Scenario:Elmelaura - The Miracle Ingredient

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The Miracle Ingredient

The party comes across a family suffering from poverty. As a cook, Elmelaura couldn't stand by as a child suffered from hunger. She decided to treat the family to a delicious meal using monsters as ingredients.

The party arrives at a village on their travels. There was nothing in particular to see at this village, but...
Woman: Oh my...
Vyrn: Mmm? Are you okay, lady?
Seeing the woman's pale complexion, Elmelaura realizes what's wrong with her.
Elmelaura: Miss, are you suffering from a food problem?
Woman: What? How did you know...?
Elmelaura: I may not look it, but I'm a wandering chef...
Elmelaura: I can tell if someone is having food-related problems just by looking at them!
The woman guides them to her home. There, they find her wounded husband and a hungry daughter.
The husband supported his family by hunting, but was injured when attacked by the monsters that have been growing in numbers
Woman: I'm doing the best I can, but...our savings are dwindling away little by little...
Little Girl: Ooh... I'm hungry...
Elmelaura: Ahhhhh.... As a cook... I can't sit by and watch this!
Elmelaura: "The bigger the better!" This is the principle I live by!
Elmelaura: A wandering cook cannot ignore these hungry people crying for help!
Vyrn: You say that, but... there's not much we can do...
Elmelaura: If there are too many monsters around and not enough food... we simply need to turn monsters into food!
Vyrn: Say what!? Can you even eat monsters!?
Elmelaura: Hm? What do you think you were eating last night?
Vyrn: H-Hey!? What did you just say, knife girl!?
Elmelaura: Hm? Did I say something?
Elmelaura: Anyway... leave it to me! I can take any ingredients and make it tasty! I'll present to you, a feast fit for a king!
Elmelaura: I'll put my pride as a chef on the line! I won't stop until you're all full and satisfied!

The Miracle Ingredient: Scene 2

Vyrn is still skeptical about turning monsters into food. However Elmelaura explains the importance of turning monsters, which sit at the top of the food chain, into food.

Vyrn: I can't believe you're going to make a meal out of monsters...
Elmelaura: Hmm... monsters aren't at all a bad ingredient, you know?
Elmelaura: Speaking as a chef... it's an incredibly interesting ingredient that really brings out the characteristics of an island!
Elmelaura: Eat the monsters, and you'll understand the island! That may or may not be a famous saying by a chef!
Vyrn: Hmm... I sort of get what you mean... I think...
Elmelaura: Furthermore! Inside the body of a monster, which reigns supreme at the top of the food chain...
Elmelaura: There are aaaall sorts of nutrients that are needed by those who live on the island!
Elmelaura: Therefore! If you want to heal someone's wounds... Eating monsters would be most beneficial!
Vyrn: Boy... knife girl sure is pushing the idea of eating monsters...
Vyrn: She hasn't really been feeding us monsters, has she...?
Elmelaura: Oh? Could that be...?
Elmelaura: Everyone! There it is! That's what I was looking for!
Vyrn: What the...hey! That thing is huge!
Elmelaura: Hehe! I can't wait to put my knife to use!

The Miracle Ingredient: Scene 3

The family expresses their gratitude to (Captain)'s party for the tasty and nutritious meal. Elmelaura is asked whether she should have charged for the service. However, she happily replies that she currently doesn't need the money and the joy her cooking brought everyone made it all worthwhile.

And so, (Captain) and company feasted with the family on monsters they'd hunted down.
Elmelaura: How did you like my monster meal?
Vyrn: Whew... I guess eating monsters isn't so bad after all...
Man: Oh... how can this be... I can move again...
Woman: Careful! Don't strain yourself, dear!
Man: No, I'm really okay. The pain is going away...
Elmelaura: Hehe! Not only did I use nutritious monster meat...
Elmelaura: I included loads of herbs and nuts with medicinal effects!
Elmelaura: There are plenty of leftovers too! It'll last you a long time!
After they finished eating, (Captain) and company left the house as the family saw them off.
Vyrn: I was wondering... Are you sure you didn't need to charge for your work, knife girl?
Elmelaura: Hmm... before, I ran a food stall to fund my journey's expenses...
Elmelaura: But now I ride with you all on the airship... I don't really need the money...
Vyrn: Well as long as it's okay with you! Today's meal was delicious as always!
Elmelaura: Hehe! It's all worth it when people enjoy my cooking!
Elmelaura: I can't wait to see what kind of ingredients we'll run into next!
Elmelaura: Even if we don't find anything... We still have Vyrn... right?
Vyrn: H-hey! You still haven't given up on me!?
Elmelaura: Eat plenty of my cooking and get nice and plump, then eventually...
Vyrn: Wait just a minute!
With her wealth of knowledge on food, the miracle chef Elmelaura even cures wounds.
It seems that her passion for food knows no end.