Scenario:Elmott - A Boy Alone

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A Boy Alone

(Captain) and company arrive at a town’s festival completely by chance and are each having fun. While calling them names, Elmott plays with the children there. Attracted to the commotion of the festival, monsters appear. (Captain) and company head off to hunt them down.

In the middle of their journey, (Captain) and company stop by a town completely by chance. There, they enjoy a festival.
Elmott: You damn brats!
Child 1: Wow! He got mad!
Child 2: Ahaha! Neener neener! Catch me if you can!
Elmott: Hehehe... You got guts for taunting me...
Elmott: But I’ll make you regret it right away! That you made a fool out of me!
Child 3: Ahaha! Run away!
Elmott: Hey, wait! You damn brats!
Vyrn: Good grief... Who would have thought that Elmott would be popular with the kids?
Lyria: Hehe! Elmott is actually really kind...
Vyrn: No way! Have you seen him? He has the face of a villain! No matter what rose-color glasses you wear, he looks like a low-level goon.
Elmott: Hey. I can hear you, lizard...
Vyrn: Whoa! Y-You don’t need to play with the kids anymore?!
Elmott: What? What time do you think it is? I already sent all the kids home.
Elmott: Now it’s time for us adults... Don’t you agree, Vyrn?
Elmott: I could take a cheeky little lizard and roast, char, or burn it, the kids wouldn’t be scarred for life!
Vyrn: Eep! W-Wait! My tongue just slipped back there...
Townsperson: Whoa! S-Somebody help! The monsters!
Elmott: Tch... Did they get attracted by the festival?
Elmott: Hehehe... Bring it on! I’ll take care of the lizard after I deal with them!
Elmott: Let’s do this, (Captain)! I’ll burn all of them to a crisp!

A Boy Alone: Scene 2

The party defeated the monsters, but they then find a child that is trying to leave the town alone. (Captain) and company chase away the monsters to take the child back into town to safety.

Elmott: I dealt with most of them... Now it’s your turn, lizard...
Vyrn: Hold it! (Captain)! Elmott! You see that?
Elmott: All I see is your future of being a barbecued lizard...
Vyrn: Not that! Over there! There’s a kid there!
Lyria: Oh? You’re right. What is that boy doing out in this hour?
Elmott: There are monsters in this area. What a careless brat...
Elmott: Idiots need corporal punishment to be taught a lesson...!
Elmott: Let’s chase away those monsters and bring that brat back into town! (Captain)!

A Boy Alone: Scene 3

The boy wants to leave town because of how different he is from everyone else. Elmott tries to persuade the boy in a threatening way, but suddenly monsters appear.

Elmott: Hey, you brat... What’s your problem?
Erune Boy: Eek! W-What are you?!
Lyria: Um... Well... It’s dangerous out here, so let’s go back to town...
Erune Boy: No way... I can’t be in that town or with the people there.
Vyrn: What? You don’t want to go back?
Erune Boy: Because everyone is so different from me... That’s why I can’t make any friends...
Elmott: Tch... Hey, you little brat...
Erune Boy: Shut up! Even if you get mad at me, I’m not going back!
Elmott: I hate brats like you more than anything in the world.
Elmott: Just shut up and go back. Keep throwing your tantrum and I’ll burn you...
Erune Boy: Eek!
Elmott: Besides... You’re probably the only one that cares about being different.
Erune Boy: Huh...?
Elmott: Hey, you brat... Be careful so you don’t get caught in this mess...
Elmott: I’m in a bad mood right now... I won’t go easy on you!

A Boy Alone: Scene 4

After safely bringing the boy back to town, (Captain) and company leave the next morning. Vyrn and Lyria finally learn about how caring Elmott is, but Elmott denies it profusely. Although only for a brief moment, his cheek blushes.

Managing to take the boy back to town, (Captain) and company leave the next morning.
Vyrn: Hehe! I never knew Elmott could be that caring!
Elmott: Lizard... Say that again and I’ll burn your mouth shut...
Lyria: But you persuaded the Erune boy...
Elmott: Tch... I just hate kids like that...
Elmott: It irritates me because it feels like I’m looking at myself from years ago...
Lyria: Hehe! So you were like that when you were a kid, Elmott!
Elmott: Hmph... Say what you want.
After saying that, Elmott turns away.
But for a brief moment, there is a tint of red on his cheek that Lyria sees.