Scenario:Elmelaura - The Miracle Ingredient

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The Miracle Ingredient

The crew encounters a poverty-stricken family. As a chef, Elmelaura can't bear to see a child go hungry. She decides to treat the family to a delicious meal with monsters as her ingredient.

The crew pass through a small village where there doesn't seem to be much to see, until they notice a woman in distress.
Woman: Oh... What am I to do...
Vyrn: Are you okay, lady?
Looking at the woman's pale complexion, the situation dawns on Elmelaura.
Elmelaura: Miss, are you having some trouble with food?
Woman: What? How did you know?
Elmelaura: I might not look it, but I'm a wandering chef.
Elmelaura: I can tell right away if someone's having trouble with food just by looking at them!
The woman shows the crew to her home. There, they find her wounded husband and hungry daughter.
As it turns out, the husband usually supports the family by hunting, but was recently injured by the increasing monsters.
Woman: I'm doing the best I can, but our savings are dwindling away little by little...
Little Girl: Hngh... I'm hungry...
Elmelaura: Ugh.... As a cook, I can't just sit by and watch this!
Elmelaura: The bigger the better! This is the principle I live by!
Elmelaura: What kind of wandering chef would I be if I just ignored an empty stomach?
Vyrn: But there isn't much we can do...
Elmelaura: If there's not enough food because of too many monsters, then all you need to do is make the monsters your ingredients!
Vyrn: Say what? Can you even eat monsters?
Elmelaura: Huh? What did you think you were eating last night?
Vyrn: D-did I hear you right just now, knife girl?
Elmelaura: Oh, did I say something?
Elmelaura: Anyway... leave it to me! I can cook anything into something delicious! I'll make you a feast that's simply to die for!
Elmelaura: I'll put my pride as a chef on the line and won't stop until you're all full and satisfied!

The Miracle Ingredient: Scene 2

Vyrn is skeptical about using monsters as ingredients. Elmelaura explains why the monsters' position at the top of the food chain makes them such an important ingredient.

Vyrn: I still can't believe you're gonna make a meal outta monsters...
Elmelaura: Really? Monsters aren't bad ingredients, you know?
Elmelaura: Speaking as a chef, they're incredibly interesting ingredients that really bring out the characteristics of an island!
Elmelaura: Eat the monsters and you'll understand the island! That may or may not be a famous saying by a chef!
Vyrn: Hmm... I kinda get it... and kinda don't.
Elmelaura: And there's more! Guess what you'll find inside the body of a monster, which reigns supreme at the top of the food chain?
Elmelaura: That's right! All sorts of nutrients needed by those who live on the island!
Elmelaura: So if you wanted to heal an islander's wounds, you could do worse than feeding them monsters!
Vyrn: Oh boy... Knife girl sure is pushing the idea of eating monsters...
Vyrn: She hasn't really been feeding us monsters, has she?
Elmelaura: Oh? Could it be?
Elmelaura: Over there, everyone! That's what I was looking for!
Vyrn: Whoa, it's huge!
Elmelaura: Yep! And my big knife is just the thing to carve it!

The Miracle Ingredient: Scene 3

The family thanks (Captain) and company for the nutritious meal and sees them off. When asked why she didn't charge money for it, Elmelaura replies that the satisfaction of spreading joy with her cooking is payment enough.

(Captain) and company take the defeated monsters back as ingredients and have a feast with the family.
Elmelaura: How do you like my monster meal?
Vyrn: Whew... I guess eating monsters isn't so bad after all...
Man: Oh... How can this be... I can move again...
Woman: Careful! Don't strain yourself, dear!
Man: Really, I feel fine. The pain is going away...
Elmelaura: Ha-ha! Not only did I use nutritious monster meat...
Elmelaura: I also included quite a lot of herbs and nuts with medicinal effects!
Elmelaura: There's plenty left too, so it should last you a while!
After they finish eating, the family sees the crew off.
Vyrn: I was wondering... Are you sure you shouldn't have charged them for your work, knife girl?
Elmelaura: Hmm... Before, I ran my food stall in order to fund my journey...
Elmelaura: But now that I'm traveling with all of you on the Grandcypher, I don't really need money anymore.
Vyrn: Well, as long as it's okay with you! That was a great meal!
Elmelaura: Hehe! It's all worth it when people enjoy my cooking!
Elmelaura: I can't wait to see what kinds of ingredients we'll run into on the next island!
Elmelaura: But even if we don't find anything, we still have you... Right, Vyrn?
Vyrn: Hey! You still haven't given up on me?
Elmelaura: Keep eating plenty of my cooking! Then once we've gotten you all nice and plump...
Vyrn: No way!
With her wealth of knowledge on food, the miracle chef Elmelaura proves herself able to cure even wounds.
It seems her passion for food knows no end.