm? What's the matter, lady?
Old woman: Uugh... G-Get out! I-I won't lose to the likes of you...!
Old woman's daughter: G-Grandma?! Why would you say such a thing...?
Old woman: Eek?! Y-You're one of them, too?! Just get out!
Lyria: What do we do...? She won't listen to us...
Vyrn: We have no choice! Let's go outside for now!
Ejaeli: ...
Old woman's daughter: I'm sorry... She's been so stressed by the monsters coming after her, she must be confused...
Lyria: I see... She must really be nerve-wracking...
Vyrn: All right then! Let's beat those monsters up and give your grandma some relief!
Ejaeli: Mm...
Lyria: Huh? Did you say something...?
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
Vyrn: Whoa... These must be the monsters after the old lady! Let's take 'em down!

The Truth of the Curse: Scene 2

(Captain)'s party defeats the monsters, but the old woman refuses to see them. Since they could not figure out why the monsters are attacking the old woman, the party decides to find out what they can do about Ejaeli's curse first. Then, they discover that the old woman is the one that put a curse on Ejaeli. The old woman apologizes and says she brought it upon herself, but Ejaeli fights the monsters to protect her.

Although (Captain)'s party defeated the monsters, the old woman continues to avoid them.
Lyria: Hmm... According to the townsfolk, there are other monsters that are after the old woman...
Lyria: What should we do...? We don't know why monsters are going after the old lady...
Vyrn: Hmm... Then let's try to find info on Ejaeli's curse first! I've got an idea!
Ejaeli: Mmm... Mm... (Thank you... but... )
Vyrn: Don't worry about it! We'll take out the monsters when they come!
The party starts asking around about the cursed singer.
Townsfolk 1: Yeah, I've heard of her. That's a famous folk tale here!
Townsfolk 2: Hehehe... You've got some guts to ask around about that legend.
Townsfolk 2: They say that if you even hear the legend, a woman in a steel mask will appear at your bedside that night...!
Lyria: Aahhh!
Ejaeli: Mmrm... Mmm. (Um, I'm sorry, but I think she's talking about me... )
Vyrn: But... why does everyone think it's just some legend or a scary story?
Vyrn: Gulp... Do the people in this town think Ejaeli died?
Ejaeli: Mmm... Mmm. (Well... you see... That's right. )
Vyrn: Hm? What do you...
Townsfolk 3: Hey! Are you the ones that are asking around about the cursed singer?
Lyria: Yeah! Why do you ask...?
Townsfolk 3: Well... I can take you to someone that was directly involved in that story, if you want.
Vyrn: Wha?! Directly involved?
Lyria: Wow! This could be a big clue to lifting your curse!
Ejaeli: ...
And so, the party follows the man and arrives at a house...
Old Woman: ... ... ... ...
Ejaeli: Mm...
Vyrn: Oh man... You've gotta be kidding me...
Ejaeli: Mm... Mrmm? (Um... Lyria, can I ask you for something?)
Lyria: What is it? I'll do what I can...
Ejaeli: Mmm... Mmmrm. (I want you to tell everyone... what I'm about to tell you. )
And so, Ejaeli seems to make up her mind about something and begins to talk.
Ejaeli: Mm... Mmmrrm... (You see... the colleague that put a curse on me... )
Ejaeli: Mmrm... Mmm. (Is... her. She's my former colleague. )
Old woman: ... ... ... ...
Old woman's daughter: I've heard that story before too, but... I thought it happened decades ago...?
Ejaeli: Mmm... Mmrmm, mmm... (The thing is... I'm actually the same age as her... )
Ejaeli: Mmmm... (I stopped aging ever since this mask was put on me. )
Vyrn: Wha?! H-How is that possible?!
Ejaeli: Mmrm, mmmm... (Because of my mask, I'm not able to put anything into my mouth... )
Ejaeli: Mrm, mmrm. (But I don't ever feel hungry because of the mask's curse. )
Ejaeli: Mmmrm, mrmm... (I've been living for a long time like this, and for some reason I haven't been aging. )
Lyria: I see... I had no idea...
Ejaeli: Mmm... Mrrmm... (I'm sorry for keeping it secret... But I was afraid of telling you... )
Old woman: Uugh... I deserve this...
The old woman slowly begins to reveal the truth.
The old woman borrowed power from a monster when she cursed Ejaeli many years ago.
Old woman: That's why... they came to collect their price.
Vyrn: Whoa?! W-Where did these monsters come from... This house is surrounded!
Old woman: Don't worry, skyfarers... I'll leave now.
Old woman: I'm sorry... Ejaeli. It may have been a mistake of my youth, but I've done a terrible thing to you...
Ejaeli: ...
Old woman: But... I don't know how to lift your curse... so the least I can do is atone for my crime...
Ejaeli: Mrm... (Wait... )
Ejaeli: Mrm... Mmrrm! Mmmrmm! (I-I won't let you do this! I'll defeat all of those monsters out there!)
Ejaeli: Mmm... Mmrm. (Please... help me, (Captain). )
Ejaeli: Mmm... Mrrm! (I don't want more sadness to come out of this...!)

The Truth of the Curse: Scene 3

(Captain)'s party successfully fended off the monsters. They complete their original mission, but they weren't able to lift Ejaeli's curse. However, Ejaeli smiles wholeheartedly as if released of a heavy burden.

(Captain)'s party successfully fends off the monsters.
They stay at the town for a short while afterward, but the monsters seem to leave the old woman alone for good.
Old woman: Um... Ejaeli...? W-Why did you...?
Ejaeli: ...
With their mission completed, the party leaves Ejaeli's home without turning back.
Vyrn: Sigh... But in the end, we weren't able to help Ejaeli with her curse...
Lyria: Hmm... We defeated the monster that the old woman borrowed power from, but I guess that wasn't enough...
Ejaeli: Mmm... Mmmrm. (But I'm really glad that we stopped by home. )
Ejaeli: Mmmrmm... Mrrmm! (We couldn't get rid of the curse, but... I feel so much better!)
With that, Ejaeli smiles brightly.
The steel mask remains, but she smiles as if released of a heavy burden.