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Extra Credit

Elmott learns of a gang that is harassing the boy for attempting to leave them. When the boy goes missing, Elmott heads straight to the gang to find him.

After preventing a student from jumping off a roof, Elmott senses that there's more to this story than meets the eye.
His hunch is proven right when the student's close friend, Yulia, tells him of what she knows.
The girl begins to talk about a band of delinquents in the slums she once lived in.
Elmott: The Axes?
Elmott: Which genius came up with that piece of originality.
Elmott: So? What of 'em?
Yulia: Well, Tommy got involved with them to pay back some sort of debt, and after he did, he left the gang with a dream of becoming a great sorcerer.
Yulia: But they wouldn't let him go. They pretended to, sure, but that wasn't the last he saw of them.
Yulia: Sob... Sob... I'm sorry; I know crying doesn't help...
Elmott: It's fine. I get the gist.
Elmott: Basically after he tried to quit, the gang got back at him by framing him for stealing. Made sure to do it at the worst time possible too.
Elmott: Those punks...
You told the principal about this?
Yulia: I did. The principal looked into the matter again but still couldn't find any evidence that Tommy was framed.
Elmott: Can't say I'm surprised. The Axes sound like brats, but they sure don't sound stupid. They must have been thorough.
Elmott: Tsk. Now what do we do...
Yulia: I'm sorry for bothering you with this, Mr. Elmott.
Elmott: Hm? What do you mean? If you can't turn to a teacher about this, then who can you turn to?
Elmott: Let's head back to the infirmary for now. We'll see how to deal with this when Tommy wakes up.
Academy Staff: Something's happened! Tommy's disappeared!
Elmott: What? Weren't you keeping an eye on him?
Academy Staff: I'm sorry... I was only away for a moment to go to the bathroom, and on my way back the guardsmen stopped to ask me what happened.
Yulia and Elmott turn pale at the news.
Yulia: Oh, Tommy! What's gotten into you!
Elmott: Tsk!
Yulia, do you know where those Axe guys are?
Academy Staff: What're you talking about? We need to tell the other lecturers about this!
Elmott: There's no time! A kid's future is on the line here!
Yulia: I can take you there! But The Axes have a lot of members. Are you sure you—
Elmott: Doesn't matter. We'll kick down the front door and anyone standing in our way.
Elmott: Try and stop me, Axe-faces!

Extra Credit: Scene 2

The gang tries to persuade the boy to rejoin them, but he instead tries to stab the gang leader to end things once and for all. However, Elmott arrives just in time to prevent that. When the gang refuses to leave the boy alone, the blazing teacher deals with the delinquents himself.

Tommy: Sigh... So you're still not going to leave me alone after this?
Delinquent Boss: Don't say it like that, Tommy. It hurts, really does. We did it all for you, man.
Tommy: What?
Delinquent 1: Yeaaah, that's right. School don't suit ya! The Axes is where ya belong!
Tommy: ...
Delinquent 2: Aww, come on. Admit it. You don't fit in at that school and you know it.
Tommy's jaw clenches.
He laughs, then steps quietly toward the gang's boss.
Tommy: Heh heh... I get it. You win.
Delinquent 1: Hey, hey! He's finally come around!
Delinquent 2: There's my Tommy! I knew you was one of us!
Tommy: You're right. Who needs school anyway. Bores the heck outta me.
Delinquent Boss: Right you are, right you are. Ordinary life, followin' the rules, workin' hard?
Delinquent Boss: Humph. Don't you worry. We'll make sure you stay far away from all that crud.
Tommy: Yeah...
Not happening!
Boss: What the! He's got a knife!
Tommy: Raaagh!
Elmott: Looks like we're just in time.
In a flash Elmott whips up a firestorm and grabs the stunned Tommy's arm, knocking the blade from his hand.
Tommy: Wha! How'd you find me!
Elmott: You trying to get yourself expelled, kid?
Elmott: Got guts though—I'll give you that.
Yulia: What were you thinking, Tommy!
Tommy: Y-Yulia? What're you doing here!
Boss: A teacher from Mysteria? What's the big idea! This is our turf!
Elmott: Shut up. I ain't here for you.
Elmott: The kid's coming with me.
Elmott: Go on and play your turf games and whatnot, but I don't wanna see you near him again, got it?
Delinquent 1: You ain't the boss of us!
Delinquent 2: Heh heh heh! You can't do nothing to stop us! We can keep this up all the way till he's expelled!
Academy Staff: You're sorely mistaken if you think you can get away with that!
Delinquent Boss: Haha. Don't kid yourself. We got our ways.
Delinquent Boss: There's always a way out for us somewhere. You live by the rules, you lose out. Always.
Elmott: ...
Tommy: Why you! You guys are scum!
Delinquent 1: Hahah! Yo, Teach, give it up. Leave 'im here and get lost.
Delinquent 1: Bwaagh!
Elmott: That's it. I thought about going easy on you guys, but now I see you brats are beggin' for it.
Delinquent 2: B-but you're a teacher! You can't hit a—
Delinquent 2: Oof!
Elmott: Sorry. Don't care.
Academy Staff: M-Mr. Elmott! You can't! They may be delinquents, but they're still minors!
Academy Staff: If the academy gets wind of this, your full-time position will go up in smoke!
Tommy: What! He's going to be a full-time teacher?
Yulia: Oh no... Mr. Elmott...
Elmott: Already told you. Ain't interested.
Elmott: Besides, what kinda teacher abandons a kid just to save his own skin?
Academy Staff: But!
Boss: Enough yappin'! Get 'em, boys!
Elmott: Now we're talking.
Pay attention, kids, Pain 101's in session.

Extra Credit: Scene 3

The next day Elmott manages to leave the school right on schedule. As he walks off into the distance, students wave and wish him well, thanking him for all he's done. His time at the academy may have been short, but the memories he's gained will last him a lifetime.

Elmott has dealt with the delinquent gang and handed them over to the city guards.
The gang admits to their framing of Tommy, and the academy soon redacts his suspension.
The next morning, Elmott hefts his luggage bag and is about to set off.
Elmott: What's with the face? The deal was for me to be here a week and it's been a week. Nothin' sad about that.
Academy Staff: But how could they take away your full-time position... It doesn't seem fair in the least.
Academy Staff: While it's true we can't endorse violence, what you did was in the name of protecting a student!
Elmott: How many times I gotta tell you? Was never interested in being a teacher anyway.
Elmott: Besides, I went a little overboard burning down the whole street last night. Can't be a teacher with that on my record.
Academy Staff: Sigh... If only that hadn't happened, perhaps the other teachers might have been able to overlook everything else.
Elmott: Humph. I'm surprised though. You turning down your promotion and all.
Academy Staff: Well, it just wouldn't do to be the only one benefitting from the situation.
Elmott: Heh heh.
Elmott: Oh, looks like the Grandcypher's here. Finally.
Academy Staff: Travel safe, my friend. But do promise you'll visit again someday!
Elmott: No promises, bud. See ya around.
Tommy: Mr. Elmott!
Elmott: Hm? What do those kids think they're doing?
As Elmott begins to leave, heads and waving hands of students pop out of the windows of the academy.
All the boys and girls of Mysteria have put their classes on hold to shout words of thanks and wish Elmott well on his travels.
Tommy: Thank you for everything, Mr. Elmott! We'll never forget you!
Yulia: Be sure to come back to visit! We'll be waiting for you!
Elmott: Hah... Look at these kids.
Elmott: Quit it and get back to class! You can wait for me if you want, but you better pass your finals!
Elmott: Gyahaha!
Thus Elmott's time as a teacher comes to an end.
Though it was but a short time, the experience will leave a lasting impression on him for a long time to come.